Wembley song number two: The Spirit of Bradford City

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By Jason McKeown

Hot on the heels of the Corrigan Brothers recording a song about Bradford City’s appearance at Wembley, Bradford City supporter Simon Crabtree has written and recorded his own effort, named ‘The Spirit of Bradford City’. It’s already causing a stir amongst the Bradford City Twitter community, with almost 700 listens within three days of appearing on the ‘net.

Simon kindly told Width of a Post the story behind his song:

“I started writing it on the Wednesday evening after the Villa game. I sat down and watched the recording of the game, from the night before, and had a few tears in my eyes seeing the pictures of us all in the stands at the end. Then the interview with Phil Parkinson on the pitch where he comes out and says, ‘It’s dreamland…we said we had a chance to make history’, so that was a starting point. I grabbed a notebook and started writing stuff down.

“I needed a title, and the one thing that I think has epitomised this team is spirit. Going back to the earlier round game against Burton where I thought we’d battered them and we couldn’t work out how we were 2-0 down at half time. But they came back and showed the sort of spirit that made you proud to support them.

“I was separated from the other members of the ‘Food & Beverage Sub Committee’ (my usual co-watchers) at that Villa away game, high up behind the goal, surrounded by strangers, but everyone around me felt like my best mates that night – there was a mix of terror, ecstasy and ‘oh my god I can’t believe it’. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged so many strangers!

“I wanted to write something that made you feel that pride, I didn’t want to create a novelty song, something funny or gimmicky, I just wanted it to reflect how I’d felt the night before – proud.

“I stuck a rough version on the iPod and took it down to the Fighting Cock to run it by the rest of the ‘Committee’, and they voted it through, so I rushed home (after a few more drinks) and got it to a point where I dared to stick it on the web. Since then there’s been some heavy Twitter-marketing activity, a fair amount of nice feedback, very little nasty feedback (though I’m preparing myself for that) and over 700 downloads.

“I’m now wondering whether to pluck up the courage and take a CD down to the club!”

To listen to Simon’s excellent song and read the lyrics, please click on the following link.


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  1. I am quite surprised how good this is, and is very well put together, with imaginative tempos, mixes, and lyrics.

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