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The Width of a Post

By Jason McKeown

As we have reached the end of this marathon season, I wanted to say a few public thank yous to the many people who have helped and supported Width of a Post over this season.

Firstly, a big thanks to the ever-expanding team of Width of a Post writers who have contributed articles during the past 10 months. We have been proud to publish a huge number of pieces and this was only possible because of the dedication and creativity of so many people. I’m really proud of the fact that, this season, Width of a Post has provided a platform for 42 Bradford City supporters to write about the club.

In first name order, they are: Alex Scott, Andrew Whieldon, Anne Bell, Chris Herbert, Chris Wilkinson, David Lawrence, David Scott, David Pendleton, Damien Wilkinson, Emma Lavine, Gareth Walker, Ian Hemmens, Ian Sheard, Jess Softley, Joe Cockburn, John Dewhirst, James Storrie, Jim Nicholson, John Wade, Jonathon Ellerton, Josh Chapman, Katie Whyatt, Luke Lockwood, Mahesh Johal, Mark Danylczuk, Mark Scully, Martin Gregory, Martin Keighley, Matty Briggs, Mike Harrison, Mike Holdsworth, Omar Eliwi, Paul Firth, Phil Abbott, Richard Cowman, Richard Johnston, Rob Burn, Rob Craven, Ron Beaumont, Tim Roche, Tom Warden and Will Rook.

In addition, thank you to Jeremy Casey of the Northampton Chronicle & Echo, Ger Corrigan of the band The Corrigan Brothers, David Michael of the Aston Villa site My Old Man Said and Danny Brothers from the Northampton site A Load of Cobblers for their contributions.

From Bradford City Football Club itself, the magnificent David Baldwin has been incredibly kind and supportive. Thanks too go to Stephen Hawthorn-Emmett and Nathan Doyle. Also with City connections, cheers to Jamie Lawrence and Mark ‘Mega’ Ellis for their time when we interviewed them.

Within the wider Bantams community, we are grateful for ongoing support from the Bradford City Supporters Trust, Mick at Friends of Bradford City, Mike Harrison of the City Gent, the Bantams Banter lads Tom and Dom and the Skipton Bantams (my new family!) Special mention also to James Hanson’s dad, Michael, who has been extremely kind and contributed one of the best articles we published this season.

Within the media, thanks to Ian Dennis at BBC 5Live and David Conn from the Guardian for their kind words and promotion.

Most importantly of all, thank you to you – valued reader. Width of a Post’s fortunes have reflected the club we love. Readership has grown by around 60% compared to last season (over 400,000 visits since August). We have been fortunate to receive so much excellent feedback during the last 10 months and it really does mean a lot. It is a great feeling to know that we are providing a service of sorts to City fans, and we feel proud to be part of this community.

Width of a Post will keep very busy over the summer, so please keep visiting us. Our in-depth season review begins tomorrow and will continue all of next week. We have a couple of other features lined up for the close season (potentially a few very exciting interviews too!) in addition to continuing to report on what’s going on at Valley Parade.

Myself and my wife are due to have our first child any day now. This will inevitably have a knock on effect, because the amount of hours Width of a Post takes of my time is considerable. But with my wonderful team of writers’ help, I’m confident it will largely be business as usual.

64 games played by City this season, 64 match reports by Width of a Post. This has been a superb season for myself and the team; and I hope that, in some small way, we have helped towards making it a superb season for you too.

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13 replies

  1. Thank you all @widthofapost for you independent views on a record breaking season!.
    My highlight of the season was Mr hansons piece on how proud he was of Mr dependables career.
    Tears came to my eyes and also helped me understand how we as supporters can have an effect on players when negative things are said.

  2. thank you all for the extraordinary work done this seasn, discover you was a wonderful surprise and we don’t lose one of your article,you are great!!!Italian bantams are proud of you all and we always read the articles of WOAP with great joy.

    see you next season,in league one off course =)

  3. How do you follow that, other than to say thank you!

  4. Thank you.

    I have said (tweeted) before how lucky we are to have this.

    Superb coverage.

  5. Proper possibility to finally give a sign of my appreciation and respect for all the great coverage WOAP provide on the Bantams. Specifically the more indepth and reflective articles are an invaluable window for me to keep up with the team, the club and the wider community. This is as such not covered by media in any other way, and if it would it would in all probability not be so well written as most of the articles on here are!

    Big cheers from the Netherlands!

  6. Well done to WOAP and in particular for yourself for covering this magic year.

    Children are great (grandchildren even better) so really enjoy your impending arrival.

  7. Thank you for letting us air our views on the club we all love 🙂

  8. More than 64, remember my WoaP debut was the BPA friendly, that seems so long ago now! It is a great honour to write for such a fantastic site, and a lot of the kudos go to you Jason, being brilliant at putting it all together, and of course writing your own top quality articles. Here’s to another fantastic 12 months for City and WoaP!!

  9. congrats to you and all your team of dedicated writers for your very informative,in depth articles on this site.I ,an ex Bradfordian living in Ireland for many years,would be unable to attain such detailed match analysis,club information without your brilliant website,thank you all.I am really looking forward to this coming season in League one and more in depth articles,thanks again

  10. Thanks for sharing your honest heartfelt and always interesting views on City!
    What a season to have been a City fan! You have added to my enjoyment of the year: well done also on your measured views on 606 after the playoff final

  11. There is nothing else I can add except a huge thank you to all of you who have written and contributed to this excellent site. As an exiled Bantam, WOAP is essential to my wellbeing. I always start the day with a coffee and a check to see if there are any new articles to read. This has been a fantastic season and long may this continue.
    Good luck for the new arrival Jason, it’s a life changer!

  12. I’m not going to add anything to the above other than to say thank-you. Some of the writing this year has been superb and it is fantastic that so many people are prepared to contribute their time and skills to provide such a great site.

    Good luck to you and the Mrs – your world is about to change – but very much for the better !

  13. Brilliant, as ever. Hope your transistion into parenthood goes smoothly

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