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By Andrew Baxter On Sunday, Bradford City’s FA Cup game with non-league Dartford was featured on BBC’s Final Score, along with the other Sunday FA Cup ties, and it made for an interesting way of following City. A move to university in Stirling makes attendance at Valley Parade a more sporadic occasion nowadays, and usually I follow City’s games via the medium of Bantams Player, which is a useful resource, if a little bit expensive. However, with City being featured on Final Score, I took the opportunity to follow this particular game on there. Whilst the BBC’s coverage didn’t have the play-by-play running commentary that can be found on the Pulse and on Bantams Player, it provided clips of key highlights and goals, along with some good analysis from Jason Roberts and Kevin Kilbane. Both studio pundits commented on Jon Stead’s ability on the ball, and Kilbane went on to say that the Bantams “could push for promotion”. The clips that were shown covered the most important events of the game, almost as they happened, with the first goal in particular being shown just a few seconds after news of it had appeared on the videprinter at the bottom of the screen. The BBC’s coverage of the game, whilst they went across to the commentator covering City’s game, was very impressive; showing live footage of the game as the BBC’s reporter summarised it. Whilst nothing of note happened during these sections of live action, it was a more in-depth and more focused update than the kind usually seen on programmes such as Soccer Saturday. Following the game using the “#bcafc” hashtag on Twitter was also a unique way of keeping tabs on the game as it unfolded. A blend of tweets on there, from a variety of users, provided updates on the game but from a range of different perspectives. A combination of Twitter and Final Score meant that I was able to keep up with the game, and whilst it didn’t have the fluidity of a radio stream, the live footage of the match, along with clips of the goals almost immediately after they went in, made for a unique way in following the Bantams.

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  1. I’m in Estonia and also follow the games on Bantams Player, and also due to our decent form in cups, on SKY TV. I tuned into Football Focus, and it took me back to the old days of watching the FA Cup highlights with anticipation of our game being featured as a “highlights game”, but often with the realisation that it was only going to be the goals (but I still got a thrill of seeing our badge being shown on BBC as part of the 15 second feature). And so it was on Sunday.

    I guess we’re spoilt now in the high tech world of the internet and cable tv, and demand full extended highlights of all games. I still remember the rush I used to get of watching the teletext pages click over and seeing Duxbury had scored in the 62 minute (and the dread of watching the pages quickly reset in the 92nd minute).

    These days, sofa score keeps me up to date with most of the match information, but I still get a pang of envy seeing that the Premiership clubs get instant video of goals as soon as they’ve scored them!

  2. James, this piece by John Hartson appeared today on the BBC site about Andy Carol and I thought it could have been written for James Hanson. There is some very astute advice in there that our coaching staff could use too. What do you think?

  3. Apologies for mis naming you!

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