The Width of a Post podcast #46: Tim tries to avoid Welcome to Wrexham spoilers

The new Width of a Post podcast is now available!

The 2022/23 season is shaping up very nicely for Bradford City, with the club perched fifth in the table after 24 points from 13 games. In the edition of the podcast, Jason McKeown, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott reflect on City’s strong form and ponder how far it can take them.

Also in this episode:

– What do fans like and not like about the revamped team?

– After eight months in the job, how do we measure the success of Mark Hughes so far?

– What’s the impact of the club’s decision to unveil a proposed new badge?

– And 10 years on from the famous 2012/13 season, our mini series looking back on an incredible year for Bradford City continues with reflections on Phil Parkinson.

You can listen below on Soundcloud and it is also on iTunes:

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  1. Regarding the Welcome To Wrexham program, it’s refreshing to see new owners who fulfill their promises and are sincerely interested and involved in rebuilding a club that’s been in the National League for far too long. You can’t help but be envious and wish City were in a similar situation with ownership.

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