This is the stuff of dreams!


By Jess Softley

Historically, when the media descends on Bradford, it is usually something negative such as the Bradford riots or racial tensions. However, over this season the nation’s media have become increasingly focused upon the City’s “David and Goliath” sporting achievements, culminating in a foray of TV and newspaper reporters encamped outside Valley Parade as the team prepare for their Wembley Cup Final performance.

As part of the build-up to Wembley, BBC Radio 5 Live organised an event at Valley Parade to do their Bradford City live radio special, and in a room of 300 die-hard City supporters, they certainly put on a good show. For many of the older generation fans, the return of legends Paul Jewell and Jamie Lawrence, rekindled the memory of City’s glory days, and served to heighten the belief that maybe; just maybe, this will be our day on Sunday.

Phil Parkinson reassured supporters “were enjoying every minute of it so far and were going to continue to do so”. Despite beating three Premier League teams, many fans would have said they’d be satisfied enough to be playing in the Cup Final let alone winning it, but as the day gets closer the belief that they can actually lift the Cup gets stronger and stronger.

With such a solid squad Parkinson is confident that with hard work, team spirit and a little of lady luck, Bradford will certainly give Swansea a run for their money. “It’s my job to get the lads in the right frame of mind and produce the best performance,” Parkinson said.

After a rousing speech by Brain Noble, you could really feel the emotion of each devoted fan in the room as his closing line brought chills to Bradford fans across the nation “you can’t have it till you earn it. So go out and earn it boys!”

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