Rotherham United 3 Bradford City 0

Bradford City’s five-match league unbeaten run came to an abrupt end at the Don Valley Stadium this afternoon, after Rotherham United scored three goals in 11 second half minutes to record a 3-0 victory.

Charlie Taylor made his debut for the Bantams, while injuries to Simon Ramsden and Ritchie Jones saw Robbie Threlfall and Ricky Ravenhill earn recalls. The result leaves City still in 18th place – seven points above the relegation zone.

Unfortunately none of the Width of a Post writers were able to make the game, owing to different commitments. If you attended the match and would like to share your view on City’s performance, please do leave a comment below.

Normal match report service will be resumed for the Watford game on Saturday.

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  1. As I left a bitterly cold Don Valley stadium it was hard to comprehend the turnaround in performance by the players from the one displayed a few days previously. The workrate and chasing down of the opposition was non existant. The shuffled back 4 from being a tower of strength now looked decidedly shaky. Trelfall returning to left back had a mare of a game with lots of wayward hoofing of the ball. Davies & Oliver were competant but unsettled and Seip didn’t really come to terms with being on the right instaed of the left. A midfield of Syers & Ravenhill battled but were more often bypassed by a long punt upfield. Faagan was back to his usual curates egg mode. Good in parts but with no real threat in attack. Taylor showed just how much we are going to miss Compton in the next 5 weeks until we get Reid back. He saw plenty of the ball early on but never once took on and beat his man and get a cross in. This left Hanson & Wells up front trying to feed off meagre scraps of not even semi half decent balls.In fact our wingers sent in a grand total of 0 crosses into the box all afternoon.
    Somehow we just about managed to shade the first half but as the whistle blew it had the makings of a 0-0 draw written all over it.
    As the second half kicked off we contined with more of the same boring drivel but with Rotherham enjoying the better of the chances. City have a couple of half chances one each for Hanson & Wells neither of which are taken. Hannah replaced Wells at around the hour mark but with no real service to the front 2 his inclusion makes no real difference to play.
    Then around 63 minutes Johnny Mac starts his mare of an afternoon. Following a Rotherham free kick he doesn’t hold onto his catch, the Millers react quicker and it’s 1-0 down. Johhny Mac protests to the ref to no avail but wth tha action being down the other end of the pitch and add in the running track and it’s hard to see if there was an infringement on the keeper.Four minutes later and were are 2 down as Johhny Mac races from his line and brings down the onrushing Rotherham forward. Again protests from Johhny Mac to noavail, again we are too far away to make a judgement. They say bad luck comes in threes and in Johhny Macs case his third came on 75 minutes, 25+ yards out by the touchline a Rotherham player spots teh keeper off his line and sends a punt over. Johnny Mac backpedals but can only fumble the ball into his own net. A couple of minutes later and its game over as we sub Bullock for Syers & Stewart for Taylor. In the closing minutes Stewart gives us our only excitement of the game when he is unfaily pulled back for offside as he raced clear with only the keeper to beat and heading a ball against the post with the keeper beaten. From somwhere the ref found 3 minutes to add on. I have never left a match until the final whistle but was sorely tempted to do so for this match. Many don’t share my view and by the time he blew to end our agony there were fewer than 200 for the near 2000 city supporters left to clap the team off the pitch. But still “Tomorrow is another day” so it’s off to Watford at the weekend. The optimism of a City supporter knows no boundaries.

  2. Match analysis above more or less covers it.

    I parked next to a Rotherham fan and got back to the car at the same time. He said they were lucky to win and that we had played against 12. Their first goal should have been disallowed for ‘a free kick for a foul on the keeper’ and the second was ‘never a penalty in a million years’. He also added that everyone hated the ground and they couldn’t wait to leave for their new home in Rotherham town centre.

    Johnny Mac is usually a safe pair of hands so good to see that none of the crowd were ‘having a go’. Not a good game for us but it happens so we take stock and move on.

    I was disappointed to see just so many fans leaving when the 3rd goal went in. I think it’s a poor effort. We expect our players to stick at it and give their all for 90 mins so i think, as fans, we should do the same.

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