About our new summer series: ‘A potted history of Bradford City’

Premiership days 1

By Jason McKeown

The history of Bradford City Football Club continues to be extremely well documented by other supporter organisations and websites. But beyond the more obvious highs and lows of the 111 years that the club has existed, there are numerous less celebrated or rarely recalled moments.

Over the summer months, Width of a Post will look back on some of these less obvious stories, as part of a series of articles that will appear every so often. They will include memorable occasions, matches, players, managers and media fallouts. It is a chance to re-live a few tales that have been partly forgotten.

You will have to bear with the Width of a Post writing team in the sense that the articles will be slanted towards the modern era – we are fairly young, and are writing about what we know about. That said, if you have an idea for something we should cover, or would even like to contribute something yourself, please do get in touch. Email: widthofapost@gmail.com

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