Do you have a question for the Supporters Board?


By Jason McKeown

Set up just over a year ago by Bradford City’s Chief Executive, David Baldwin, the Bradford City Supporters Board is a representative group of Bantams supporters who work closely with the club, spearheading initiatives and providing valuable feedback. As David explained to Width of a Post last month, “It is a fantastic sounding board for the club to get a broad view on everything we do…We are prepared to make changes based on the feedback from the Supporters Board.”

The 23-strong Board meet on a monthly basis. For their next session, on Monday (23 December), they are holding a live Q&A session, via its website. If you have a question for the Supporters Board or David Baldwin, you are invited to submit one by completing the following steps:

1. Register for the site now by clicking here and selecting ‘Click here to sign up’ in the new user section.

2. Log onto at 8pm on Monday (a ‘live chat’ button will be added to the site that evening), where you can submit a question or simply view those questions (and answers) which are put forward.

Click here for more information about the Q&A.

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