End of season thank yous


By Jason McKeown

At the end of another busy season, now is an opportune moment to say a few thank yous to people who have contributed to Width of a Post or supported the site over the course of the season.

First of all, a huge thanks to Thomas Gadd who has very kindly allowed us to use his photos throughout the season. I’ve never met Thomas, but he comes across as one of the nicest people around and I feel it has made a big difference to have our words supported by his images. You’re a top man!

Within the WOAP writing team, I’d first like to thank Katie Whyatt and Alex Scott who have over the season firmly become the site’s senior writing staff. Katie even managed the site on her own for a fortnight at the start of the season, whilst I was away in the USA. Katie and Alex are very popular amongst readers and rightly so. May I publically wish Katie good luck in her exams over the next few weeks – you’ll nail them!

Other writers who I am especially indebted to include Gareth Walker, Damien Wilkinson, Nick Beanland, Mahesh Johal, Phil Abbott and Andrew Baxter – writers and pundits over the course of the season.

Kieran Wilkinson and Mark Danylczuk has been absolute heroes picking up away match reports and helping to ensure that we managed to cover all 58 league and cup matches (and pre-season friendlies). Mike Holdsworth’s photos have also gone down a treat.

I’m really proud that we have covered every single Bradford City game (league, cup and friendly) since 3 January 2012 – that’s 212 in a row! I have become a less frequent attender of away games (just eight this season), so I’m indebted to those who have put themselves forward to cover these games.

There are other writers who have contributed over the course of the season too – thanks to all of them. Let me just single out James Pieslak, who started contributing mid-season and has produced some amazing stuff. Keep them coming, James!

Behind the scenes, John Dewhirst has been an increasingly valuable support and a great person to run ideas and draft articles by. If you haven’t yet bought his Objects book do so over the summer – it’s brilliant.

Also behind the scenes, thanks to those people who provide us with gossip and inside info – you know who you are! Not everything we heard has made it into the public eye yet at least, but we do like to be in the know – so keep the goss coming!

Finally, and most importantly, thank you to you valued reader. WOAP’s popularity has continued to grow and we have had a brilliant five months for readership figures. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read our stuff. You may not always agree with us, but I’d like to think we provide constructive arguments at all times.

Once the Crewe game is done and dusted, we will countdown our top five players of the season and build up to the thirtieth anniversary of May 11, 1985. After this important event, I plan to update you on the future direction of WOAP.


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  1. Thank you Jason, another terrific season from Width of the Post – some real quality punditry from all the writers & a life line to the expats around the World. Looking forward to a possible promotion push next season?

  2. Excellent website and I think the writers are fair and balanced. Criticism is a necessity but it needs to be well-considered and you guys handle it in the right way. As an expat, the articles help fill in the gaps of my knowledge of current events and performances. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks to you too mate. You do an invaluable job not only in keeping people upto date with the latest going on but also in providing people like myself a platform to express our claret and amber thoughts and experiences.
    Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated.

  4. A huge thanks to Jason, Katie and Alex – and the impressive list of contributors – for keeping us ‘in the loop’ this season. High quality reporting and analysis are the hallmark of WOAP. We need to do all we can to guarantee the future of the site for all those expats and UK exiles – ones like me, in the wrong part of Yorkshire! – who depend on their regular fix of what’s going own at Valley Parade. Keep up the good work, Jason.

  5. Yep – can’t really add any more to the above but just wanted to add my thanks. It’s a proper website this and continues the excellent tradition of published opinion and comment on Bradford City. We take it all for granted sometimes and we forget that behind these ventures lies a lot of hard work by dedicated individuals.

    Looking forward to next season already and really hope WOAP will be supplying the soundtrack it it!

  6. Thank you for woap new articles always make my day. If tomorrow is the end for jr and ml then thank you for looking after our club. Thanks to pp and boys for the season and mostly thank you for Chelsea.

  7. Keep WOAP going Jason. Best source by far for match reports and inside club happenings etc. Thanks to all contributors.

  8. Excellent web site. Big commitment jason when you week full time and have young family. You have a good support team working with you and I enjoy reading the match reports and well written & researched articles. Keep up the good work.

  9. Thank you Jason and to all of the other people who have written articles for WOAP this season. I appreciate the time pressures that you face juggling work, home life with a young child and keeping WOAP going. I was an active Board member for the Bradford City Supporters’ Trust for a few years, which I enjoyed, but I reluctantly stepped down, due to time pressures. If you are going to take a bit of a back seat, I hope that WOAP still continues because I believe that the next few months are going to be eventful at Valley Parade.

  10. Just like to say a huge and wholehearted thank you for all of you’re efforts.
    Despite the Internet you’re match reports and articles present a unique slant on all things bcfc. I especially appreciate the unbiased but supporter-oriented match reports. Opinions not readily available in the mainline press
    Here in Canada it’s not always easy to get quality info. You all provide that.
    A big ‘thank you’ and keep it up!

  11. I just wanted to add my own thanks. WOAP is my go to site for both news and opinion and I the quality of the writing surpasses virtually everything else available – including all the professional writers. I know how much time this must take for everyone involved – please know how much it is appreciate by those of us who do the reading !

  12. Thanks all…..best Bradford City website by a country mile

  13. Thanks from Australia, look at this site almost daily hoping for a new article! Long may it continue

  14. I must thank all concerned for an excellent website and many thought provoking articles, including this one.

    I do however feel that the rating for the overall season is collectively low.
    Bearing in mind the achievements in improving our league position year on year, coupled with unforgettable cup heroics, in my opinion this season must rank at least as an eight.
    We all know we haven’t been as good at home as we needed to be,and that we were starting with a weakened budget.
    Nonetheless the role Mr Parkinson has played once again has been immense. I know that we all question some of his tactics and decisions from time to time, but overall he has achieved more than any manager for a long, long time.

    So apart from missing out on the playoffs this has been as good a season as any including the history makers year and in that light, I will hope for more of the same anytime…

  15. Thanks Jason & team, another brilliant year of WOAP

  16. Thanks to all at WOAP. It’s part of my weekend. That says it all really.

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