Bradford City complete Morais signing

By Gareth Walker

Filipe Morais today became Bradford City’s ninth signing of the transfer window.

The Portuguese winger has signed a short-term deal, the full length of which has not yet been revealed, following him leaving Stevenage at the end of last season.

Initially brought to England by Jose Mourinho in 2003, he went into the Chelsea Youth system. But after being unable to make the break through at Stamford Bridge went out on loan to MK Dons, before signing permanently with Millwall for the 2006/07 season.

Spells in Scotland followed; firstly with St Johnstone on loan, and then with Hibernian and Inverness Caledonian Thistle. He then rejoined St Johnstone on a permanent basis.

Morais made the return to England in 2010 and has spent two seasons each at both Oldham and Stevanage, making over 50 appearances for both sides.

The signing of a much-needed winger will be a tonic for Phil Parkinson, but the nature of the undisclosed short term deal will do little to ease the concerns of supporters, whose fears about the lack of squad depth and budget issues at the club were already heightened earlier this week following the signings of three players on non-contract terms.

Whether the current nature of these signings is down to Parkinson having overspent, or the board not releasing the expected funds at this stage, remains unclear.

However, it is to be hoped that the release of cash the that Parkinson mentioned in his Radio Leeds season preview last night comes to fruition sooner rather than later, so that we can sign some of these players on longer term deals or so that the previously promised capture of some “stellar” loan targets can come to fruition.

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  1. Hi – Could it be simply that the board don’t want Parkinson to make the same mistakes as last season (i.e. bring in over-paid under achievers) and therefore anyone not in the first XI are being brought in on a “try before you buy” basis? There are loads of footballers out of work, so it’s only right we take our time (by whichever means necessary) to get the right players into the club.

    • Possible David but let’s look at this properly.
      £500,000 decrease in spending power for Phil Parkinson, very difficult too slash that instantly & bring in the same quality of squad depth needed to compete at this level.
      Over weeks I’ve seen PP in T&A saying we need more bodies in squad, definitely tactic to put board under pressure.
      These non-contract player’s coming in concern me. It’s showing me we’ve spent most of the playing budget on 14 player’s?.
      Are cracks beginning to appear between PP & Board? . For me interview done on local radio was fairly negative from PP. PP mentioned possible finance coming into the club? Where’s this financial windfall coming from?

  2. The financial windfall will be from Tom Cleverley’s proposed move to Everton. Rumoured to be 7-10m, with city receiving 10% sell on fee.

    • I was wondering if rather than gambling on making the statement about more funds coming in based on a possible sale of a former player that may not move, if he was basing it on something a little more concrete?
      I wonder if the fee of 1.2 million Plus add ons we that apparently sold Wells for maybe something to do with this? Maybe he is due to hit so many first team apperences shortly triggering a clause to release some funds to Bradford? Or close to hitting so many goals possibly releasing some more funds to Bradford? What do you think? It’s possible right?

  3. I think this needs questioning a touch further. At the end of June the fans were told not to panic by Parky but also Mark Lawn – good signings or loans would be on the way and seasons start still a long way off. But since signing Billy Clarke at the end of June, the only players to join the club our non or short contract players and I would ask the question if any of these are actually the signings ML was referring to. The new season starts tomorrow and PP’s pre-season article, which would usually be ‘excited’ and ‘looking forward to it’ etc etc, is to state we are far from ready in terms of depth and options.

    Any windfall from a Tom Cleverley move would NOT have been known about when ML made his comments at the end of June so somewhere along the line there has been a breakdown either in terms of the money available and success in the players we were/are after.

    We may still achieve some of these goals before the transfer deadline but I just have slight worries about what is going on, enhanced somewhat that since ML’s bold statement at the end of June he has been surprisingly quiet – I promise this is not a dig at ML or anyone at the club but just that things don’t seem to have gone as we planned.

    Good luck tomorrow City, hope we can get off to a positive start.

  4. There is still a major concern for me that despite having as strong a back four in the division we have a youth loan in goal and also no fire power – I cant see any of the current squad scoring more than 10 goals this season – we have not addressed the issue of lack of pace since Nakhi Wells left. Whilst we have changed the formation and style of play for the forth coming season I am worried that with the lack of depth in the squad and shortage of wide players it does not allow for a plan B and we could soon get sussed out again. Even more important that Davies remains injury free as keeping clean sheets and nicking goals could be key.

    • There is no doubt that goals are the concern on the eve of the season. We have a very solid back four and although Jordan Pickford is an unknown quantity, he is very highly rated and did well at Carlisle last season.

      In pre-season we have seen some good football from the new-look City side but a limited number of goalscoring chances created. In particular, James Hanson has had very little service in the games I have seen. It will be very interesting to see how the diamond fares.

  5. It’s a long time since I felt this nervous before the big kick off. You get the sense that a good start to the season will be key to give everyone confidence that the new recruits and system will do the business. Unfortunately I won’t be there tomorrow but I’ll have everything crossed!!

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