James Hanson set to remain at Bradford City

Image by Thomas Gadd (thomasgadd.co.uk)

Image by Thomas Gadd (thomasgadd.co.uk)

By Jason McKeown

Width of a Post understands that James Hanson is to remain a Bradford City player, despite strong interest from Millwall.

The transfer saga has hotted up over recent days, with the local press in London claiming that a fee had been agreed and that the player himself was keen to join the Lions. However, Phil Parkinson – who has just returned from holiday – sees Hanson as a big part of his plans for next season, and we understand that he is unwilling to let the striker leave.

Hanson’s story from shelf-stacker in the local Co-op to Wembley hero is well documented but yet still so compelling. There are few Bradfordonians who have enjoyed such an amazing sporting rise, and his strong local roots should make him an inspiration to generations of younger supporters and footballers. Here was a man who was seemingly destined not to make it. Rejected by both Huddersfield Town and City, and reduced to playing part-time football, Hanson never gave up, and eventually proved his worth.

Everything that James Hanson has achieved, he has had to work so hard for it. He was not schooled through a centre of excellence. He kept going with football when many peers of his age would have given up on it as a career. And he was rewarded for doing so. His achievements at City are colossal given his humble origins. And though there will always be supporters who dismiss his ability, James Hanson is loved by the majority of City fans.

And it seems as though we will continue to love him next season.


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  1. If true and I don’t for one minute doubt you guys, that is brilliant news, to me Hanson personifies what a city fan wants in a player, hard working, no little skill, and he’s one of us!

  2. Very pleased if Hanson stays. New reports tonight of a third Millwall bid for him. I hope it is rebuffed and quickly. I can’t stand much more of this!

    • That 3rd offer was made last Friday (it’s only now that some sites are reporting it). Don’t worry…. unless, of course, a 4th bid is made, LOL

  3. It’s a good job James hasn’t got the same agent as Wells!

    The grass is rarely greener as we have seen many times and I do hope the big fella stays where he is wanted and loved by the fans.

  4. Really hope this is the case (I know you wouldn’t write something just on the off chance) and it can now be settled. I would be very disappointed if Hanson left, as his rise has coincided with the success of recent seasons and I do not believe that he has reached the peak of his powers just yet.

  5. Was it ever in question Michael? Was he ever considering leaving as some southern papers claimed?

  6. Don’t we all Michael, shame the board maybe didn’t think the same and tried to make him look the bad guy in this fiasco.

  7. Brilliant news..good on u big fella.

  8. Excellent news, he would have been a big, big loss, onwards and upwards now.

  9. Best news there could be.

  10. Excellent best news to come out of City for weeks

  11. Glad that’s been put to bed.he is NOT going eny where.

  12. It’s often said that you don’t know that you’re missing until they’ve gone – and lots of City fans have had this episode to realise how much James Hanson is valued. In the past, particularly his 2nd/3rd years as a pro, he was criticised. James has answered his critics by working hard. Never complaining. Solid pro’s like this hark back to pre Sky days, when clubs had 10 year pro’s and a testimonial. James Hanson goes hand in hand with the revitalisation of Bradford City and this generation will be talking about him and goals -v- Villa and Leeds for decades to come. Best news of the summer if he stays.

  13. #wheretheheartis, I couldn’t agree more Michael, i’m very much a family man, the chance to play for the club & the people you love must be the most incredible feeling of pride & you’ve all had some massive highs in recent years!
    Unfortunately i can only imagine how amazing that must be & i couldn’t begin to think of how hard it would be tearing myself away from that but James has a massive chance to really set himself & his family up & build for a future at a perfect age in footballing terms, these chances won’t always crop up?
    Millwall has held an unwanted reputation for many years that they cannot shake, but it’s a real family orientated club with a very passionate support, James is the type of player that would be loved at the Den where there is surprisingly such an incredible amount of excitement for the coming season, even though they have just been relegated after a good few years of frustrating under achievement?
    Something is being built for future success with a young promising squad & he would have a big opportunity to be a massive part of that! They need the sort of leadership & experience that he could offer?
    So should he think of his families future & take the money, set them up for a better life? Or look to achieving potential success where the heart is?
    I’m sure the heart will always be there but will this kind of offer?

    • Are you sure your not Neil Harris?

    • I’ve heard The Den is now a soulless ground and doesn’t have much atmosphere. So compared to a bouncing Valley Parade crowd which is very patient; that is one reason to persuade him to stay. We’re also on an upward curve and Millwall are quite the opposite and are going to find it hard to bounce straight back up to the championship. You only have to look at Sheff United, Barnsley and Peterborough in recent years. It took Bristol City two seasons and Preston years. He also has (probably) the best manager in the division to work for.

  14. I really do hope this is true and the speculation can now be laid to rest. Simon Parker column in the T and A still even today is using phrases such as “proposed transfer to Millwall” and “on hold until City can secure a replacement..”.
    PP has said he wishes to build on a good squad not dismantle it (without directly referring to JH) but it would be really great if someone in authority at the club would make a definitive statement that there will be no deal. I don’t think it is for James himself to get involved in the naysaying, and indeed it may well be or have been very unsettling for him to be reading all of this.

    • That is the problem Ken, it would appear someone high up at the club IS happy to sell James – we now know this is highly unlikely to be Parky.

      • very strange messages
        1. Chairman states Millwall haven’t matched our valuation
        2. Manager states No player leaving were squad building
        3. T&A states Not till replacement is found will James leave?
        4. Width Of A Post State James Staying?

        Now forgive me if I’m little off the mark here!
        What Is Going On!!

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