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Image by John Dewhirst

Image by John Dewhirst

By Jason McKeown

Working with John Dewhirst and BantamsPast once more, I am looking into starting another book about Bradford City. The ambition is to put together the biggest collection of City interviews ever, to tell the stories of players, managers and coaches who have represented the club.

I want to start with an appeal to WOAP readers for help. As I’m looking for players/managers of all eras, from as far back as possible to the current era, I wondered if you know of any former City person who you think would be willing to be interviewed? Perhaps a friend or family member, someone who you play golf or drink in the same pub with?

Equally, I am aware of several former City players who read WOAP. If you would be happy to be interviewed, please, please also get in touch.

If you can be of any assistance, please email me at

There is no planned publication date and I intend to take my time on this one, but it would be great to get the ball rolling over the summer.

The new book is planned as planned as the sixth volume in the BANTAMSPAST HISTORY REVISITED SERIES which includes A HISTORY OF BCAFC IN OBJECTS (2014), REINVENTING BRADFORD CITY (2016), ROOM AT THE TOP (2016), LIFE AT THE TOP (2016) and WOOL CITY RIVALS (2017/18).

Details of ROOM AT THE TOP and LIFE AT THE TOP – the story of the origins of professional football in Bradford and the conversion from rugby to soccer – can be found at Both books are being published this summer with ROOM AT THE TOP available later this month.

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