Cup Final: Don’t look now

wembley 2013

By Ron Beaumont

Being one of those who is in possession of a nervous disposition, I have never been a fan of those films that deliberately build up tension before the inevitable shock – they are not good for my digestion or my heart! Slash horror and gore leave me cold, but I do appreciate well-crafted cinema and can put myself through the shakes when I want to and enjoy the drama of the unexpected.

It’s a good job I can overcome my trepidation, as the last two seasons have left it very late to reach an ending that allowed a sense of relief. But like fans who can’t get enough of any genre, I renew my season ticket and always want more despite the risks that I know will accompany watching Bradford City.

But this season is special. Starting with a build up that led me to expect promotion, I was drawn in by the skillful rise up the table. And then, almost without warning, the director switched tack and had me jumping and trembling as Premiership team after Premiership team fell to the unexpected underdog. Shock after shock – and I just couldn’t get enough.

But somewhere at the back of my mind was the nagging doubt that could be being lured into a false sense of security in that I was expecting the unexpected and that the real shock would come from somewhere else. League form slipped, but I let it pass. A midweek away win settled the nerves, but then last Saturday brought another defeat. Should I worry, or was it all part of a convoluted storyline to distract my attention?

Turn round and there it is, my ticket for a Wembley Cup Final involving my team. BradfordCity at Wembley. Bradford City at Wembley. Does saying it twice help when it still seems unbelievable? Yes it does!

Stop worrying, enjoy the moment. Relax. You will be shaking enough on Sunday, but you know it will be worth it whatever the result.

Checking with Width of a Post to allay my fears, I found that the promised joy of my Wembley trip was causing concern among the “must get promotion this season” support. Promotion? Had I forgotten all about this important strand of the plot? Was Wembley really a destructive distraction? How could I have missed the signs? Looking round again the ticket was still there but so too was the League Two table, and that didn’t make me feel good at all.

Now I was confused. Other people’s panic started to creep into my spine. Where to look next? Hang on to the certainties. Relive the past. Villa are beaten. Don’t try to predict the future. Grab hold of the ticket!

As the heartbeat slowed and the shakes subsided, the ticket remained real – this was what would keep me sane. The league table had today’s date not one in May. Things could and would change. Don’t look now!

But then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a small figure in red, or was it my imagination?

Cup Final: Width of a Post build-up

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