The greatest Bradford City matches of the last 50 years (as voted by Bradford City supporters of 2012)

By Jason McKeown


Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has got in contact to vote for their top five Bradford City matches. We have been inundated with votes and comments – and when the pressures of my day job and moving house are sorted, I promise I will reply to thank every single person.

We set out to receive a high number of votes on what we supporters consider to be the top five matches we have ever seen, and certainly achieved that aim with a flood of emails and tweets. A total of 88 different matches attracted at least one vote, stretching from games as long ago as 1958 to as recently as October 2011. Width of a Post assigned each first choice match five points, second choice match four points all the way through to fifth choice earning one point. Some readers did not want to rank their top five, so in these instances we assigned each choice three points (totalling up to the same number of points awarded by readers who ranked their top five).

We’re going to count down the top 30 matches over the next few days, starting with 30-21 today.

A note before we go through them, however. It would be unfair to name these the Top 30 City matches ever. Clearly some of the greatest days in the club’s history occurred before we were all alive (the FA Cup in 1911, for example). Votes have come in from supporters of all ages, and clearly you can only pick your top five from the matches that have occurred during your time following the club. We don’t want to present this as some sort of definitive list of the last 50 years, because it would be too easy to pick holes in it. It is, as Rob Brydon might say, meant to be just a bit of fun.

What I do think this list offers is an accurate snapshot of the top five all-time matches from supporters who currently frequent Valley Parade every other week. If you were to survey everyone who sits in the Midland Road Stand before the Fleetwood Town game, for example, I’m confident that the results would be roughly the same as what we have found.

So, to give it a not-so-snappy-title, we will call this feature – The Top 30 Bradford City games over the past 50 years (as voted for by Bradford City supporters in 2012).

Ha – and I work in Marketing for a living!

To go back to the start – thank you again if you took part by voting. Many of you have written wonderful things about your memories of certain games, and so we have incorporated the best of them. Apologies if your comment wasn’t included – we just had so many excellent ones, we had to leave some out.

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  1. My dad saw the famous Burnley game. He admits to being biassed, but says the injury time was far too long. He saw the replay, and the roads from Cross Hills into Lancashire were blocked. Many City fans failed even to get there. City were thrashed by the best team in England. No one mentions the third round that year when we totally outplayed Everton , winning 3-0.Nor the epic at Brighton the year before, when City’s goalkeeper Smith broke his arm in the early minutes, went on the left wing, and the on and only John McCole went in goal and played well, City winning against a team from a higher division. They then went on to lose 3-2 at highly ranked Preston, pulling back from 0-2 and losing unluckily in the last minute.
    The famous match against Hull City in 1949 is outside the scope of this. Hull lost only once away that season, City were bottom, but won 4-2. The biggest crowd at VP since the war. My dad went but cannot really remember it.

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