Quarter final: City vs Arsenal

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The London look by Rob Craven

The players by Jason McKeown

What it means to Arsenal by Mark Danylczuk

Those Premier League days by Ian Sheard

Match preview by Mark Scully


The match

Bradford City 1 Arsenal 1 (City win 3-2 on penalties) by Jason McKeown


Post match

Enjoying the atmosphere and catching the bug by Gareth Walker

How the players performed by Phil Abbott

I was(n’t) there by Tom Warden

Vindication? No, this was magical by Alex Scott

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External City coverage: what the media said

10 things we love about Bradford by The Daily Mail

Past City vs Arsenal encounters by The Yorkshire Post

Arsenal’s defeat to 4th tier Bradford City must push Arsene Wenger to rebuild by The Bleacher Report

Torquay were tougher opponents than Arsenal, says Bradford captain by the Guardian

Bradford ecstatic as Bantams humble mighty Arsenal by the Guardian

Brad pits by the Mirror

What the matchday experience was like by EPL Talk

Penalty Kings invite Diana Ross to train with them after Arsenal win by The Daily Star

A night in pictures by The League Two View

Arsenal’s Torpor Shouldn’t Detract From Bradford City’s Achievement by TwoHundredPerecent

The things we think and do not say by The Two Unfortunates

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  1. Just reminscing in advance of our relegation to league2 .But 6 and a bit years ago when we were in league2 .We had this league cup Q F match against Arsenal .Champions league premier league Arsenal .FULL STRENGTH ARSENAL .The history books showed that the last time Arsenal won at VALLEY PARADE .they were called WOOLWICH ARESENAL .It also showed that despite only a handfull of visits to VP Arsenal always left Bradford with their tail between their legs .BUT on this night our team assembled for a grand total of 7500 quid were also at full strength despite costing less than a premier league players wrist watch or wayne rooneys hair transplant ..The ground was packed Noise levels from the home support .Think along the lines of earsplitting during the quiet minute or so .Temperature was minus six at kick off nearer minus 10 by the end .The 4500 Arsenal fans were in the full midland road stand LOOKING UP AT OUR MAGNFICENT 9800 SEAT KOP AND OUR MASSIVE strange looking 9300 seat main stand which both tower over 2 sides of the HALLOWED GROUND THAT IS VALLEY PARADE .Never has a 4th division ground felt so imposing to our Giant visitors .It wasnt a sea of claret and amber.It was an ocean.We scored my ears are still ringing from the celebrations six years on.Arsenal playrd some sweet approach play .But they could not break down our 2 banks of 4 at the back .Of course 88th minute Arsenal got out of jail .Extra time Arsenal threw everything they had at our lads .But our lads stood up to it and threw it all back .They were as Arsenal should be .But behind our back four we had a 6 foot 5 inch DUKE in goal .Save after save after save .Cazorla free kick nearly broke our cross bar But time was ticking and time ticked and Atsenal couldnt break us .Extra time was done .Now the boot was on the other foot .Mighty champions league Arsenal 75 million pound team .were now playing the world record holders in penalty shootouts .8 in row we had won to that point .Even Uber Alles Germany Even Brazil weee not in Bradford City’s league when it came to penalty shootouts WE HAD NEVER LOST ON PENALTIES EVER .A 100 PER CENT WORLD RECORD .Our players just smiled at the prospect .Bradford City had stood toe to toe with The mighty Arsenal for 120 minutes Now it was Arsenal facing the most mighty team in the world at penalty shootouts .4th division .team cobbled together for free .except for 7500 quid spent on big James Hanson signed from our conference north neighbours Guiseley.BIG JAMES SPENT 3 YEARS SELLING ME MY SUNDAY FOOTBALL PAPERS IN IDLE CO OP JUST 2 MINUTES WALK FROM MY FLAT IN IDLE .I remember almost 10 years ago when he told me that City were signing him HE WAS FUCKING WELL HAPPY LET ME TELL YOU.We knew we were going to win that penalty shootout .It was never a case of praying or hoping we KNEW .WHAT A NIGHT TO BE A BRADFORD CITY FAN .YOU PREMIER LEAGUE CLUBS MIGHT FEEL THAT ONE DAY IF YOU GO TO BARCELONA AND WIN 7 6 After being 6 nil down with 10 minutes to go .Well now we are going back into league 2 after a bloody awful season .But August will soon be here .Our fans are pissed off big time right now .But with our massive support .paying 150 quid for a season ticket .Yep thsts right 6 pounds 50 p per match ARE YOU LISTENING GREEDY PREMIER LEAGUE CLUBS .ARE YOU LITENING PREMIER LEAGUE FANS 6 POUNDS AND 10 BOB A MATCH .We will bounce back up with 15000 plus crowds and who knows we might even get a crack at some giantkilling again .OR MAY BE ANOTHER CUP FINAL .ADVICE TO ALL PREMIER LEAGUE CLUBS .IF YOUR DRAWN AWAY AT BRADFORD CITY IN A CUP MATCH YOUR PLAYERS WILL NEED A GOOD SUPPLY OF ANDREX TO WIPE THEIR BACKSIDES .THEY WILL SHIT THEMSELVES WHEN THEY HEAR A DEAFENING VALLEY PARADE .ARSENAL did in that penalty shootout

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