The WOAP Podcast – Episode #8

Image by Thomas Gadd (copyright Bradford City)

Episode 8 of The Width of a Post Podcast is now available!

Presenter Katie Whyatt is joined by Alex Scott, Tim Penfold and Jason McKeown to the play off victory over Fleetwood, the prospects for Wembley and review a memorable season.

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  1. Great articles, hope the team is as good at Wembley. Is there a chance that you can give some sort of guidance in a non-football piece about Wembley. I have tried ‘surfing’ but much of the info is out of date. Something like: how much is a pint? Likewise burger or hotdog. What will a programme cost us? What can you take into the stadium, sandwiches, plastic bottle drinks etc? Can these be in a backpack of some sort? Anything else you can think of —- if a draw extra time then penalties? Which end will the penalties be taken from? Who decides?

    Obviously if you are already committed to your WOAP articles and are too busy ignore this and carry on with the good work.

    Has anyone else commented on the online booking system [Ticketmaster]? It took me 3 hours 40 minutes to order for my lot, starting at 9:10 and completing about 12:45. 14 tickets all season ticket holders, all on my family and friends.The [re]assign system would not accept any of my lot. I ended up ‘phoning the Ticketmaster customer services number given on City’s web site. It took an age before I got through to them. The guy agreed with me and asked to give him the City member numbers and surnames and put these family and friends in the assign box. I went back into the booking site and managed to get all of us in the same block. Also [I’ll go after this] do you think it fair that the lowest prices are not available to season ticket holders. These areas were marked as ‘sold out’ which made me panic a bit because I had used just short of 3 hours by this time. Any road thanks for listening.

    John R Armitage [Grumpy Old Fan] ________________________________

  2. Hi John,

    In answer to the first bit of your comment – not sure if this is still all valid, but this is from the cup final and might help:

    To help anyone else having issues with tickets, WOAP’s Tim Penfold sussed out the adding family and friends issue. This is his advice:

    I’ve spent this afternoon looking at the ticketing site for Wembley (because I have nothing better to do with my day off) and have noticed that it doesn’t automatically link your friends and family that you might have set up on the City online ticketing system to your account, so I’ve written a quick guide here:
    1) Go to and select “Activate Your Account”
    2) Input Season Ticket Number and surname and create an account for yourself on the following page. This is where you set your password, and it’s also where you select your address – make sure this is correct!
    3) Log in using Season Ticket number and password (if it logs you out)
    4) Click on your name in the top right corner.
    5) Select “My network” in the bottom right corner.
    6) Select “Search for existing users”
    7) Input their season ticket number and surname into the boxes as prompted, click “Search”
    8) Click “select” when it brings up their details. This should add them to your network.

    Hope that helps people.


  3. Personal obscure highlight of the season was shouting at Danny Devine away at Cheltenham that he was offside, him immediately checking and stepping back onside.
    Wasn’t sure about us at Wembley before listening but you’ve convinced me, feel we could, should and indeed, will win.

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