We’ve come a long way…


By Jonathon Ellerton

In recent weeks, the complaints surrounding this Bradford City side have got to a ridiculous point (the performance at Rotherham was poor, I admit that), and I think it needs to be remembered just where we were 18 months ago.

We very nearly went out of the league and may have had no football club. We all know what has happened since then; it does not need to be gone over again. Now the team is sat eighth in the league above, I would say this is a dream come true after the last few years.

The problem this team now faces is that, because they made such a good start, people expect these standards to be kept up. This was never ever going to happen, and in all fairness there is no shame in a dip in form. Some people need a reality check; this is not a time to rip this team apart, let’s back it. Let’s keep the spirit that saw us through the past 18 months.

I just hope the team spirit remains untroubled and we supporters keep patient, backing the team till the death. This season is about staying up, not going up – we are not ready to go up at all, we would get torn apart in the Championship. A top 10 finish would be an awesome return for this year.

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  1. So much said in such few words. So much common sense.Patience is very short in todays’ ” I want it and I want it now” world. People also follow the safe route of saying the same things and acting the same so they don’t stand out from the crowd, hence the lack of characters. Personally I am happy with how the season has gone. Consolidation and transition are the priorities. The away form is the big plus. I think Nakhi will go next month, good luck to the lad. Now that Hanson has signed get Darby tied down. I think summer 2014 will be akin to 2012 with a big overhaul. All the best for the festive season to all at WOTP and readers. Keep up the standard.

  2. Great article – agree completely. The performances haven’t been great recently but it’s surprised me at how quickly the positivity from last year has evaporated. It was never going to be easy but we just need to be vocal in our (positive) support.

  3. I too have been impressed with our progress, and I feel that the vast majority of supporters share that view. The negativity seems be a case of “empty vessels making most noise”, and some of the criticism has been illogical. We have enjoyed some good performances, hopefully with more to come, from a side that frequently shows great character. Realism required, and as has been pointed out recollection of our recent history.

  4. cheers guys also iv just tought which other team could do without there best defender and striker for 2 months and a month

  5. What people tend to forget was that we had some poor performances and poor results last year too. We tend to look on the 2012 / 2013 season with rose tinted specs on; and why not, it was superb.

    The reality of the situation is that we went up last year with the lowest points total for some time and edged into the playoffs thanks to a disastrous run by Exeter. I point this out not to be critical of the team or to down play last year but to merely illustrate what a brilliant half a season we’ve had in league one. Of course the team will need tweaking and it’s going to be a tough second half to the season but I think we have every reason to be confident going forward.

    One last thing. We have to be ‘team of the year’ in sports personality of the year. We’re nailed on. Anything else would be a travesty…….

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