The Width of a Post podcast #45: Jason pronounces Pereira correctly at the first attempt

The new Width of a Post podcast is now available!

It has been a mixed start to the 2022/23 season but there is plenty of promise. In the edition of the podcast, Jason McKeown, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott reflect on early season performances and whether the set-up of the team is proving effective.

Also in this episode:

– What’s surprised us about City’s season so far?

– Which players are impressing, and who has some work to do to convince?

– With the transfer window closed, what do we make of the club’s recruitment approach?

– And 10 years on from the famous 2012/13 season, we begin a mini series looking back on an incredible year for the club. First up, we look back on what made that group of players so special.

You can listen below on Soundcloud and it is also on iTunes

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  1. Can we draw any useful conclusions from that team ten years ago ?

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