The WOAP Podcast – Episode #6

Image by Thomas Gadd (copyright Bradford City)

Image by Thomas Gadd (copyright Bradford City)

Episode 6 of The Width of a Post Podcast is now available!

It’s been a frantic January transfer window for Bradford City, and presenter Katie Whyatt is joined by Alex Scott, Tim Penfold and Jason McKeown to discuss the ins and outs, recent results, and how the rest of the season is shaping up. There’s also a discussion about the rise and rise of social media, and how it has impacted on the way we support the club.

You can listen to it straightaway below or click here to download it on iTunes

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  1. Thanks. Good banter, as my kidz would say. The coming weeks will be interesting. Keen to see what the owners now do with the old guard out of contract in the summer. Seems to me the curse of the promotion hunt is not wanting to stock up with league 1 level players now if we go up- and presumably the likes of Meredith (maybe Marshall) wanting an eject option in the summer anywhere.
    Don’t think you discussed Meredith. How surprising is it no one offered for him this window? Is his release clause just too high? Or not that highly regarded by championship level clubs?

    • Typo- should have said “anyway” not “anwhere” re Meredith Marshall ie presumably they may resist new contract in case City don’t go up and they think they could with someone else.

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