We made history…the fans – a short film

By David Nowakowski

Experience a stomach churning tension like your first day at school or wedding day nerves as fans of all ages follow their team to Wembley for the second time in a matter of months.

Nervousness and tension turns to sheer joy and elation as the fans dare to dream of sweet victory.

We made history – the fans, was made by the fans, for the fans, to commemorate this very special day in the 120-year history of Bradford City Football Club.

Small children at the game will show their grandchildren this in years to come and be proud to have been part of an historic moment in English football, seen through the eyes and hearts of the fans.

Fans were asked to submit video footage captured on phones and personal cameras via social media networks to create a visual documentation of this special event seen from the fans eyes.

I then had to sift through the raw material and working with the Minneapolis Film School has produced a short film which will be showcased at the National Media Museum in the lead up to Christmas.

I was overwhelmed at the response and received over 1,000 clips of footage. I approached this as a social media experiment which has turned out to be something really rather special.

David Wilson, Director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film said, “This is a real meeting of hearts and minds, using new technology and social networks to assemble a 1,000-strong team of film-makers which was then skilfully crafted together as evidence of this great sporting achievement.”

The short film will be screened at the National Media Museum on the following dates in the lead up to Christmas to accompany a full length feature film:

  • Friday 6 December with the film, Nebraska (17.40).
  • Saturday 21 December with the film, It’s a Wonderful Life (11.40)
  • Thursday 26 December with the film, It’s a Wonderful Life (17.05)

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  1. Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just seeing that little trailer. Just one thing though… isn’t the club 110 years old, not 120? Founded in 1903 weren’t we?

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