The Ticketzone fiasco rumbles on…


By Martin Davison

For all the message-board and T&A coverage of the Ticketzone play off final ticket fiasco – where hundreds of Bradford City fans who bought tickets found their card was later the subject of fraudulent use – there will always be someone thinking, “It won’t be me”.

That’ll be me then.

Naïve as I am to the tricks of the internet and those who trawl, or phish – apparently, for dupes, I’ve had a wake-up call with the declination of my credit card whilst trying to buy a 40th present.

Luckily for me, Barclaycard had noticed ‘unusual’ behaviour with my card and stopped any payments going out over the last few days.

When I contacted WOAP to ask them to flag this up, the reply, via Gareth Walker, was, “write some words and share the outrage and pain”. In all honesty I feel neither outrage nor pain. I probably would have had it not been for Barclaycard, it’s just a sense of resignation. An amazingly negligent ticket agency. Another victimless crime? No harm done?

The strangest thing is that whilst I feel somewhat violated even though nothing has actually gone, if that was the cost of victory in May, then so be it. As the ad should say, “Victory at Wembley? Priceless.”

That said, do not trust fate and the “It’ll be alright” mentality, act now and cancel your card if you haven’t already done so.

After all, if it happened to me…

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  1. Same happened to me this week. Notified Barclays and they have cancelled my card. When the announcement was made that fraudulent activity was happening I did ring Barclays at the time asking them to cancel my card. They said they would be looking out for irregular activity on my account. However, because the fraudulent transaction that occurred this week was of only £33 and made at Game Retail Ltd, I presume it wouldn’t flag up as an unusual transaction. Overall I’m annoyed that I have been treated differently to some other customers who have phoned their bank provider and had their card cancelled.straight away. I’m equally annoyed in the first instance that the FA used Ticket Zone after what had happened previously. Next time the FA should let City use their own ticket website.

    • And me…………………………

      There I was thinking I was ok having checked my card online every couple of days since it became known there was a problem, (which was even before the game took place).

      Then bang, about 2/3 weeks after the game I get a text asking me to call my bank as my card has been cancelled due to fraudulant activity, (how did they know it wasn’t me spending nearly £400 on a Travelodge booking and roughly the same amount at PC World on line)?

      Who would be daft enough to book a hotel room at the risk of being apprehended?

      Anyway the guy told me it was a massive known fraud and there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.

      I read that the link to the queueing site for tickets was compromised and from that point on, all keying strokes were being read by some scrote somewhwere in the world. Ticketzone are distancing themselves from it saying they have tested their systems and there is no weakness at their end and are blaming it on the Danish (I think) IT Companies software who dealt with the queuing. I also read that some Brentford fans have had the same issues with Tickezone.

      Like you say, I got the money back but it does make you wonder how many cards have been done.

      Really poor service

  2. Snap. I too thought I’d got away with it – until last weekend!

  3. I found out Saturday 18th May about 9am, trying to get cash out prior to driving to Wembley! My bank did me proud, immediate stop, new card and I even managed to get them to unblock it there and then, withdrew the cash I needed then reblock it. Basically anyone who bought Wembley tickets has had their details stolen it’s onlny a matter of when they decide to try to take the money, it takes a while to try to do 1000’s of accounts. Advice to everyone, just cancel the card NOW and save yourself the hassle

  4. Same thing happened to Swindon fans I think a year or two back, on a forum they were talking 6 months later of money being taken out of accounts.

    I cancelled my card online (had a keyboard chat with someone – didn’t even pick up the phone), took seconds to do and got a new one within 3 days. Don’t give them a chance.

  5. I also got done last week someone tried getting £100 of downloads from Itunes but luckily the money came straight back the same day so im happy with how my bank handled it.

    I received my new details last week

  6. It’s still happening. Got a call from tesco credit card this week after they blocked an O2 mobile transaction. Naively thought I’d got away with it, but yep, if you bought Wembley tickets some 2wat has your card details.

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