The Width of a Post podcast #47: Watching games on BBC live text and hipster Christmas picks

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It’s been a more mixed time for Bradford City of late, with some superb away results to cheer but some less than stellar home performances undermining progress up the table. In this edition of the podcast, Jason McKeown, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott reflect on City’s strengths, weaknesses and tactical challenges.

Also in this episode:

– How is Mark Hughes performing as City manager?

– What is the minimum expectation for this season?

– Which squad players deserve more game time and who might leave in January?

– And 10 years on from the famous 2012/13 season, our mini series reflecting on an incredible year for Bradford City continues with a look back on the famous cup run.

You can listen below on Soundcloud and it is also on iTunes:

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  1. Really enjoyed this, as ever. Right to pick Chris Routis as the missing ingredient (first player I ever got a picture of, with my boyz)…..

    Matt Duke in that cup run. My middle son, 7 at the time, at that point was interested in goal keeping, enthusiastically diving on concrete in our street, inspired by Matt Duke. I told my son that in those key matches, he was as good as Casillas….then the final, when that Swansea player carelessly fell over Matt’s feet in the penalty area, and off he trudged.

    My boyz & I wrote a letter to him straight after that game, telling him that he was a hero and City wouldn’t have got to Wembley without him. Then, a couple of weeks later, totally out of the blue, a parcel arrived which contained Matt Duke’s battered goalie gloves. He’d written my boyz’ names on each one. They were quite battered, with bits missing- I told the boyz that’s where he’d saved the penalty shots.

    Our letter must have struck a chord at a dark time- and I recollect he’d had a battle with cancer a year or so before.

    We’ve been hard core Bantams ever since. The gloves still sit in trophy cabinets in their rooms. And I thanked Matt personally when he rocked up to VP on a Tuesday night years later as a goalie coach for Chesterfield.

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