The Width of a Post podcast #48: Tim actually agrees with Jason, while Alex waxes lyrical about Love Island

The new Width of a Post podcast is now available!

With Bradford City battling to stay in the promotion hunt, Jason McKeown, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott debate recent performances, the lack of goals and the tactical approach being deployed. We also talk a lot about Andy Cook!

Also in this episode:

– How is the January transfer window activity shaping up?

– Is Mark Hughes’ popularity taking a dip?

– And 10 years on from the famous 2012/13 season, our mini series reflecting on an incredible year for Bradford City continues with a look back on the memorable (or was it?) 46-game league campaign.

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  1. Entertaining podcast, as usual.
    Stats seen today for ‘Most league games lost since 2000’ (top 4 tiers in England, excluding playoffs & non-league):
    1st = Crewe Alexandra, 454 games lost
    2nd = Barnsley, 428 games lost
    3rd = Port Vale, 427 games lost
    4th = Coventry City, 414 games lost
    5th = Bradford City, 408 games lost
    More evidence that Bradford City fans are among the longest-suffering in the country?

    • It would be interesting to know how many clubs have been in the leagues all those years. Anyone know? I looked at this season’s table and so many have not.

  2. Excellent podcast highlighting what exactly is Hughes trying to achieve in strengthening midfield? Playing Smallwood and Clayton in deep midfield roles makes absolutely no sense. City have added six recruits and ignored the one primary requirement, a creative midfielder. In addition, I sense the recruitment is all about numbers rather than quality. Personally, I was expecting two new players, a replacement for Wright and a creative midfielder and neither have been achieved. Very disappointed.

  3. I just get the feeling Hughes is not sure of what formation to play, or indeed who to play in that formation.
    All a bit worrying when your 20+ games in.
    If this isnt sorted soon, then we will drift further down the table, and struggle to get into the playoffs.
    10th placed finish at best for me.

  4. Good point about the Bowyer season, 7th in league and more point that Hughes when sacked that February. There is also a very good argument that we have a much better keeper who if it wasn’t for some of his very good saves, would mean we were much further down the table.

    One thing I would point out Jason, is that when discussing Foulds loan all three of you seemed oblivious to the fact it was done so at Foulds request and made it sound like a strange club decision. I have the feeling that Hughes is not the type of manager to stand in the way of any player at a club, and he was surprised that Foulds didn’t want to stay and fight for his place.

    • Foulds was the “sitting tenant” and Ridehalgh was back in full training. I guess Matty took the view that Hughes hadn’t signed Bola for him to just train with the squad and sit in the stand on match days.

      I find Hughes less than convincing in his explanations. There’s a view you’re either “IN” or “OUT” with Hughes. If you suddenly become “OUT” because he’s signed your replacement (and there’s no other explanation for it), then I don’t blame Foulds for seeking a loan move. Foulds had become a regular and it must have been made clear that would no longer be the case, for him to even seek a move to Harrogate.

      The Cook scenario is another example of MH’s less than convincing explanations. What he’s saying just doesn’t wash.

  5. Maybe I’m wide of the mark but feels to me it’s quite clear what Hughes is building for.

    I might be mistaken but looks like building back to 4231. I understood Clayton was more ball playing (in the Watt style) than destroyer.

    Banks Walker and Chapman/Costelloe will take the role behind Cook/Derbyshire/Oliver. Just the players aren’t available right now.

    But I might be wrong!

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