Back to Wembley: Play off final song two – Please Mr Parkinson

By Jason McKeown

The second of Width of a Post’s series looking at fans play off final songs features an outstanding song by Mark Heslop, a.k.a. ‘The Hezzmeister’ – Please Mr Parkinson.

Mark told Width of a Post about the creation and reaction to his song:

“After writing the Cap One Story song for the League Cup final, I wondered, if we were to make the play off final, whether I’d do another song. I suppose there were so many ifs, buts and maybes. In the end the answer is yes!

“After we were confirmed into the play off semi finals, I had a sit down and a think if we were to make it, what I’d do. I felt parts of my last song still had some legs but I wanted to write something new and original. I still wanted to show gratitude to Phil Parkinson. He’s done an amazing job and I think his team has brought a new optimism to Bradford City.

“I wanted the song to be amusing and very Bradford City, including people who support and work in or with the club. I thought wouldn’t it be funny and cheeky, if we asked if we could all go back to PP’s house for tea after the play off final! You know like a Bradford City family party if you like. I mean can you imagine it? Mark Lawn falling asleep on the couch, Mike Harrison selling the City Gent on PP’s drive, Paul Hudson harping on about the weather? I only wish I could have included more people to be honest!

“The thing was though, I didn’t want to curse anything, so it wasn’t until after the Burton second leg that I ploughed into the lyrics. I was on holiday last week without my guitar, so I couldn’t start with any music until Wednesday night. I worked out a rough plan and on Thursday I started doing some recording. After a late finish on Thursday I was still unsure whether I’d actually release the song. I still had lots more work to do. I listened to the song through Friday and it actually really grew on me.

“So Friday night after cleaning the house with Mrs H, I started recording again at 10.00pm. I worked into the early hours of Saturday morning and did a bit on the video too. I managed to finish the video Saturday afternoon and bingo!

“I’ve been amazed with the response and I have had some really good feedback, so thank you Bradford City family, I really appreciate it!”

The song is available as a free MP3 download from Soundcloud here

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