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As part of the Skipton and Craven Bantams Supporters Club meeting which is taking place next Tuesday (21 February), all Bradford City supporters are invited to submit questions to the guest speaker – Joint-Chairman Mark Lawn. These will be asked to Lawn on the evening, and both Width of a Post and the Skipton and Craven Bantams Supporters Club will report back on the answers later in the week.

Email your question to – including your full name – and it will be passed onto the organisers to be put forward on your behalf. If you’re attending the meeting, which starts at 7.15pm (and you really should go, Herriots, the venue, is excellent and the Skipton Bantams are lovely people) you can submit your question there and then.

Please note: not all questions will necessarily be asked, mainly due to time constraints but also suitability. Deadline for questions via email is 10pm Monday.

Entrance to the meeting will be £2 for members and £4 for non-members. Membership to the Skipton and Craven Bantams Supporters Club, at a cost of £5 per season, will be available on the night.

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