Fancy a retro 80s Bradford City to wear at Wembley?

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By Jason McKeown

Bradford City’s Wembley date with Swansea has prompted all manner of talk about kits. The club’s shirt suppliers, Nike, are unable to produce any new stock of this season’s kits, meaning fans looking to ensure they are suitably decked in claret and amber for the big day are having to look for alternatives.

One such option is to go retro, with a handful of websites selling classic football shirts from all manner of clubs. However, City supporter and Steeton FC manager Roy Mason was less than inspired by the limited range of Bradford City retro kits available to buy, and is looking to rectify this in time for the final.

“I have been in contact with, to suggest they look at extending their current range to include classic Bradford City shirts of the 80s, because I’m sure there are many supporters like me who would love to wear one at Wembley,” Roy explained to Width of a Post. “Toffs have responded to me saying they are interested in investigating the feasibility of bringing out some new retro City shirts in time for the final, and have asked me to submit suggests shirts to produce.”

Roy has put forward the following five classic City shirts for them to consider, which you can find details of below, and Toffs are keen to gauge whether other City supporters would be interested in buying one of the new range. So, if you are keen to buy a classic City shirt, please email, or leave a reader comment below, and we will pass them to Roy, to pass on to Toffs. You can also tweet Toffs directly – @toffsretro.

There are no guarantees these shirts would be produced in time, but as Roy says, “the more emails of interest I can pass on to Toffs, the more chance there is this will come off.”

City’s 80s classic shirts for Toffs to consider, by Roy Mason

(Images borrowed from the superb


1982 shirt wore when we won promotion from 4th Division under Roy McFarland. This kit was the first sponsored shirt we had and TOY CITY was a local toy shop – they no longer exist. The shirt maker was a local firm Litesome and it was it was the first ‘modern shinny’ polyester shirt we had.


1980 shirt we wore as a 4th division side when we beat Liverpool 1-0 in the league cup in August 1980 – Bobby Campbell scored the winner. The kit was made by Admiral from the same ‘rougher’ polyester as the England 1978 kit.


This kit was worn in 1983/84 and was made by Patrick – we wore this kit when we had our record 10 consecutive wins. The maker was Patrick and the kit sponsor was the Council at the time and it was ‘Bradford Mythbreakers’. The shirt was made from the shiny polyester of the time. It was also the away shirt in 1984/85.


This was the 1984/85 shirt we wore when we won the third division title. It was also the kit we wore on May 11th 1985 when 56 supporters lost their lives in the Bradford Fire. The maker was Patrick and the sponsor was Bradford Mythbreakers.


The ‘nearly season’ – 1987/88 – where under Terry Dolan we just missed out on promotion to the old first division. Made by Admiral the kit is again sponsored by the council.

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38 replies

  1. ME Norman’s Toy City. My favourite shop along with Carter’s as a child and the kit worn when I first went to a City game. I’d buy one. And the 84/85 one, probably first season as a regular, sitting in F block I think.

  2. I’d definitely buy one, regardless of whether they were ready in time for the final.

  3. Yep. Weirdly enough been lookin at toffs thinking the same thing as iv been keen to get one for a while. So get em done!!!

  4. I also think the promotion shirt would be quite fittin to wear as a tribute to the 56 and their families.

  5. Might not be a great idea to produce a white kit given that Swansea will be wearing all white at Wembley. However, I’m sure there would be a market for the c&a shirts.

  6. This is a great idea. I’ve been after one of the above designs inparticular for years and would definitely buy it if it became available in XXL.

  7. I have the 87/88 in a boys size and would love to have a version that fits me!

  8. I’d be interested in all of them – get cracking Toffs!

  9. 87/88 shirt – it’s an all time classic!!

  10. I would definately buy a couple of the shirts the white 1980 and the 84/85 whether before the cup final or after

  11. I still have the Mythbreakers shirt (which was referred to by my young son as ‘Bradford My Breakfast) in a drawer, but it’s in shreds now. It never kept pace with my journey from L to XXXL …

  12. I was never a big fan of the mainly white shirts even though they were fashionable at the time. For me it’s got to be claret and amber incorporating some black to remember 1985. Therefore the only suitable kit for this purpose would be 87/88.

  13. I have the 1983 claret and amber shirt but its framed and signed by Stuart. I would buy the 1987 nearly shirt.

  14. I have wanted the Bradford Great City shirt for ages. It is my earliest memory of a Bradford City shirt.

    I have just ordered the 1903 replica from toffs.

  15. The Admiral 1980 kit was the first I bought and would love that for sentimental reasons. not sure if Toffs could reproduce given the claret and amber Admiral logo all down the sleeves was the distinct part of the design. If it was allowed I would have expected there to be a Leeds version and there isn’t. Given that it is a white kit, see link below for actual kit

    would could go with the away design. See links to an actual City match kit 78-80.

  16. The Bradford “Great City” shirt was also my first, so would love another of those as Ive put on a few pounds since then!

  17. Excellent idea, would defiantly buy one.

  18. At Wembley we have got to wear Claret and Amber. If many of us were to wear the White kit from the 80s we would look like either an outing from Elland road,or that Swansea fans had got in our section.

  19. I would eventually buy them all, but for a start definitely the Bradford Great City one. It was the first City shirt I ever owned and still have it. As mentioned above, even if it wasn’t ready for Wembley I’d get one!

    Just as an aside, Bukta, which made our ‘Grattan shirts’ (which were mega) have re-made a few of their late 80s/early90s shirts (Motherwell’s 1991 cupfinal shirt (Ian Skelly sponsor)), would they be interested?

  20. Great idea get some made xxl for me. The nearly shirt 87/88 my first season as a city fan what great memories

  21. If I can get a ticket, I’ll be wearing Leigh Palin’s number 10 from first season back at VP! Claret and Amber stripes, Bradford mythbreakers logo)

  22. How about the 78 79 away shirt should be easier for toffs to replicate

  23. I would defo buy the 1982 kit or the 87/88 kit.What a great idea n many City fans would purchase one.

  24. I’ve over a 100 Bradford City shirts now, when my friends were collecting toy soldiers, Star Wars figures I saved my money for the home and away kit. My favourite is the 1987/88 kit.
    My daughters have the 1980 and 1984 so wish I could get my size now.

  25. Id definitely get the 5th one down, very nice and a great idea!

  26. i’m interested in kit of 1987/88, I would first see the final design and then know the cost.
    for me would be fine a L or M size,if the model is not too tight i think M size is right for me.
    I look forward to hearing from you some news about it!!! great idea =)

  27. Was talking to friends about doing this the other day, we would have half a dozen definately interested. We were looking more at the 90’s kits, the C&A diamond and the one with the lightning strikes down the sleeves were the most talked about.

  28. I have been in contact with Toffs and due to the timescale they cant do in time for Wembley – but will be producing some more styles shortly. Appreciate everyones comments. If any City fans have any replica shirts pre 1986 they wish to sell then please let me know through Width of a Post

  29. I’d buy 2, the 83/84 shirt as it was my first season and the 87/88 shirt as that’s the season I have the fondest memories from.

  30. I’d be interested in the 84/85 shirt i have a 87/88 shirt but it dont fit anymore :/

  31. Would love one of the admiral shirts , – loads of SCUMMERS were the white blue & yellow one , love the old BC badge

  32. I’d definitely get either of the claret and amber, otherwise it looks like an awy shirt to me. Same goes for the “Roma” kit. Obviously the ultimate City shirt is the early 90s Grattan diamonds though.

  33. I’d have a 87/88 “Bradford, Great City” one if it came up!!

  34. Any news on this campaign?????

  35. I would definitely purchase a couple ofthosclaret andamnber shirts 84/85

  36. Old thread, but work is celebrating 25 years of Copley Data Centre here in good old ‘Fax with an 80s theme. Going to dig out my 87/88 shirt … I’d discovered beer by then so good chance it might fit, better than Mr Tyne’s Gratten shirt does these days I hope. I’ve also got a version of the white admiral kit without the “B” badge sold by Rawcliffes back in the day. Wore it for the victorious west riding cup final (v Halifax?) anyone remember the pitch invasion at the end ?

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