The Width of a Post podcast #41: The Biannual New Manager Edition

The latest Width of a Post podcast is now available to listen to – and wow is there plenty to talk about!

Jason McKeown, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott discuss the decision to sack Derek Adams as Bradford City manager, and just where it went wrong for the Scot.

Also on this episode:

  • Who’s in the frame to be the next Bradford City manager?
  • What are the aims for the final third of the season?
  • And with plenty of debate about the ownership of Bradford City – what do we think of the way Stefan Rupp is running the club and what does he need to do to convince supporters?

You can listen below on Soundcloud and it is also on iTunes:

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  1. I’ve listened to your pod cast to day .About new managers,and would Mark Trueman be the right man.Only thing you didnt mention a strong no 2.Every good manager we’ve had had a good no 2.Thats a must for any young Manager.

    • Trueman had yet another risk free shot at been positive and went safety first again. He could not read the supporters and yet surely should have seen that playing the same way again would get the same result?

      So Trueman has already blotted his chances of getting the job imo. This is not just based on one game but the end of his tenure last time nd the fact that he has been a part of where we are this season. Negative, uninspired football.

  2. Ryan Sparks. If you’re reading this, as a life long City fan, please do not employ Steve Evans in any capacity whatsoever. He should not be allowed anywhere near our beloved club.
    Derek Adams was not the right fit for us, even if he had got us promoted, and it was the right decision to sack him.
    Similarly, Evans is not the right fit for us so do not give him a job.
    I’m looking forward to travelling to Oldham in the morning and happy to be going without Adams in charge.
    Thank you.

  3. I’m certainly in the minority but i don’t see the logic in the sacking of DA.

    Who knows what the recipe for success is?? Pep Guardiola maybe??

    The definition of success is something of a nebulous concept regardless of how you achieve it. My observation is that football clubs generally and Bradford City in particular, never attempt to answer or solve these conundrums. Perhaps they are so big and difficult that its too much like hard work to try. My sense is that that is closer to the truth than anyone is prepared to admit.

    The net result is that we are in a constant state of flux and we must accept that this is the way of things………
    ………the history of Bradford City in a nutshell.
    I find it tedious that one of the primary objections to DA is his propensity to cause perceived offence.
    That mentality is of course a cultural phenomenon these days. I do not think that the most successful managers are particularly agreeable people.

    I have never understood why under performance in a team sport is generally seen as a failing of the manager or other individual, Maybe ‘failure’ is easier to rationalise if you can blame someone??
    Correspondingly, solutions are often proposed in similarly simplistic terms……
    #Lets buy a proven goal scorer in the January window
    #Get rid of Sparks because he’s hopelessly out of his depth
    #Why doesn’t Rupp sell to WAGMI or other wealthy benefactor

    My frustration is that we have collected years of empirical data illustrating how not to achieve success. And yet each season seems destined to return to the default setting perpetuating this continuing cycle of mediocrity. Not that i’m one of those who think we’re Bradford City and we deserve better because clearly,
    we don’t. That will only ever be the case when we are better.

    Currently I am enduring…sorry…enjoying my 40th season with my beloved Super Bantams.
    I am dyed in the wool and my passion, commitment and optimism are unshakeable.
    Still hoping beyond hope that someone with those qualities plus….intelligent, imaginative and innovative, will move us forward. Not a bit forward followed by a death spiral but in a manner that honours and builds on our history.

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