Andrew Davies

The play off final preview: The third era of Bantam Progressivism, 2012-

The third era of Bantams Progressivism has seen the club recover spectacularly from years of financial problems and under-achievement, and it’s not finished just yet.


State of the (Bantams) Nation #1: The players

Bradford City have enjoyed continuity between this season and last thanks to a dressing room build on strong core values. Stuart McCall and Edin Rahic must protect them as the club moves forward.

Speaking to Phil Parkinson

WOAP Deputy Editor Katie Whyatt speaks to Phil Parkinson about his Bradford City vision, what happened with Andrew Davies – and how he pulled off the greatest FA Cup upset of all time.

The Perfect Ten

City 0 Coventry 0: An impressive home display underlines Bantams’ promotion credentials, with two previously-maligned players particularly excelling.