Same old story as another Bradford City loss raises further questions about Derek Adams

Harrogate Town 2
Diamond 62+71
Bradford City 0

By Adam Raj

Hark back to the 2014/15 season, on FA Cup fourth round weekend, Bradford City were creating history by triumphing at soon to be Premier League champions Chelsea. In contrast, Harrogate Town were away at Solihull Moors in the National League North. Stamford Bridge v Damson Park, quite the difference.

Fast forward seven years and on FA Cup fourth round weekend in 2022, the North Yorkshire side were handing out a routine fourth division defeat for the Bantams. I say routine, as today’s defeat was City’s third successive loss against Simon Weaver’s men in the basement division. The club who City used to send the reserves to for a pre-season friendly have put five past City in those three games, with the Bantams only managing a solitary goal.

Witnessing how easily the Railway men brushed City aside this afternoon, should serve as a stark reminder and embarrassment at how far City have fallen in that period.

Still, Derek Adams at least seemed to go into the game with the right frame of mind – “we have to get the three points” were his words pre match. Whilst I have questioned Adams on his general approach to games, even he knew that pretty much every game at this point is a must win, if we are to keep up those fanciful hope of promotion.

But to most of us, those hopes are long extinguished.

Adams proudly gleaned “the shackles are coming off” in his interview with club media midweek. Quite why those shackles were on in the first place is anyone’s guess. It’s not like they have done us any good so far is it? But, on the surface, at least, Adams seemed to be keeping to his word as the team news rolled in. Veering away from his favoured one striker formation, Adams brought Tom Elliott into the side to partner Andy Cook. As a trade-off, five defenders were named, with Liam Ridehalgh returning to the side.

For the first half at least, City played moderately well. They certainly played the conditions better than their hosts and managed to look slightly more potent than can be said of recent weeks. Elliott went close as his attempted lob was smothered by keeper Mark Oxley, whilst the former Southend United stopper made a good save to keep out Jamie Walker.

In comparison, the hosts were relatively subdued as City ended the half with five shots on target compared to the zero for Town. It was certainly an improvement, even if it wasn’t particularly attractive. But as has been the story of the season, a failure to convert promising opportunities is arguably this side’s biggest downfall. It should not really be a surprise however, as that sort of issue is to be expected when you have four non scoring strikers at the club.

Aside from a brief flutter of corners and a Cook header that was well saved in the opening stages of the second period, City produced a performance that came as no surprise. 17 minutes after the restart and Sunderland loanee Jack Diamond’s low cross deflected off Oscar Threlkeld, over Alex Bass and into the back of the net.

Irrespective of the fortuitous deflection, the defending by Threlkeld was so poor. He never once got tight to Diamond and despite being inside the 18 yard box, he still stood a good five yards off the winger, allowing him to get enough power behind the cross to ensure any block was far from clean. Given Adams’ public criticism for Finn Cousin-Dawson’s poor defending last week, I wonder if the City manager will afford Threlkeld the same treatment tonight? I think we all know the answer to that one.

And as sure as night follows day, Harrogate went on to double their lead shortly after. Ten minutes after contributing to the opener, Diamond picked up the ball just inside the City half. He drove towards goal unchallenged and struck from just outside the area into the bottom corner.

City had capitulated in the second half. Again. Answers on a postcard for what Adams says during the interval each week, because to be a complete contrast of the side you were in the first half is some achievement.

In the midst of the goals flying in, Nathan Delfouneso same on to replace the ineffective Elliott for his City debut. Theo Robinson also came on for Callum Cooke, but the most surprising change saw Cook replaced by Alex Gilliead. To take off the only goalscorer in the squad for arguably the most ineffective attacker at the club is puzzling, especially when you’re two nil down in a must win game. Adams had chucked the towel in and with that change, the away end began to empty.

Harrogate managed to see the game out with little fuss and with that came the obvious and expected dissent towards Adams. Even he couldn’t ignore it today as he walked straight past the City fans to get down the tunnel.

His post-match interview on BBC Radio Leeds was quite the listen. Not quite the emotional struggles that we heard from Stuart McCall last season, but Adams is certainly a man who is feeling the pressure.

I don’t imagine Ryan Sparks would have been impressed with Adams’ not so subtle digs at the club as well as the fans. Words to the effect of “the club would be immature to sack me” do absolutely nothing to build bridges with a fanbase who have largely run out of patience with the Scot. It also creates a potentially interesting phone call between manager and CEO this evening after the former has just called out the latter as well as Stefan Rupp on local radio.

And this is the dilemma facing the club, in particular Sparks. The gamble with appointing a manger like Adams is that the results have to be consistently good, because if they’re not, then patience dissipates very quickly, even with those who are averse to managerial changes. Aside from the opening month of the season, which I think we can safely say is the exception to the rule, the football quality is dire and entertainment value is next to nil.

Can we honestly say that any player has improved since Adams’ arrival in the summer? At best, I can only mention Charles Vernam. But that is more than likely to do with playing on his favoured left side, a position he rarely played under Mark Trueman and Connor Sellars.

Along with Adams’ style of football, this is another piece of evidence to go against the ‘we have to give him time’ approach. In order for fans to be willing to be patient, there has to be a satisfactory level of entertainment as well as improvement. It is safe to say, Adams is failing on both counts.

As a person, Adams seems to have a ‘you’re lucky to have me’ ego which comes across every time he talks to the media. Simon “I’m a Championship manager” Grayson showed that that attitude doesn’t wash with us. Bradford City is not lucky to have any manager, it is a privilege to manage this club and Adams would do well to remember that.

And that is arguably the biggest problem for the City hierarchy. City fans have not warmed to Adams whatsoever and don’t like Derek Adams the man enough to afford time to Derek Adams the manager.

Prior to today’s encounter, Adams stated that now is “go time” for City’s promotion push and after today’s result, many City fans are left repeating that very same comment. But they’re not repeating it in unison with Adams, they’re repeating it at him instead.

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  1. Get rid of him.

  2. This guy deserves no more time. I don’t much care what he’s done at Morecambe, Plymouth or anywhere else. I would be more than willing to give him more time, but there has to be some obvious improvement in individuals and the team – there is none. At all. He picks Threlkeld week in, week out – he’s simply a terrible footballer yet escapes the criticism levelled at FCD & Canavan. His signings are extremely questionable and his tactics would bore a glass eye to sleep. Sparks has a decision to make – sack Adams with the large payout that brings – or cut his losses and try and mend fences with the fans and ensure the season ticket uptake isn’t sub 6000, which it will be if Adams is kept on. Its a terrible situation, make no mistake.

    • It is such a chore watching City atm!!! After supporting them for more years than I can remember. They used to excite us win, lose or draw, now I can’t be bothered to even turn up despite having a season ticket, and you can forget away matches.

      I think Adams is a poor manager. Like you say his half time team talk must be something else. I don’t think he inspires the players, and when you are this level with limited skill level you desperately need the ability to inspire. I don’t like his arrogance, be patient he says, my question is why? We are half way through the season and if anything it is getting worse. His signings apart from Bass and Walker are poor. I don’t understand his strategy. If you are in trouble keep it simple, 442, the players understand that.

      I understand Sparks and Rupp have a decision to make; that decision is now if we want to make a real challenge for a playoff place, or allow the season to wilt away with the loss of season ticket sales.

      Very disappointing. We are desperate for investment in this club, to rebuild this club in the long term. Rupp should either get all in, or sell, this long reach, barely the minimum put in to keep it ticking over is very bad for this club, and if it continues, it is the non league and extinction that awaits.

  3. Good report Adam, but think you’ve got Harrogate Town and Harrogate Railway (The Railwaymen) mixed up.

  4. Some may say give Adams more time some will say sack him .The owner will have to make his mind up, a business decision says it will cost him
    a lot of money in compensation not only to the manager but all the backup staff he has brought in. The new manager will want his own staff and players. On the other hand the supporters base which took twenty five years in the making is falling apart and the fans are voting with there feet and it will get worse if no action is taken either way is hard .And I can not see a way out of this mess until we have a new owner with real investment .

  5. Can we please stop talking about the Chelsea game. We were a league one side who had an incredible cup win. By constantly bringing it out, we take the gloss off it. We never mention the dismal Yeovil defeat the week before.
    I hate sacking managers and I would be loathed to do it straight after the transfer window. I think the next couple of games are crucial.
    Can I have another whinge please. It must be very difficult to be a City player – booed when your name is read out on the tannoy, screamed at when you’re on the ball. I’m no fan of Threlkeld but he must hate playing for City.

  6. The Adams style is no blueprint for sucess. Totally the wrong man for the job. He’s absolutley clueless. I have no idea or faith in what he is trying to achieve. This is the fifth season of a downward spriral that shows no sign of turning around.

    Adams has had the pre season and the window and we have not moved forward at all. Bewildering post match comments yet again and a toothless performance. Keep Adams and season tickets sales will severely damage the club for next season.

    He’s fast losing the fans and the players if he hasn’t already.

    I’m at a loss as to where the clubs goes from here. But we appear to be sleep walking into oblivion.

  7. Thanks Adam and Gav.
    Didn’t see game as currently abroad but your combined comments provide the clear picture.
    1.We are going backwards. 2.Adams’s tactics are puzzling at best and downright bonkers at worst
    3. Adams’s post match comments have become embarrassing.
    4. The inconsistency and inaccuracy in Adams’s judgements about player performance (for example, Cousin-Dawson v Threlkeld) make me wonder how on earth he has managed any sort of success with previous clubs
    5. I could cope with losses if there were some glimmer of a plan and signs of improvement. There is not.
    In sum, Adams and the team he is managing seem as effective as a chocolate tea pot .

  8. A penny for Ryan Sparks’ thoughts tonight as he watches the one thing he needed to get right crumbling before his eyes (and listening to the Adams post match interview) in his ears.

    Irrespective of the dire displays, Adams has committed the cardinal sin of alienating himself from the fans. Adam Raj is spot on with Adams’ “you’re lucky to have me” arrogance. I can see no justifiable reason to persevere with him. Forget the potential issue of a big payout. Put him on gardening leave and pay him on the “drip” until he gets another job. If he’s as good as he thinks he is, that won’t be long and any consequent compensation should be minimal. The risk in losing season ticket income for a failing team with an unpopular manager dwarfs the cost of severance pay.

    In any walk of life, if you’ve made a mistake, the sooner you rectify it, the better the overall outcome. Ryan might get short term flack for another failed appointment but that will pale against the protracted damage to the club, and his career, if this situation is allowed to fester.

  9. My comment will be different to those of just about all others and could well offend some readers. I was not at the match.
    I live in Harrogate.
    Harrogate Town have never, to my knowledge, been known as the Railway men . That is a different club. They were bought by a very rich local man in about 2009, and he installed his totally inexperienced son as manager. Simon was much criticised at first because he got many things wrong. But he was not sacked, and has been successful because of continuity. There is no real criticism from the fanbase because there isn’t really a fanbase.
    Harrogate Town, like City, deserve to be in League 2. Harrogate because they have worked hard to get there. City because of many years of bad management. City are a long-standing failing club, who sadly now have a deluded fanbase. I have supported them for a very, very long time.
    We rent our ground, we rent our training ground, we have very few assets, we have an owner who must wish , when he reads articles like yours today, that he had never heard of Bradford City. We have a CEO who is doing everything he can to improve the situation, and who receives so much abuse that he has to change his phone number.
    We have had 7 managers (I think) in the last 5 years, each one being subject to continual criticism. Apart from my hero , Stuart McCall , in his second spell.
    Derek Adams has been with us for about 9 months and he too, like the others, is subject to abuse. He has simply not yet had enough time to make real improvements. I know he is not likeable, but neither were Ramsey, Clough and Ferguson.
    It is NOT, as you claim, a privilege to manage Bradford City. It is a punishment.
    I despair at City , but I despair even more when I read the deluded beliefs of so many supporters.
    Please, please, have a bit of faith, hope and reason.

    • I liked Clough and Ramsey.
      I dont like Adam’s and have found it even hard to warm to him.
      That’s unique in my 60 seasons of supporting City.
      We do rent both our ground and training facilities but that believe me is not unusual in the EFL and even the PL.
      The one asset we have is our ‘football league share’ and it is this that is vital to our future.
      Its value is immense.
      Adam’s showed today what a liability he is. His comments post match were disrespectful to the fans, the CEO and even the owner.
      He has said things one week and the opposite the next. He has said things which are obviously not true. For instance a few days after ‘outing’ Canavan live on the radio he expects us to believe that a fall out resulting in the captain leaving was unrelated.
      “The shackles are off” he told us this week before playing two up front today. Why were they ever on?

    • When you’re as successful as Ramsey, Clough or Ferguson, fans will be more amenable to overlooking arrogance and an unlikeable personality.

      When you’re a Fourth Division manager serving up an abysmal product, then, I’m afraid, it is likely to hasten your departure. Morais on Radio Leeds summed up the situation excellently. Indeed, you could sense he wanted to go much further.

    • At last someone to give us a bit of hometruth. Good on yer John.

    • Totally disagree, I want a longer term manager and really wanted this appointment to work but I am convinced Adams is not the man.
      He has not improved one aspect at the club in my eyes, he is alienating all aspects of unity and many reasonable and decent fans have had their fill of him – and we have also followed the club for a long time and are not deluded.
      Adams is far from the only problem we have but I do not see us galvanising under him

    • Not deluded – read the first paragraph again. Chelsea was a cup tie! We lost at Yeovil the week before but Chelsea is wheeled out every week! 2000 is when we beat them in the same division.

      Players are royally booed by the supporters. Fans who expect these players to win because they play for Bradford City and not little old Harrogate – the toffeemen or pumproommen or whatever nickname you want to misuse.

      I bet Threlkeld really loves playing for City – he’s booed when his name is read out. He played well on Tuesday. Cousin Dawson should have been sent off against Crawley – neither reported because they didn’t fit the bill.

      I’d imagine Adams half hopes he gets sacked so he can get away. The problems he refers to are being played out in front of him – we never give anyone chance to get it right.

    • To say it is a ‘Privilege to manage City’, seems a little grandiose. However to say it is a ‘punishment’ also seems out of line with my take. It is perhaps a ‘punishment’ because of the poor results and in particular the dour performances. Adams has contributed to make City what it currently is. Many of the players are now his signings, he sets the team up and dictates the pattern. It isn’t working on a results or performance basis. Yes City are the big club in the division, but to say it is a ‘privilege’ to manage seems over the odds. It is a very hard and demanding job, given the expectations. My view is that balance and proportion are required, a bit of humility, and reflection on why we are were we are. That includes, supporters, managers, owners, and players. Everyone trying to pass the buck in the ‘blame game’, is not going to improve the situation.

    • I agree with you John, and also the remarks of ChrisE below. I am no happier or keener on Adams at this point than anyone else on this thread. But to those with the “get rid of Adams now” view, my question is “What next then?” We’ve averaged more than 2 managers a season since 2017/18. Presumably if Adams left, we’d want a better manager. Who would chose a club with that record?
      Didn’t Parkie go 22 matches without a single win? As you say, Fergie drifted for his first few years at Man U.Right now, through gritted teeth, I think we need to show patience and see where we are at the end of season or even into the next one.

  10. Thanks to the guys at Width of a Post for the recent articles and match reports, they’ve been brilliant to read, despite the depressing content.

    I’ve been in the camp of giving Adam’s as much time as possible to turn the ship around, but I’m getting to the point where I think the way he is conducting himself is creating a toxic environment among the fans and I’m sure this must be the case within the club as well.

    Even if results do pick up, we will still have a “leader” who is not really a leader at all, and this can never produce the long-term success that the club is after in my opinion.

    I really feel for Ryan Sparks. I for one think he has been a breath of fresh-air within the club, and truly believe that given time his passion, work ethic and vision for the club will steer this ship to a better course. But unfortunately, despite his appointment of Adam’s looking like a great move at the time, it has all gone horribly wrong, and it’s looking increasingly likely that he is going to have to make a big decision sooner rather than later. It all feels like such a shame.

    • I agree with you about sparks. I like a lot of what he’s done but I think he may be the right guy in the wrong role.

      • Sparkes has done an amazing job behind the scenes, from reorganising the backroom staff to personally inviting sponsors to help the club in addition to their sponsorship. Signage, new seats, the refurbing of all the hospitality and plans to remodel some areas in the Main stand and Kop.
        Where things have gone wrong is, as many have said , is on the playing side, Sparkes is an astute businessman, he had very little knowledge of Football , and the dregs of life that inhabit it, I worked in the game for 27 years and saw first hand the people involved. It’s fair to say that the fact that he was left to appoint managers virtually single handed, Rhodes was there for part of it but with Lawn, he preferred to work in the background so this is really why having an owner/chairman with a knowledge of the game, and the people in the game ,is vital . Adams ticked the boxes and if you look at things , 14 draws , if half of them had been wins, Adams would have been the hero . Obviously that’s the ‘what if’ area but , given his attitude and comments, a decision needs to be made, sacking would be very expensive, one idea mentioned was to move him ‘sideways’ , not sure if that would stand up legally, another idea may be for the club to appoint a new assistant manager with the brief to Adams that the person would have a more ‘hands on’ approach to team selection and tactics and change Adams position to ‘head coach’ . Given his reputation, i cant see him hanging around for long in that scenario.

    • i agree that the problem Adams has created (no one else) is even if he got to the play-offs on some amazing run he would still be getting critics if we didn’t go up, and even then if we did, as soon as he hits a poor run again, the negative comments will return. He hasn’t got that aspect of management right imo. Today his excuses were actually correct as we were the better team, and take our chances on another day win. But he has created an atmosphere where that will not be noticed.

  11. I’m not on Twitter anymore, and haven’t been for a while now for various reasons!
    But I can assure you that I get more than enough info to suggest that it’s not a great place to be at the moment.

  12. Fair points made but managing Bradford City is not a punishment, it’s a very demanding task, as is getting the club back on the right track.
    I too have supported Bradford City a long time, a regular since 1969, and over that time City fans have always got behind teams and players that had a go and tried to get on the front foot. With a few exceptions this season Derek Adams teams do not consistently do this.
    What they have done consistently is throw away leads by sitting back on a single goal, concede and lose 2 points.
    When, Cook apart, we have forwards with low career goal returns it’s even more important to keep the opposition on the back foot as much as we can.
    Adams keeps saying we don’t take our chances, did he expect the players we signed to pitch up at City and suddenly start scoring.
    Apparently Delfouneso was a target from before the window, good luck to guy, but he is 31 and never bagged 10 in a season, Elliot similar, as are Lavery and Robinson. We are not constantly unlucky.
    On not owning the ground or training facilities, yes these are expenses we could do without, but, rightly or wwrongly, fans are under the impression we have top 7 budget.
    I’d love to have faith and hope, but you have to have a reason.
    Derek Adams doesn’t help give you faith or hope. He is either deluded or takes the fans for fools by describing a game with little resemblance to what we have seen.
    He alludes to problems behind the scenes. If there are the club needs to come clean.
    In his interview post match he said it would be foolish and immature to sack him, this to me, is throwing down the gauntlet to his employers and insulting them to boot.
    He has no affinity with the fans, doesn’t get Bradford City and sees a different game to us.
    I’m no fan of the managerial merry go round, but some times it is the lesser of 2 evils.
    Adams will only be accepted if he brings success, but he looks a bad fit for the club who will cost more in lost season ticket sales than we have to pay in compensation.
    For me his time is up.

    • You’re right, he did say immature but this could have been a slip of the tongue when he really meant premature. As someone who believes he should be allowed to see the season out I can accept this word but not his word which I agree is disrespectful in relation to Ryan Sparks.

      • Yes, could have meant to say premature, but a Freudian slip?
        To correct my post, just listened again and Adams says stupid, not foolish,which perhaps makes it worse.

    • You are quite correct with the strikers we have signed.
      With the exception of Cook all of them have never been prolific goalscorers.
      A very simple on line check reveals their recent goalscoring history.
      Angol has not even played many games but has scored a total.of 11 including the 6 he has scored for us in very few games. Why?
      Well if I was going to employ him I would look at his injury record.
      Robinson and Delofouenso have been good players and would probably have been good signings a few years ago.
      But now?
      Would we really have signed Elliot if we had signed Delofouenso earlier?.
      Of Lavery the least said.
      So did DA really expect these players to start hitting goals after putting on a City shirt.
      And why so many of them when their has been a reluctance to play two up front all season.
      Someone at the club should have questioned some of these signings.

  13. Adams is becoming the equivalent of Boris. A narcissist. Everybodies fault except his. I imagine the changing room and training ground are toxic places to be. He decides tactics, he picks the team and decides who he gets rid of and who he brings into the club. In fairness to Sparks he thought he had brought in a manager with a proven record. Clearly, that does not work as far as city is concerned. We do not know how competitive we are in the transfer market. Maybe Adams was restricted with the budget he has at his disposal.
    What is the point of bringing in players that do not improve the squad. Goals of those we have signed in January seems to be at a premium. Harrogate signed a winger and he scores 2 goals today. So far, those we have signed have not had a similar impact. Maybe, they need more time but unless they get the quality level of coaching, effective tactics and motivational support they will struggle. City have a habit of turning good players into average to say the least.l
    Adams hands may be tied that he is having to manage what he has on meager resources. We don’t know because there is no transparencies when it comes to the clubs finances.
    I thought Harrogate were poor and City deserved better. However, the on/off pitch decisions were poor. Adams substitutions were ill thought out.
    He talks up Staunton’s chances of playing but he doesn’t get on the bench! Sutton who is consistent and probably one of our better players does not get on the pitch. It is clear Adams has only a plan A, but when things go wrong he is clueless and has no plan B. Not sure if sacking him is going to make much difference to City moving forward. Good manager prospects seems to fail miserably where city is concerned. I just don’t know what the answer is. We have no clear strategy. Until the internal ethos of just survival changes we will continue to struggle. Totally depressed about the club’s future. Our supporters deserve better but with the current regime it’s unlikely to happen. Too many false promises.

    • You just know what’s going to happen…

      Derek will get the sack, move to a small town team taking Threlkeld and Gillead with him.

      In a year or two his side will meet a (still) under achieving City and will roundly beat us with both Threlkeid and Alex scoring worldies in front of the cop.

      More seriously you have to ask are we better than we were a year ago and are we better than we were in September.

      Both no in my opinion.

      The next question is what do we do about it. That’s a more difficult one.

      If only he wouldn’t alienate everyone he’d have credit in the bank, a modicum of goodwill. Instead we face a real dilemma. Back him through gritted teeth, or sack him and start again.

      My head says the former, the heart the latter.

      Glad I’m not Ryan.

  14. The only answer to this inevitable shambles is for Rupp to sell the club or we will eventually end up in the national league

  15. I totally understand why we’re all frustrated with the football and results. I totally understand the frustration with DA too but didn’t he change things yesterday as wished for by most fans? A changed formation and City looked the better of the two sides for a lot of the of the game and IMO looked the most likely to score in windy conditions. I’m not a fan of DA (not that he’ll care!) by any stretch and I also think the 2.0 loss was / is harsh on us. The first goal was a deflection like our last goal scored so what goes around comes around. Not sure what the answer is but I’m a football supporter who looks at Watford and their attitude to management change and laughs thinking it’s utter madness. I’m not a firm believer in saying that he should stay without any question either but what are the alternatives? Another dive into the unknown with another journeyman manager who has inherited someone else’s team yet again? It feels like we’re goosed either way!! I can’t see change happening so soon after the arrival of several new players who have had next to no time to work with each other. Patience is wearing thin for most of us right now but it seems that’s all we’ve got for the time being. Argghhh!

  16. Well who would be a CEO or football club owner, especially when that club’s only asset it’s fanbase has been so dismissed & frankly mugged off by those brought into the club to bring success & fail so badly.
    Adams has challenged Sparks tonight with his comments, he thinks he is bigger than the club. So Ryan what you going to do? Adams thinks he is in charge not an immature CEO? Do nothing & you can kiss goodbye to all the hard work of building the relationship with the fans & commercial deals you have done since JR & Rahic left. 1,000s of season tickets will not be renewed, sponsors will walk next year & an already reluctant owner will have to get out his cheque just so his business can break even. More money after bad he may think?
    So the decision is Ryan Sparks bites the bullet & gets on the phone to Rupp to say he has been let down by Adams & they pay him off & start a fresh (again!) or have a further breakdown in the relationship between club & fans leading to a slow death by a thousand cuts that is Adams football!
    Oldham away can’t come soon enough.

  17. Looking at the game in isolation it was one we should’ve won; we’ve had far more chances than Harrogate, but once again haven’t taken them, and their 1st goal was an incredibly fortuitous deflection.

    Having said all that the fact remains that in the last week we’ve lost to two very poor sides in Harrogate and Crawley.

    Something has got to change though because supporters are sick and tired of the club underachieving.

    As I mentioned the other day I think we need to start appointing managers who follow the club’s tradition of trying to play good football.

    While it has been a great initiative, I think it’s also time to consider ending the cheap season tickets, as it can’t be healthy for the club, that at the end of each season if it doesn’t go exactly to plan, then there is effectively a shotgun pointed at the CEO’s head, with fans demanding the manager be sacked, or they won’t renew.

    If we then got a hardcore 7 to 8000, maybe some fans would realise we aren’t quite as bigger club as they think we are, and wouldn’t have such ridiculous expectations.

    • I agree. The fans have paid an extra 25% this season and 13k renewed.

      Sadly there are 3/4k staying away from VP. Price the tickets at £300 and maybe the club will sell 7k with 2k paying on the gate.

      This would massively lower expectation but the STs are becoming a harder sell year on year as there is no product on the pitch to sell to fans.

      The club is in a difficult position.

      • Not sure your maths holds up.

        13k at £200 each brings in more revenue than 7k at £300.

        It’s a good point though. How many of our season ticket holders are hard core (whatever that means). My suspicion is that the cheaper season tickets allows the hardcore to bring their kids / parents / siblings or friends.

        A good tactic when things are going well but more difficult in the current situation.

  18. The club is in a really tough position right now, no two ways about it. We’ve been through the hard times before though and collectively I think we, as a supporter base, have more resilience than many clubs in the football league. Over the years, we’ve all had those evenings where we think ‘enoughs enough’, ‘never again’ or ‘why do I bother?’, but we still find ourselves back the following week. What keeps us coming back isn’t the entertainment, it’s the belief.
    Adams’ style sucks all the belief and magic out of the experience. Let’s be very honest, footballers are simply contractors – many on loan or 12 month deals – paid to kick a ball around a field for 90mins and train during the week. A large number will have no affinity to the clubs they play for (and why should they?), but we as fans need to believe that they have us at heart. Adams’ seems to show football for what it is among the people involved – a cold hard business where the fans are almost secondary.
    Thinking positively though, the good times will return – we’ve all being through the peaks and troughs with City. This is just a particularly rough time, that’s all. It is now the Club’s duty to make sure we don’t go too far down this road and lose the belief entirely

  19. To the few that are still backing Adams. Even if he somehow managed to get us out of this division next season or the year after, do you really think he’s the right man to lead us in League One?
    It all went pear-shaped for him at Plymouth and the fans turned against him just like we are doing now. At least with Parky we had a manager who got us up from League two and then took us to the next level for a promotion push in League One. There is absolutely no way Derek Adams would be able to do that.
    We need someone like a Paul Cook, Lee Johnson or Grant McCann. Forget Michael Flynn.

  20. Hi, Plymouth fan in peace,

    Feel for you all, this is like déjà vu from the time at Argyle. Yes he got us promoted , but even during that it was turgid, dull football. Then he turned on our fans calling us yobs even to those travelling to games in a 600 mile round trip. He also banned the local media for daring to question his tactics. I think Adams is a short term fix manager (like the job he did with Morecambe). I suggest you get rid quick, Bradford is too good a club for him to manage you. Here’s some articles to see if any of this behaviour is familiar. Good luck to you all.

  21. Didn’t go Sat but reading between many lines, City were better than they have been.
    I’ve posted before about the need for patience ,the seasons not over till May ,but even i admit to the frustrations many feel right now. As City fans you’d think we’d be used to it by now but I think the expectations that have been put in place from the club ie promotion ,100% we’ll be there at the end etc etc only serve to highten the frustration when the team doesn’t deliver. At the Orient game we dominated large parts and we proved we can play good football at times but didn’t produce the goods. When half time came there were a few boos ,mainly from the noisy corner ,which I thought was unwarranted . When they scored it was horrendous ,sack the board ,Adams out ,yet it was Bass who failed to do his job ,not the manager. Shortly after Walker is substituted and howls of “you don’t know what your doing”
    The guy sat with me was attending his first game at the Valley and pointed out to me that Walker had been stretching his groin prior to being replaced ,which was bourne out by Adams post match .
    The point i’m making is that we are there to support the team ,i’m no fan of Threckheld but he doesn’t deserve the stick he gets from his own supporters.
    Watt is another who gets stick , yet he has the makings of a good player but he’s only a kid ,still learning , but look at the passion he displays when things come good
    I have my doubts over Adams too but we have to give him time for God’s sake ,what else do we do ,who else will come in with budget we have ,we’re struggling to get it together for a promotion push sure , but we’ve been in a darker a place and recently too. The guy sat with me couldn’t believe how bad we were at not supporting our own team ,however once the changes and formation were made the players lifted themselves and got their reward and the support them was tremendous which he acknowledged
    You can’t help being frustrated but let’s just calm down and get behind the team ,let’s not frighten the players into making mistakes
    Adams is the manager he’s more experienced than any of us ,it may not work out but we have to give him a chance.

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