The Width of a Post podcast: episode 15

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The latest episode of the Width of a Post Podcast is now available to download/listen to online.

With Bradford City still struggling for form and play off hopes fading, Presenter Katie Whyatt is joined by Tim Penfold and Jason McKeown to debate what has gone wrong, plus the early impressions of Simon Grayson.

Click here to download it from iTunes, or listen below:

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  1. I haven’t yet listened, but , after watching Monday night, I think there are players who are not trying. I do not know why, and can only say it needs to be sorted out very quickly. If players do not want to play for City, then Grayson must deal with them now.
    I have my suspicions about the reason .

  2. It seems obvious to me that most of the current squad can not wait for the season to end, so they can find themselves new clubs, no doubt with better contracts even if that means dropping down a division.

    I have very little..if any optimism for next season on so many fronts.

    As a certain DJ once played…. we seem to be on a road to nowhere.

    I am normally a glass half full guy as well, this time I feel like someone has taken the glass, and let the good stuff pour all over the floor.

  3. I really enjoyed listening to the podcast, which reflected my, and I guess many other supporters, views.

    I’m still non-plussed by the collapse in our form and, if Stuart publishes his book, we’ll hopefully learn more detail.

    Simon Grayson has inherited a group of disillusioned players which, combined with uncertainty over his future tenure, means we’re not even treading water…..but sinking. We’re lucky there are only ten games left. If there were fifteen, we’d probably be looking at a relegation battle come the end of the season.

    With a likely significant shortfall arising from reduced season ticket income, next season looks like we’ll be facing an uphill battle to stay in this league.

    What a lesson in life these last three months have been!

  4. Let’s hope people learn from this lesson!
    I doubt it!!!!!

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