WOAP plans for the 2017/18 season

By Jason McKeown

With Bradford City’s pre-season friendlies due to begin on Saturday, I thought this would be an opportune moment to update you on the future plans of Width of a Post.

In a nutshell, my life is getting increasingly hectic and that has meant taking some time to consider my priories. My wife and I are expecting our second child at the end of the August, my day job increasingly involves some evening and weekend work, and I’ve just started writing another Bradford City book as part of the BantamsPast History Revisited series. Something has to give.

This has led to me concluding that we won’t be producing any WOAP match reviews for the coming season. Whilst I’ll still be attending matches regularly – increasingly with my daughter by my side – it already takes a lot out of my weekend to then return home and spend 2-3 hours writing up my views. In general we’ll become a lot more infrequent in how often we publish articles. Hopefully a case of quality over quantity.

I’m going to attempt to write one column-style article a month. Katie – in-between her growing list of commitments that includes the not inconsiderable final year of University – will also write pieces. Other WOAP writers like Tim will chip in when they feel they have something to write about.

We’re committed to keeping the podcast going on a monthly basis, and that more than anything will be the focus of WOAP this season.

I’ve grappled for the last few weeks about giving the site a break, or becoming podcast only, or other approaches. It worries me that WOAP will stand accused of not being as good as it was, or that we’re lazy or something. But family comes first. These early years with your children is time you’ll never get back. It’s certainly more important than what I think about Charlie Wyke’s recent form.

With each passing year the lifelong dream of a paid career writing about football fades, but no matter. Running WOAP is a fulfilling hobby that I envisage doing for years to come. It’s just that, right now, it’s a long way down the priority list.

So bear with me, please.

Look out for the odd update over pre-season, a podcast previewing the new campaign, and a season preview article or two on the eve of the big kick off. Here’s hoping City are set for another memorable year.

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