Promotion push back on as VP school to open Sept 2013

By Jason McKeown

The confusion over the Valley Parade free school – due to have opened last month, only for the doors to stay closed – looks to have been cleared up. One in a Million, the Wayne Jacobs-run charity who are operating the school, has today announced that it will be opened in September 2013.

Jacobs is quoted on the BBC website saying, “We’re absolutely delighted. So much hard work has gone into this…Our world was turned upside down in August and since then we’ve fought so hard to get it back to where it is now and this is just incredible news.”

This development would appear to confirm that Bradford City’s planned sale of the old club shop and office block – which is apparently funding this season’s promotion push – will ultimately go ahead. Given this money has already been spent on new players during the summer, this news should act as a considerable boost to the club. We can now hopefully enjoy the campaign without a sense of dread hanging over Valley Parade, regarding the potential financial consequences of failing to get promoted.

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2 replies

  1. Should of never been shut, should of given it time to see how it planned out before shutting it down. hope its a success next year though

  2. Good news, got to say i don’t agree about the sale funding the promotion push this year. I believe funds were in place to get a smaller but better squad this season which seems to be the case. Any monies coming to the club through this sale of course will come in handy whenever that money arrives. I do though believe that a couple more quality players will be signed in January if we are still challanging for promotion, but i expected that anyway. I believe the real bonus to the football club was both chairmen buying the shop building and carparks a couple of years ago cutting our ground rent in half.

    Regarding the One In A Million School, absolutely brilliant new for Wayne Jacobs and the charity he founded. Well done to all involved in the hard work to get this project back on track. I know the charity does fantastic work in the city helping disadvataged children and the recent successful gala evening held at Bradford Grammar School is testament to that great work. Once again a massive well done to all concerned.

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