Telegraph & Argus reviews Paying on the Gate

Simon Parker of the Telegraph & Argus has kindly written a positive review of the new Bradford City book, ‘Paying on the Gate’, written by Width of a Post editor Jason McKeown.

“Bantams supporter Jason McKeown has given the Hornby format a Valley Parade twist with his own tale of life interwoven with an obsession with his football club. McKeown’s book “Paying on the Gate” charts his development as an individual growing up in Skipton and a fan in the stands. The highs and the lows – no guesses which side of the fence captures most of the disappointment.”

“It’s a fascinating look at life in the lower divisions; the real football world that any City fan can identify with…a refreshing antidote to the latte set of the Premier League and a reminder that following your local club can still be a joy because of that sense of belonging. Well worth a read.”Paying on the Gate

Click here to read the full review.

For more information about the book click here; a selection of feedback from readers can be found here.

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