End of season thank yous

By Jason McKeown

As this weekend marks the end of the season for Bradford City, now is the opportune moment for Width of a Post to thank some people for their help and support over the past few months. The site was launched only four-and-a-bit months ago, but we already seem to have achieved a lot.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has written an article for Width of a Post this season. It takes time to write and edit a piece; and I really appreciate everyone who has undertaken such a level of commitment to deliver top quality articles, which we have published on the site.

So thanks to Luke Lockwood, Tim Roche, Omar Eliwi, Ian Sheard, Rob Craven, David Lawrence, Alex Scott (Width of a Post will spend the summer trying to raise the capital for a transfer bid to sign Alex up from his own wonderful site!), Damien Wilkinson, Mark Scully, Gareth Walker, David Pendleton and Ron Beaumont.

I’m particularly proud of the fact that – apart from the loss to Rotherham in January, where Width of a Post was still being set up – we have published a match report of every City match since Boxing Day. That is due to the dedication of several writers giving up precious weekend time and/or working into the small hours to produce articulate match reports. Thank you to you all (and let’s do a full season in 2012/13!).

Beyond the writers, I would also like to thank people who have supported Width of a Post this season through promoting it or helping out with certain things. Mike Harrison at City Gent, Mick Shackleton at Friends of Bradford City, the Bradford City Supporters Trust, the Skipton Bantams, Dom and Tom from Bantams Banter, Guy Branston, Michelle Bolton, the lads at the Twounforunates.com (great site) and – not forgetting – my long-suffering wife Rachel (for her patience and help proof reading). It meant a lot, so thanks.

Finally, I would like to thank you – the reader – for your support. Width of a Post was set up from the ashes of BoyfromBrazil purely to give me a platform to write about the club I love. It was never about getting website hits – but nevertheless it is great to note that the site has increased considerably in popularity over this short period of time. I’m very fortunate to receive a lot of positive feedback for the site, and it is a very rewarding feeling to know that people appreciate and enjoy what we do.

So, thanks for reading – it means a lot.

(ps – please do keep reading Width of a Post during the summer too. We have a few cool things planned, and – once the Swindon game is covered – over the next fortnight we will feature an in-depth review of the season.)

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8 replies

  1. Thankyou for a great read,I look forward to more articles over the summer and next year

  2. Didn’t agree with you over the Christie lawn affair but a great read

  3. Thanks Jason and all your team. My lunchtimes were never the same after the fall of BFB. Keep up the great work and if the team on the pitch work as hard as yours then success is just around the corner. Thanks for keeping me sane and for not having to go on the OMB which only spouts rubbish.


  4. What happened to the proposed interview with AC !? I sent a few questions in and was looking forward to a good read, have I missed it !?

  5. Jason. It is us the readers who should be thanking you for filling the void left by the demise of BoyfromBrazil. You always seem to get the right balance with the articles you post.
    The closed season is always a bit of an anticlimax, so its good to hear you will be continuing with your articles to help us through the long hot summer(??)
    Looking forward to 2012/2013 season.

  6. Good to have found again – excellent articles

  7. A few good transfer rumours would be good to hear during the summer. The club are poor at giving a feel good factor, good PR was Geoffrey Richmonds strength and the current boards weakness. Good luck with the website an interesting read.

  8. Jason – I wanted to say thank you to you for your hard work on the site. I was really upset when BfB closed down as I really enjoyed the interesting and thought-provoking writing it produced. The best compliment I can pay you is that I don’t miss it anymore as WoaP (you need an acronym too !) has more than filled the gap.

    Thanks again !

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