On a Saturday afternoon…

The good people at Friends of Bradford City FC have come up with a poster advert campaign to promote the 2012/13 season ticket deals, hitting the nail firmly on the head in terms of angle.

Mick Shackleton of FoBCFC explained: “It became quite clear that there was some negativity around the club about the season ticket sales initiative. Whilst the club are pushing the sales of season tickets and flexi cards through the great VALUE message it became apparent to FoBCFC that it’s more than just about value…it’s about Bradford City Football Club being, as a supporter, part of our everyday life.

“A FoBCFC Facebook and Twitter push has seen the thought provoking images launched on to the web. It’s not about value, it’s about the opportunity cost or in simple terms what you’d be doing if you didn’t purchase a season ticket. There are some very positive noises coming out of Valley Parade emphasised by the Andrew Davies signing – I for one couldn’t think of missing out on next season when we finally see ‘our’ club back amongst the league pacesetters.”

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