The Width of a Post podcast #40: “Alex reads the Wikipedia article on NFTs”

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With the shock news that Bradford City could be bought by a group of American investors called WAGMI United, Jason McKeown, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott discuss this developing situation and what the future could hold with the takeover attempt.

Also on this episode:

  • What are we making of the job Derek Adams is doing so far?
  • Which players might be on the way out in January and which areas of the team need strengthening?
  • Who in the team is impressing enough to suggest they could play a part in a stronger promotion push?
  • What strategy should the club be taking for the January window?

We also reflect back on the best and worst mid season signings of recent seasons. And the excitement that a new arrival – part way through the campaign – often generates.

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  1. Another nail in the coffin of English football. Fans are no longer fans but ‘customers’
    Super bright & annoying LED advertising screens, stupid kick off times, expensive match tickets, over priced tv packages need I go on?
    I’m not renewing my ST for the first time since 1991 next season. It’s now non league for me. I never thought I’d feel this way but enough is enough

  2. For potential buyers think on this.

    “What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call a butterfly”. (Echart Tolle).

  3. A good listen as always guys but I just refer to the January window segment. In past seasons both you and other fans alike have come up with some names of players who we would like to sign. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I can’t remember seeing on social media or otherwise any names put forward. We all watch City and in general we have a good knowledge of other players in and around the lower leagues. But I honestly would not know who to try and sign even if we had good money to spend. The standard of the players around at the moment is dire. Consider we signed Jones, Darby, McCardle, Meredith and Wells from lower league sides it shows the stark decline in quality. Also, given that teams don’t tend to let there best players go mid season and contracts don’t usually end who are we going to sign who will make the big impact on the side that is needed. I’m at a total loss ? ?

  4. On the face of it WAGMI and their connection with a heavy data and analytics approach is attractive and will no doubt be the future for all sports teams. However, it shouldn’t be thought of as something pioneering. Anyone remember Charles Hughes and his book ”The Winning Formula: The Football Association Soccer Skills and Tactics” from the 1990’s?

    Hughes’ statistical analysis identified particular areas of the pitch from where goals were most likely to be scored. ”He called these areas the ‘POMO’ – Positions Of Maximum Opportunity – and asserted that players would score if the ball was played into the ‘POMO’ enough times”. It wouldn’t surprise me if much of the philosophy behind Adams’ approach to scoring has its roots in the Hughes era. Hughes was blamed for coaches playing ”the long ball game” -unfairly in my opinion. Adams has also made statements demonstrating his desire for improved use of technology to measure player performance not only after a game has been completed but also during the game. So, maybe there is also some of Arsene Wenger’s characteristics that have filtered into Adams’ way of improving both player and team performance.

    I think Adams would fit into the WAGMI United data and analytics approach nicely, but I am not sure have to all about the Club becoming a guinea pig for a cryptocurrency experiment. As with all risk assessments, I would like to hear what the potential owners have to say about the potential worst event that could happen and the likelihood of this event ever happening.

  5. Apologies:

    ”but I am not sure at all about the Club becoming……..”

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