Thank you/good luck to Bradford City

DSCF6347Wembley Stadium - Pre Carling Cup Final

Post your appreciation for the players, management, Board and staff for Bradford City’s superb cup run – or add your message of good luck for Wembley – and we will pass them all onto the club before the League Final on 24 February 2013.

Simply add a comment below, and we will publish it.

17 replies

  1. I’d like to add my thanks. Not just for making this the most enjoyable season in the last 30 for me, but over the past few seasons for giving us our club back. I feel more of a connection with the club now than ever. Thanks!

  2. First of all a MASSIVE well done to the lads and all staff involved on a truly amazing cup run.
    The team this year really has installed the faith and belief in the fans again that we can finally get back to where we feel we belong, the effort and commitment from the players this season hasn’t gone unoticed and long may it continue.
    Regardless of the result in the final the squad will go down in bradford city history, the boys should be extremely proud of their efforts, all the best and see u at wembley! CTID

  3. Thank you for making me truly proud to tell people that I’m a Bradford City fan, for the first time in a long time. You’ve restored my faith, and that of thousands of others. Rarely has football brought me to tears, but that’s what happened on Tuesday 22nd January. I’d call it a miracle, but you’ve proved that almost anything is possible.

    What happens at Wembley barely matters, it will be a day of celebration for us fans, but we know you’ll do us proud yet again.

  4. There is something very magical and mystical happening at Valley Parade this season. Thanks to Parky and the gang for all you have done so far.

  5. i was at villa park on tuesday night… i was numb…overwhelmed… its only just sinkin in what our team has acheived….what with gary jones kissin our cancer stricken fan after the game and all the plaudits that has got……. im so proud of them

  6. well done to everyone at the club on this HISTORIC achievement…..But most of all thank you james for making me the proudest dad in the world…..

  7. Whatever the result on Sunday you’ve done your club and Bradford proud. The Legends of 2013 will live in the memory for decades to come. If you all play to your best we can win this and shock the Premiership yet again. Up the Bantams! CTID.

  8. Thank you to all involved in making this dream come true.

    You have done us proud and shown that no matter how much you suffer as a football fan, if you stick with your team, the good times can return and Boy wont’t it be worth it.

  9. hi,i’m giuseppe,i live in Rome and I am an italian bradford city supporter, I love the claret and amber with all my might, I follow every day, every week this fantastic team, and this year the bantams are making me live a fantastic dream , incredible, a beautiful season that I hope will end in the best way possible for us, with gary jones raising league cup at wembley, and the lads that celebrates promotion to league one, it would be pure ecstasy.
    I want to thank our club,board and chairman,for its commitment and sacrifices made ​​in summer the fruits of which you are seeing and picking up now, I want to thank all the players from mclaughlin to connell,everyone, for the mad joy you have given me and continue to give me, I thank our great leader Phil Parkinson and his entire staff has done an amazing job, he managed to create a fantastic group, building a mix of quality and experience incredible, a man of extraordinary humility and talent (beyond our race cup this year), I hope to stay with us limited lifetime really.
    a greeting and a special thanks to all bradford city supporters, because you have always supported bantams in the last ten years very very hard for us , where there were only moments of sadness and anger, I thank you all for your big and deep love you have shown for bantams week after week,independently or in a Tuesday evening cup of minor importance, as at crewe for jpt, or in a epic night as that villa park one week ago, supporting lads with the same passion(and in great numbers) ,or in morecambe, or at vp like last 11th december against arsenal.
    i love you!!!!

    a greetings from a Claret and Amber Rome,to bradford city board,all players,phil parkinson ad his staff,and you,bantams supporters


  10. As a former Bradfordian now living in S.Ireland it gave me so much pleasure to be able to attend the Arsenal and 1st leg semi-final v A.villa having only attended a few City matches down thro’ the years.My thanks go to Phil Parkinson,backroom staff,the dedicated group of players whohave a never say die attitude,the club employees and finally a VERY BIG THANK YOU to our joint-chairmen/fans for their loyalty,dedication to improving my beloved club.BEST OF LUCK AT WEMBLEY,will be there shouting you all on. CTID.

  11. Never thought I would ever see City play at Wembley, never mind a major cup final. Thankyou for giving me and my dad a day we will never forget and probably never experience again.

  12. Many thanks to all the players, staff and management for getting us there. The Chairmen for backing the club financially without them the club would not exist, and all the staff involved on a day to day basis ensuring the smooth running of the club.

    Your all a credit to the club. Hopefully we will be celebrating on the 24th if not you have made history boys and made the whole of Bradford extremly proud of your achievements.

  13. I have a mug on my desk that says “Bradford City: the greatest football club in the world” on it, and at the moment it doesn’t feel like an exaggeration. I am so, so proud of City, proud to be a fan and so excited about Wembley that I’m having dreams about it (got my ticket this week!!) So THANK YOU, City, for this amazing run and GOOD LUCK for Saturday. Whatever the score this had truly been the best few months in all my years as a fan. Bless you all xxx

  14. were proud of you history boys no matter what the outcome on sunday. good luck boys we are all behind you. ctid

  15. Good luck lads, never thought we would ever get to Wembley, 2nd time in 20 years bring it on.
    I am so proud of you , do us proud

  16. Good luck from a Bradfordian in exile in Auckland, New Zealand. So very proud of all of you and what you have already achieved.

  17. Good luck to the management and players tomorrow, whatever the result you’ve done Bradford City Football Club and the City of Bradford proud. Give everything and BCFC have a chance of lifting the Capital One League Cup tomorrow evening. All the best to everyone involved with the club and especially the fans, shout til your throats hurt then shout some more!!!!!!

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