Wembley song number three: Cap One Story

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By Jason McKeown

Bradford City’s appearance at Wembley could merit a special episode of Top of the Pops at this rate. Hot on the heels of “​There’s no one as Wembley as Bradford City” (Corrigan Brothers) and “The Spirit of Bradford City” (Simon Crabtree), City supporter Mark Heslop has recorded his own Bantams cup final song “Cap One Story”.

Mark (who calls himself ‘The Ginger Bantam’) kindly told Width of a Post how his fantastic effort came about:

“I decided to write a song for City the Wednesday night after the Villa game. I was still on cloud nine and I was having a few beers watching the Swansea v Chelsea game, with avid interest.

“I wanted the song to be witty, amusing and very typically Bradford. I didn’t want it to cause offence. Just a song that can be embraced by football fans of all clubs but at the same time congratulating Phil Parkinson and the team.

“I started playing a few chords and writing some lyrics down. I started with the Jimmy Hanson Co-Op theme and then of course the Swansea ball boy incident occurred during the match and it gradually gained momentum. I actually started to feel quite guilty about homing in on Paul Lambert though. Especially when they lost at Millwall and then Newcastle at home. However I’m sure a ginger haired musician is the least of his worries at the moment.

“Over the weekend I needed a hook and when I went out running and whoa, whoa, whoa Phil Parkinson came into my head. I couldn’t stop singing it. I weaved it into the verses and then bingo the song was complete. I then recorded all the various parts guitar first, violin, shaker and then added some banjo sounds. I released it last week on Soundcloud and it has had around 500 plays, although I think 400 of them being my Dad. I then released the song behind a video onto YouTube and that took me a few days to put together.

“The video really enhances the wit in the lyrics and in my opinion adds substance to the project. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I have had some really positive feedback and I’m delighted with the project. The song is meant to provide amusement and at the same time celebrate Phil Parkinson and Bradford City’s remarkable achievement.

“I mean “It’s certainly been a while since I saw a City Gent with a smile”.”

Download: https://soundcloud.com/ginger-bantam/cap-one-story

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  1. This had me smiling all the way through. A cracking song with lots of humour. Lets hope the city gent keeps on smiling.

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