Time for change

Oldham Athletic 3

Dearnley 11, Smith 20, Maouche 45

Bradford City 0

By Jason McKeown 

Gary Bowyer is finished as Bradford City manager. There is surely no coming back from this.

If he doesn’t choose to resign, Stefan Rupp and Julian Rhodes have no option other than to relieve Bowyer of his duties. Defeat at Boundary Park was one wretched performance too many. The toxic reaction of a packed out away end was too fierce for there to be any hope of reconciliation. Anti Bowyer chants were loudly aired throughout a horrendous 90 minute showing. There is no supporter left, it seems, with any desire to defend him.

The players are not playing for Bowyer. They had started the game okay, and could argue they were unfortunate to go a goal behind when Anthony O’Connor slipped over and Zachary Dearnley was free to run through and slot past the returning Richard O’Donnell. But it was the way the players collapsed from that point that dooms Bowyer.

Confidence was never going to be high. City went into this game with just three wins from 17 games – and no away victories in nine. But the dreadful reaction from the players ran much deeper than fear. They just weren’t willing to run and tackle as hard. To go in where it hurts. They ducked responsibility, to their team mates and to Bowyer. They fell to pieces, and they badly need a manager who is capable of repairing them.

A manager’s job is to motivate players. Pick the strongest team. Get them organised. Set them up in a way that wins football matches. Bowyer is failing miserably on all these fronts. Once again, he persisted with the five at the back formation. He deployed a midfield lacking a player with the ability to win the ball. The strikers were hopelessly isolated. Who did he think was going to supply the service to them?

It means there were such few chances on goal created. Once again, City had just one shot on target. The creativity just isn’t there. Attacks are easily neutered. It’s predictable and easy to play against. And the gap between midfield and defence allows the opposition to attack with much greater purpose.

It was 2-0 on 20 minutes, when the lack of midfield off-the-ball cover saw Oldham drag City defenders out of position. Jonathan Smith unleashed a shot that flew past a crowd of confused claret and amber bodies, and past O’Donnell. The defending was even worse for the third, as a set piece was easily worked to substitute Mohamed Maouche to slot home with Paudie O’Connor fast asleep. It wasn’t even half time.

From front to back, the team was appalling. Ben Richards-Everton had a nightmare first half where he made mistake after mistake. Paudie O’Connor wasn’t much better, getting the hook at the break. Jake Reeves was also dragged off early after a wretched display in midfield. Watching his form and confidence drain away over recent weeks – after such a promising return from long-term injury – is depressing. Chris Taylor, Callum Cooke and Dylan Connolly were completely ineffective. Connor Wood was the only player to emerge with any credit. But even that’s a stretch.

It’s well documented that Bowyer inherited a mess of a squad, and the legacy of that continues to weigh down his squad building. But seven of the starting XI here were his signings. Including the bench, it was 11 out of 18. Bowyer’s own recruitment has simply not been good enough. Several signings started reasonably well, but have faded badly.

There was little positive to take from City’s second half showing, other than a promising second debut from half time substitute Dylan Mottley-Henry. Unlike his new team mates, the midweek signing from Barnsley was actually brave on the ball. He took people on and tried to make things happen.

The contrast in Mottley-Henry’s attitude and his fellow sub, Shay McCartan, was stark. McCartan was unlucky to lose his place after a promising performance midweek. But he seemed to take his grievance onto the field, and produced a dismal display. At one point, after receiving ire from City fans, he appeared to sarcastically clap at the away end. Two and a half years on from signing, I’m still waiting for McCartan to turn into the decent player he occasionally threatens to be.

The game was lost in the first half, and City never looked like saving it after the break. Oldham remained the more likely to score, and O’Donnell produced several brilliant saves – he was easily City’s man of the match. In all, Oldham had 26 shots on goal to City’s three. And this from a club in crisis, who are just 14th in the league.

For the first time since August, City are out of the play offs. And with it, the last reason to keep Bowyer has gone. All eyes are now on the Valley Parade boardroom and how they handle this crisis.

Inaction doesn’t seem to be an option. A season of such promise has fallen apart. In October, the Bantams were edging to the top of the league, now they trail leaders Swindon – boosted, once more, by Eoin Doyle’s goals – by 12 points. Just one month ago, City were one point behind third-place Crewe. Now, the Bantams are seven points off the automatic promotion places, having played two more games.

This isn’t a slump. It’s a collapse. This performance isn’t a blip, it’s become a normality. And Bowyer seems to be completely devoid of answers. He seemingly has no ability to turn around difficult situations – only twice this season has City come from behind to win. To have a better chance of earning promotion this season, a change needs to happen.

Naturally, Rupp and Rhodes will be criticised if they sack Bowyer after allowing him to make last week’s controversial transfer decisions. And removing the manager, before his new arrivals even get to make their debuts, wouldn’t look clever. But the pair will have to take that criticism. Doing the right thing is more important than looking right. And besides, they’d be looked upon worse if they leave Bowyer in a position that now seems untenable. If the poor performances and defeats keep coming.

Bowyer has now become the most unpopular manager since John Docherty, if not even more disliked. No manager can come back from the level of supporter anger that he has just endured. So now, action needs to be taken.

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  1. Exactly how I feel. The players look lost, low in confidence, and I can’t see us winning another 3 games before the end of the season.

    All those midfielders and they just don’t create anything.

    We act now, Gary Jones for me, who won’t let anymore put in less than 100% for the City badge.

  2. Jason, with all your contacts in the club you surely must have some incline as to whats going on??

    Why are Rupp and Rhodes staying so quiet??

  3. What manager would want to come in to this club, with the players we’ve got? He wont be able to sign his own player now. He’d be on a hiding to nothing. It’s a job no one with any common sense would want. You can’t turn pigs ear into a silk purse. Leave this guy in charge to the end of the season then get rid of him with the rest of the dross.

    • What manager? There are always many that apply for every managerial job going – new, old, foreign, left field…

      Leave Bowyer in charge and ST sales will be under 10,000. Two thirds of the way through the season, he isn’t going to change his dinosaur approach now.

    • that’s why Rhodes should ask Stuart to do us a favour, even if it’s until the end if the season only….at least we could watch some attacking intent regardless of the results for the rest of the season…..thete will be less and less supporters watching if Biwyer remains….I know plenty saying they are not going until he us gone…Stuart even temporarily would see them return

  4. Absolutely correct Jason. Respect to you for this article-
    Sooner the better for everyone’s sake. Some of those players simply aren’t performing as they’re being asked to perform in positions they simply aren’t capable of playing in. Have we really stooped so low as Taylor and Reeves as 2 of 3 in our midfield engine? Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! Formations is 1 thing but not buying a ball winner in 2 transfer windows is as criminal as last seasons shambolic decisions not buying a target man number 9.
    On the transfers –
    Doyle has lived up to his name and showed no class, Vaughan has been the wingeing bad apple we feared he was, anyone in the game should have known that. But to give him armband and power was just asking for it. I actually don’t mind the new signings just wish a number 4 had been signed. 15 games left and a new manager still a mild hope but this must end immediately. Take Drury with you please when you leave. This charade has gone on long enough now. Anyone seen Danny Devine and / or Ishmael recently by the way!?

  5. Congratulations Jason, I’m glad to see you didn’t get the polish out for this game summary. I know a lot of your readers won’t be happy to confront the cold reality that City are lacking in every area and that includes Rhodes and Rupp.

    Today’s game is truly a defining moment for the season and likely the short term future of the Club and ownership in particular. I’ve had enough of Bowyer’s skewered excuses. Prior to this week my impression was that he had brought stability to the clubhouse. How wrong I was. In my opinion, the blame for the departure of two premium League One strikers and in particular, Vaughan were due to Bowyer and his leadership skills. If Vaughan was a disruptive influence in the dressing room, why did he get to keep the captaincy?

    Today, the players weren’t playing for Bowyer or their fellow teammates. A lot of bitching amongst the players after every blunder, and there were lots to complain about. The final score truly flattered City, it could easily have been six or more. Thank God, I could watch the Liverpool game simultaneously on TV.

  6. Bowyer must go! Just as importantly Rupp and Rhodes must show some positive, decisive and ongoing leadership. It really is quite amazing that we seem to have learnt absolutely nothing from the Rahic debacle. WOAP quite rightly highlighted the communication problem at the recent media meeting with the club, but no action by the club? The club is a shambles once again. All very sad!

  7. Wow! That is a hell of an assessment on a city performance. Bowyer is loosing all credibility. I have sympathy for him but not enough to suggest he be given longer. I believe there are others that should share the blame. Drury for one is not a great coach. He may have all his coaching badges but I do not believe he is capable of coaching a pub team, let alone a a professional team. The team needs to ask themselves why they are swept away against teams at the bottom of the league. There is a lack of commitment and desire from them to turn matches around. Rhodes and Rupp should also take responsibility for their contribution to the failure of this club. They should be asking what is going wrong and how do you (the manager), intend to resolve these issues. They should ask the question why a player can score 23 goals for a club he is loaned to and with an average of one goal per match. Yet when he returns to his home club does absolutely nothing! Should the owner and director of club allow a manager to sell/loan players to other clubs with a tally if 34 goals between them. It’s like Salah being loaned to Manchester City. It just wouldn’t happen! But it does at city.
    All those involved should ask themselves could we have done anything better? The answer is yes. A new manager may not be the answer. They needs to be a top to bottom review of how this club is run. They need to look at other clubs and model the future on those best performing clubs like Sheffield United, Exeter etc. Changing the manager may not improve things , it may need a change to the culture of this club.

    • To me it’s more about heart and battling for the shirt. They gave in at 1-0. Just like they gave in at Mansfield. £40 for 2 performances where our players went through the motions. Time to get s new voice in and then change the playing staff in the summer. If they don’t give a shit then move on.

  8. Time to go Gary..Neil Warnock and Stuart or Gary as no.2 please..right now !

  9. Bit hard on Cooke Jason thought he was half decent. Similarly McCartan did not hide and showed some clever movement and good feet but he was average at best. Overall piss poor save for Richard O’D.
    You do wonder about our scouting ( do we actually employ one?). Danny Rowe was the best player on the pitch and an obvious target given his prolific scoring record and high profile last season.
    As for GB will he be sacked before the new signings have had a chance to bed in? Not so sure.
    As for the striking departures how could they keep Doyle when he admits a daily call at GB’s office demanding a move? If the rumours are true about the Vaughan incident GB ( if it was just his choice) had little option.

  10. It’s been relegation form for while now and I do respect Rhodes and Rupp have given Bowyer loyalty in the hope the results will follow.
    There’s nothing in performance to suggest these players are willing to roll there sleeves up and fight hard for GB. Something needs to be done and change of manager and coaching staff may just ignite the players appetite for the battles ahead.
    Teams struggle when there’s no creativity , shots or crosses … It’s not rocket science.

  11. Surely his position is untenable now even taking all the mitigating factors into account. This team clearly aren’t playing for him. Quite possibly the worst and dullest brand of football since I started watching city 45 years ago.

  12. The questions come thick and fast, and we only get silence as week after week, game after game we witness our squad falling apart. The Board have been weak and failed to act, there must now be decisive action. We have lost good players that the manager could not for the life of him either inspire or set the team up to accommodate them. His signings are all over the place, you have literally no idea what is the plan.

    I cannot watch another game where our players just fall apart, they too have lost their confidence in Gary Bowyer. Both Bowyer and Collins need to go. Yes allowing to remain during the January window was a massive mistake by the Board, but to not continue to make yet more mistakes by keeping the manager.

  13. Rhodes needs to get on the blower to Warnock and McCall. Warnock says that he wants one final promotion challenge and that he would be willing to drop to league two in the short term. Let him do it and then when he retires Stuart can step up from assistant and take over again. It might be ambitious but if you don’t ask then you don’t get. The whole club needs revitalising because the performances of the players and the culture of the club at the moment are reflecting the dour personality of the manager and assistant and there simply isn’t any coming back from this. They’ve lost both the players and supporters.

  14. How many more inept displays do we need to endure before action is taken at board level.
    Normally I am one to seek the positive and not knee jerk when things go wrong on the pitch. Now however defeat follows defeat and much worse each performance is abject. There doesn’t appear to be a logical understandable plan. The players should hold their heads in shame too.
    The facts are we are tanking down the division and Bowyer can not get a tune from the players. The football has been poor for some time and statements of best home record and least goals conceded have rightly had a torch shine upon them yet now our limited style has been exposed. 5 at the back no support for the forwards and sadly the inability to get the hottest striker in Europe to be able to score once has underlined what many suspected for some time. We don’t create chances to miss. Therefore unless we can win 1-0 we draw at best. Not only is the style awful to watch but the players now appear to have also tuned out. Time for s clear out. Starting with Bowyer and Drury. In the summer those who Rahic brought to the club also need to leave. Only then once we are free of any of previous regimes involvement can we start to grow. I’m sure Bowyer is a good man. However what we are watching and the results that follow are appalling. Time to go.

  15. Just what we needed another Bowyer signing –
    *******breaking news shock ******
    He’s signed another attacking midfielder!!!!
    Genius from all concerned inc the owners who sign the cheques!! What the bloody hell are we playing at.
    Sure the lads decent and all that but please give me a break from exasperation!!

  16. If they were anywhere near to consider sacking him, they would have done it after the Mansfield match, to give the new Manager a chance to get his players in

    • Perhaps but the signings we’ve seen don’t really look like they are those of a board backing the manager. If he is still here next weekend then I will be sadly surprised.

      • the signing a are further proof that Biwyer has no intention of changing his style/tactics….

        there is nothing wrong with big boot when applied correctly, with bodies around the box, play speeded up to maintain pressure and get the oppo out of shape but Bowyer can’t even do this right….ps in reality we needed a physical presence/ball winner in midfield all season and still haven’t got one….

  17. I think the board have put themselves in a difficult situation, after backing Bowyer in the transfer window, they would want to give the chance for his signings to make an impact, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay in charge for the Grimsby game.

    Two factors that I don’t think they can deny is firstly, in recent games we are making very average teams look like world beaters, when they have been on poor runs, and their results revert back to that same pattern after they’ve played us.

    Secondly, the players do not appear to be playing for Bowyer, and when that happens there can only be one outcome.

    What is it though about this time of the year with the club? A couple of years ago the players stopped playing for Stuart; last term Hopkin looked like he was gonna keep us up then it all started to unravel, and this season seems to be following a similar pattern.

    • And it was Oldham away that did for Stuart. I actually backed that decision, as I thought the relationship between him and Rahic had become too toxic and clearly (at the time) Rahic wasn’t going

      I’d give Bowyer the Grimsby game. Let’s see if the new signings make any difference to performance. We want a game where we dominate for 70 minutes, not the other way around

  18. We have had our”History Makers” and now we have our “Tainted Ones”. I decided not to go to Oldham after witnessing the debacle at Mansfield.
    Listening to the game yesterday it sounded like part II. Yet, in mid-week this group of individuals had put in a committed performance, in adversity.
    However, that’s been a rare moment in the period since the maniacal Rahic really got down to work.
    We are tainted at the moment. I can’t see how Gary Bowyer can survive this, but it isn’t completely his fault any more than the bad runs under Stuart, David Hopkin and even Collins can be laid entirely at their doors.
    We are directionless as a club. No strategy as to where we want to be; no discernible planning for the future.
    We recruit players such as Doyle(since when did he become a “cause”?) who manifest their disdain for us right from the off. We recruit players who are flawed in one way or another because we can’t, or won’t, pay for better.
    We recruit Vaughan- a player who has had as many clubs as years in the game. Both he and Doyle have good scoring records overall, but patchy in detail.
    Not entirely Bowyer’s fault,then, but he’s tainted by his weird and confusing selections and cunning plans. Again, no discernible strategy on the playing side.
    Off the pitch we are tainted. The food is execrable, the toilets and seating antediluvian. Field Mill may be a small ground with a condemned side, but the facilities were much better than we put up with. We pay 2007 prices for season tickets and are treated like the undiscerning, undeserving poor we so obviously are.
    We are in danger of becoming a metaphor for failure in football.
    I agree with earlier contributors that we must expunge the lingering presence of the Rahic era before we can progress. With or without Gary Bowyer, it’s going to take time and money. I’m not sure we have either at the moment.

  19. Ironically Bowyer’s transfer dealings have given the club the finances to be able to afford to sack him. I wonder if he knew that’s what he was doing ?

    I don’t think we should get Stuart to take over. Why should he want to work for one of the men who sacked him the last time he was manager.

    The club is in a good position in the league table and would be an attractive proposition for a new manager. Also with 14 players out of contract in the summer would have the finances to build up his own team.

  20. Being a skilled communicator and inspiring leader is what every manager must absolutely bring to the job now. Bowyer is a 20th Century dinosaur possessing little in the way of either.

    Look at global football today. Teams that transform, grow and over-achieve are led by those who can speak to the humans that play the game (and their supporters). This is no different to how great companies are run.

    The business of Bantams Football needs a 2020 century rebuild. Call in people with an intelligent vision for the club and let them pitch it to the board … don’t just hire some other marginally talented, last century “legend” to repair this rot with leaky duct-tape and half-baked ideas.

    • Surely this is the last straw.
      If the board doesn’t act now, than we all know where we are and what to expect.
      20,000 YOU ARE HAVING A 😂
      The only way the board will get existing supporters back on side ………and more importantly bring back those who have drifted away and attract new, is to make a Change nowwhile we still have a chance of the playoffs at least.
      Who that would be is open to suggestions…..but to do nothing is even worse.

  21. The lack of Leadership and poor communication are evident throughout the club. The owner was clear that he would ensure that the errors of the Rahic era would be rectified. I see no evidence of this and frankly the lack of strategy and consistency is mirrored by the manager every week .

    A ball winning midfielder was desperately needed and we go for another creative midfielder, the judgement of the management team and the board is severely flawed.

    To have c 2000 fans (paying full price ) to watch an away game after the previous away debacle highlights the potential for the club, however unless action is taken now the legacy impact on next season will be significant. A rallying leader and better communication are now desperately required. It’s Groundhog Day !

  22. I think comparing Bowyer to Docherty is a bit much however I agree something at the club is wrong. We’ve been poor and lifeless since McCall left the club. How managers do we have to go through to change it. I feel it must be something within the club, be it contracts, bonuses, training ground issues or something.
    I’ve never known our teams just give up and stop working so often. The Rahic signings have all been bad apples and the sooner they all go the better. Our fans deserve better

    • It could just be nostalgia (I properly started watching us under Docherty) but I actually enjoyed the football and felt more for the squad under Docherty than under Bowyer. It was negative at times and the dross from Millwall didn’t help, but we still had some cracking players (Tommo, Duxbury, Mitchell, McCarthy) and others like Gavin Oliver, Sinbad and Jagger, who gave their all. There were a couple of games that stick in the memory (Spurs in the cup, Bury on New Year’s Day, a draw with Huddersfield) despite it being 30 years ago. I’m not sure any of this season will be remembered. The games have already begun to run into each other. This squad plays with no attacking intent and is so much worse than Docherty’s.

      Context is important; Docherty followed some of our best and most entertaining periods, so in contrast looked dull. It wasn’t as dull as today. For me the better comparison is the team and approach under Peter Taylor. Until this season that was the worst football I’ve ever consistently seen at VP

      • The urban myth was always that the players defied team orders against Bury that day. You can believe it because they actually passed the ball fluently in way they did not at any time under the Papa Doc. Great game.

      • I think you’re right Dan – the broader context is important. Because he followed Collins, some posters on here seem to have forgotten about the terrible football under Hopkin, where all City did was launch it long. As soon as the keeper had the ball, the entire outfield automatically trooped up to the halfway line to try win the oncoming header, including Doyle who was there making his fake and lazy attempts to get his head to the ball (we shouldn’t forget that he really did have to go either). The only time the midfield got involved was in the defensive side of the job, when the opposition inevitably won the ball back. I think that brand of football, apart from the unusual December when we kept winning 4:0, was as bad as we are witnessing now.

    • It is, Docherty was better than Bowyer, by a long way and at a higher level. His football was hoof, but at least it wasnt comes inducing

  23. It is probably correct that Bowyer should go, but the timing is such that any successor, would be stuck with essentially the same group of players (I guess we could sign unattached players), who’s individual skill sets, do not create a cohesive team.

    It is only two years ago that Grayson took over at City and he hardly had any success, and the football lived up to his name’ Gray’! So one hell of a dilemma. Thankfully we probably have enough points so that we do not have to worry about the wrong end of the table.

    Perhaps an article on the recruitment process at City would be helpful? Is the only assessor of ‘footballing worth’ Bowyer? With Rhodes merely looking after the budget/contractual side of things?

    I also struggle to see what Drury has over the club. I recall that Todd junior was mooted as the assistant manager, but that all fell apart. Just what is Drury’s role in all? An additional coach, someone with fresh and creative ideas, is about the only way I can see this progressing, without Bowyer going.

  24. First. Rahic to contend with, now this!

    “Sack him” – “keep him for now”. I’m past caring. I doubt I’ll be using my season ticket again. Next season, it’ll be a flexi. I’ve lost all faith. The club will need to earn my support.

  25. If you need cheering up have a look at the squad list on this site. Out of contract at the end of the season are:
    Mellor, Reeves, Anderson, Akpan, Riley, Ismael, McCartan, Gibson, Henley, Patrick, Devine, Donaldson and O’Donnell.
    The only one I wouldn’t mind seeing in a City shirt again is perhaps O’Donnell. (Donaldson will be too old)
    And retained are Cooke

    • That’s brilliant and it has cheered me up! There is a lot of dead wood at the club. Parkinson was right to have a small squad of higher quality than all that rubbish

      • True, a lot of deadwood will not return, but maybe you should look at the other side of the coin before you get too excited. City have only six senior players under contract for next season. The potential shining star returnee is Vaughan and hopefully a new manager with fresh ideas. Sad to say, before next season City fans are going to confront a lot of uncertainty. Will Rhodes and Rupp step forward and show leadership is the big question for me?

      • Sorry, I omitted the recent signings Novak and Guthrie who have signed 18 month contracts.

  26. What worries me most of all is the similarity with Chesterfield.
    City are in a mess, but in the last 2 years or so Grayson, Collins, Hopkin Bowyer have managed us. 3 of them had good track records, were experienced and knowledgeable, and all failed.
    We signed players with decent records. They became worse players at City.
    Players seem to take longer to recover from injury than they should.
    The transfer window takes us by surprise. We lose 3 strikers in 2 days, and replace them too late to play on the Saturday. (Doyle played for Swindon.)
    We put out a team yesterday which any supporter could see was wrongly balanced and had the wrong players.I could go on, and so could all fans.
    There is no discernible planning, no idea on how to improve.
    We have an absentee owner, with a chief executive who has presided over the Club during all the failures of the last 17 years. ( that is an exaggeration, but it is more or less true.)
    Our success from 2012 to about a month before McCall was sacked was due to brilliant team management by Parkinson and McCall.
    Mark Lawn was also very much a feature. He was a leader.
    All this means we need new ownership and new non-football management. Only then could we thrive.
    But I see no sign of this, and am more despondent than ever.

  27. I watched my first game of the season at home to Mansfield – we were totally outplayed but won. We were then outplayed by Morecambe and won. Since then we have been outplayed in EVERY game bar none. We did ok at Swindon when they started to waste time and play for time and let us in. Surely those watching from the boxes can see that we are terrible on the eye and terrible performance wise.

    I have never advocated sacking a manager but this can’t go on this time. When we concede first, the game is over. When we get a draw, the manager lauds the team (23% possession – that’s embarrassing).

    Action is required now. I don’t agree the squad is poor, it’s the management.

  28. Its a worry, and if Julian doesn’t act decisively soon we will be starting 21/22 in the National League. You can see it coming as clearly as it was at Chesterfield and Notts County. If Bowyer is here next season we will be relegated.

  29. I think we all have been more than patient including the club, but unfortunately riven though GB is a lovely fellow, we have to face reality in the interest of the City and promotion and the only way I can see forward is a change of management, if we had lost off the back of 2 wins and 2 draws then you put that down to a off day, but there is too many off days now and we are starting to drop down the league and now out of the playoffs.

    15 games to go, what’s gone has gone now including the captain ( who we all know was not a leader) we have 4 new players through the door, we must have saved money in that transfer window, so bring in Warnock who is ready to have another go, walks in the training ground on Monday, and say’s to all of them this is the squad you all are training for the next 3 day’s for a place in my starting eleven and I need to pick a captain so make yourself vocal, then Thursday & Friday we train for the Grimsby game. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

  30. Another article jumping on the bandwagon poor stuff

  31. Please please please Julian act now.please

  32. Where do you start?……. great defensive record until the last month…we’ll you would have playing 7 defenders… when 442 is played it includes another defensive midfielder…the football is dire, the results are dire, if Leeds get promotion we will be back to the bad old days when half the City got the 72 bus on a Saturday afternoon…It’s only 2 years ago I was loving my football with a quality manager despite having a cretin if a chairman who constantly interfered. I really believe this has nothing to do with Rupp or Rhodes, they have backed a terrible manager who got lucky at previous clubs.

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