The Width of a Post podcast #30: Challenging times ahead

The 30th edition of the Width of a Post podcast is now available to listen to. With Stuart McCall’s third coming as manager yet to truly take off, Jason McKeown, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott reflect on recent results and if play off hopes are fading.

Also on this episode:

  • A summer of big change lies ahead, but which players are worth keeping and who is likely to leave?
  • Questions are once again being asked of the leadership of the club, so what does the future hold?
  • And as we’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like to win an away game, we look back on our all-time favourite City victories on the road.

You can listen below and it will also be on iTunes:

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  1. Love these podcasts thanks guys, always do lots of nodding when listening to all of your opinions.
    Never as good or as bad as we think at City. Given the potential virus / closed doors financial issues clubs may face soon I feel blessed that our great club isn’t sailing as close to the wind as many and is managed finically reasonably well. Be thankful for this and think of other clubs at this time . We may not be perfect in so many ways but we have a decent chance of surviving the potential struggle.


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