Time for Edin Rahic and Stefan Rupp to demonstrate their ability to live up to their words

Image by Thomas Gadd (copyright Bradford City)

Image by Thomas Gadd (copyright Bradford City)

By Jason McKeown

“There is money available if we are in a good position…We don’t want to be under pressure to sign someone because of (lack of) time.” These words, uttered by Edin Rahic 11 weeks ago, form a strong basis on which to judge the final week of the transfer window. They were a bold statement of intent about the joint-chairman’s vision for Bradford City. And the opportunity within the club’s grasp this season.

His business partner was equally striking. Stefan Rupp stated two weeks ago, “We are now on the edge. If we don’t reinforce, we could easily be in 12th place in two months’ time…What we are all urged to do at the moment is use the momentum. I think we will never be that close to being promoted, from an overall setting, than this year.”

Actions speak louder than words. And at what are still relatively early days in their tenure as owners, Edin Rahic and Stefan Rupp face one of their biggest tests. A month on from receiving a wonderful reception from City supporters as they paraded around Valley Parade pitch before the Boxing Day clash with Scunthorpe United, they need to prove they have the resources to support their grand vision.

The actions of this week – of selling the club’s longest serving player, James Hanson – have in the very short-term weakened the team. Moving on Hanson was far from planned, given Sheffield United’s transfer offer came out of the blue. But with no replacement immediately lined up, it represents a huge gamble. It risks stalling the momentum that Rupp rightfully cited.

“There is money available if we are in a good position.” City are 5th in the league and with a fantastic chance of reaching the play offs – the very definition of a good position.

The lack of goals remains a huge issue. No club in the top half of League One has scored fewer than City’s 34. Alex Jones is a promising signing who, when settled in, could help to address the problem. But after already letting go of Haris Vuckic, Marc McNulty and Vincent Rabiega, Hanson’s exit leaves City lacking in forward options.

Besides the tentative Jones, Stuart McCall can only call on Billy Clarke – who has just returned from a lengthy lay off – and on-loan Huddersfield man Jordy Hiwula as recognised senior strikers on the books. Mark Marshall proved on Saturday he can do a job up front, but is unlikely to score a hatful. Reece Webb-Foster is not yet ready for the pressures of leading the line.

Before Hanson’s departure, McCall was arguing that City need to sign another striker. So now they need to bring in two in the space of a few days. And one of them, at least, should be a statement of intent. A player who can genuinely hit the ground running, and make an immediate difference.

The Hanson transfer windfall should surely be used to strengthen the war chest. Expectations should be tempered – no one should be demanding City splash out £500,000 to £1 million on a player. But bringing in unknown players from the German lower leagues, or a loanee from a Championship club, would seem underwhelming. The January window offers limited options, but sanctioning the sale of Hanson means there can be no excuses.

If the season was to go backwards from here because of a failure to sign a striker, criticism will rightly be aired towards Rahic and Rupp. If City miss out on finishing in the play offs from this strong position, because of a lack of firepower, faith towards the owners’ ability to get City into the Championship and beyond will be weakened.

Go back to last summer, and a promotion push was hoped for but not expected. The first half of the season has caused expectations to climb. The excellent football produced by the team has eased misgivings some supporters held towards re-appointing Stuart McCall as manager. The strong performances from the new recruits helped us to buy into the new transfer committee approach. Promotion this season isn’t the be all and end all, but the comments from Rahic and Rupp upped the ante.

January is supposed to be the window of opportunity to build on all that has been good about Bradford City, and to address areas where improvement is needed. It isn’t supposed to be about becoming weaker, cost cutting or cashing in. Fail to replace Hanson and to improve the forward line, and the owners will stand accused of just that.

For the moment it is wise for us all to reserve judgement. Until that window slams shut, we can’t begin to assess whether Bradford City are in a stronger or inferior position than how they started this month. But make no mistake, selling Hanson has raised the stakes and shone the spotlight on the owners.

Rahic and Rupp’s words have been fantastic to date. Their ambitions and vision for the club are absolutely the ones that we can buy into. They have embraced the culture of what Bradford City is all about. Their values mirror our own. Rahic’s commitment in moving his family to England, and his obvious passion for the role, are hugely commendable. This feels like it should be a very exciting journey.

But this is a key moment, one where there they have to demonstrate they deserve our trust in their abilities. We watch on closely with keen interest, anxiously hoping they can prove themselves over these next few days.

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  1. Great article I have been taken in by their words and vision for the club, despite thinking McCall was a bad appointment we had a great start to the season. The management team explained that the first transfer window was rushed but all future ones we would have targets lined up and business completed early doors. They kept to their words by retaining Cullen and brought two Alex’s in, but have failed to get the much needed second striker. We now need two strikers and some investment, from the start we had we should be in the top three not about to roll over and give our play off spot away.
    I am hoping that the clear out of the under performing strike force in January is going to be as success as swapping Cullen for liddle was last January but the striker we have brought in might be an investment for the future but he is not ready to lead the line. I feel that he was brought in to compete with James as a target man (from bits I have heard and read) but after watching him his best bet would have had him partnering James. In addition to our urgent need to get new players in, I think cracks are starting to show between McCall and the management team – his interviews do not demonstrate solidarity and our overall form since November has not been what is required to get us promoted. Let’s hope we are going to bring the players in that McCall believes he can work with and find a winning solution and not be forced upon him. So in summary the owners have reeled me in, I am concerned about the relationship of the management team, I am concerned about our form, the owners need to act and support the manager to enable him to turn our decent performances into a much needed winning run to get promoted.

  2. If any cracks are appearing its McCall who must shoulder some of the blame. He knew what the management structure was when he was appointed. If he didn’t ask then he was naive. His big pal Greg Abbott was brought in to do the transfer dirty work so he could concentrate on coaching the team. Rahic always said he would be involved so its no shock. He has been given all he wanted both in the loan & transfer market. Its his one dimensional tactics that are getting found out since November. We play far too many sideways passes allowing defences time to reorganise and cut down space. We don’t play to the strengths of our strikers at all. The amount of intelligent runs the likes of Hiwula & McNulty made into the channels only to see the ball go sideways again was totally frustrating to see especially for the player concerned. They both have pace but we don’t use it to exploit space on the pitch.
    I’ll probably get slaughtered for criticising Stuart but he has to take some of the blame. Finally, after the summer i don’t think fans had huge expectations and the new owners did say it was a long term project so maybe we are ahead of schedule in being placed where we are only 1 goal less than Bolton by the way who are also up there with us!

    • Ian, I think you are spot on with the comment on overplaying things. The look on Jones’ face was of real frustration as he made intelligent runs, only to receive no service. Hiwula repeatedly coming deep to try and get on the ball. At the season’s start we had players getting on the ball and heading for the box, result: penalties , free kicks and goals.

    • Losing the Billy Clarke for 10 weeks didn’t help and with him back I’m hoping we can kick on. His ability to find the telling passes and relationship with Alex Jones plus maybe the new striker, will be key in determining where we end up at the end of the season.

      All being said I think the new owners have the best of intentions. They know we can be the next Burnley, who recently were classed as one of most profitable clubs in Europe based upon the last couple of years. I’m sure the owners would want City to be in a similar position, but it ain’t going to happen overnight.

      So on that note I’m not going to spit out my dummy if we don’t get the striker we need this Jan. I sense the owner are a smart pair and will do right by us. We’ve just got to hang in for the ride!

    • I 100% agree on the tactics comment.

      This has been blindingly obvious since the Northampton game and I’ve been banging on about it ever since.
      We play some great football but our only method of trying to score seems to be getting it wide and crossing it in. That’s all we ever want to do. I’m infuriated that we’ve stopped mixing it up as much like we were at the start of the season.
      We will certainly need to change if we don’t sign another “big” striker.

      • Spot on Harry. I think our start to this season exceeded both our new owners and fans expectations. As a result, a sense of panic and bewilderment has affected some fans this transfer window. SUFCs purchase of Hanson reflects the nerves are creeping in at the Blades too. Last nights result leaves them with only 1 point. out of their last 3 league games.
        I’m sure our esteemed owners weren’t planning on JH going at this point in the season. But a good offer was made that was too good to turn down. Even if it means upsetting the best laid plans of Abbo and co.
        Stuart has stated that they home to have the necessary players in before the rearranged Oxford game on the 31st, so I take that to mean they’ve clearly identified players they want to sign.

    • Not sure SM tactics one dimensional. Get the impression he himself is frustrated when we go sideways or slow it down too much. He has gone in record as saying he wants Mark Marshall to be more direct and take on his man. Yes, Stuart wants us to keep the ball and I prefer that to pp’s long ball and conservatism. But don’t feel he likes sideways stuff for sake of it.

  3. Other words spoken by the chairmen; “We will be better prepared for the next transfer window”. Along with Abbotts endless hours on the road and his phone, let us hope this is not wasted.
    I would suggest that young Alex Jones did hit the ground running. Indeed it was Alex himself who publicly stated his preferred role was that of a striker. We have yet so see Alex show any strikers instincts. Perhaps Port Vale got it right in deploying him wide, to cut in ?
    Only a fool would deny City have a goal scoring problem – yet this is a team effort, bringing on another issue…… Quite a few occasions other teams have ‘slipped up’, only to find City were unable to capitalise upon those slips, by slipping them selves.
    SO, a recognised striker or two is rightly on the wish list. Yet also, let us reverse to Type – playing the same game we employed early season, which was the catalyst to raised expectations. Let us cut out the silly schoolboy defensive errors, and see more goal scoring activity from the midfield. Playing more ‘expansive’ football is nice on the eye, but this can only work if you are scoring more than once regularly in games.
    Yes, the chairmen need to invest, but McCall needs to get more consistency from his players. A player who is constantly looking for a sideways pass is a player who doesn’t know what else to do with the ball. He only serves to wind down the clock in no mans land.
    Still, a week to go, and anything can happen 😉

  4. Good article Jason. As considered and to the point as always. I may be made to eat my words by the time this January transfer window closes, but I am still not happy about the sale of James Hanson. With him and a returning Billy Clarke in our team, I would have felt confident about achieving a play off position come the end of this season. People forget that so far this season we haven’t had a consistent strike force in terms of playing together regularly. This is bound to lead to less goals being scored. Like other partnerships across the football pitch, players need time to develop an understanding.
    As for the Hanson transfer, to me, Sheffield United have got themselves a bargain. How much did Millwall offer for Hanson? £500,000? This whole saga leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I am not a supporter who has “a win at all costs” mentally and I like to see evolution not revolution. But to me, it would seem that the Chairmen wanted a transfer fee rather than offer Hanson an extended contract.

  5. Players on books not looking like getting new contracts … well non offered so far.
    Hanson I hear felt he was not wanted by the club.. how many more players coming out of contract feel the same way ?.
    There agents sniffing round letting the players know of any potential offers for there services.
    We are going into the most important part of the season now and we’re going to expect any new signings to hit the hills running.
    On current form we are struggling.

  6. As far as the chairman are concerned I think they have put their money where their mouth is.

    Pre-season highest fee for a player in years on Romain and again an even higher fee (I believe) on Jones. When was the last time we signed 2 players for money and decent money for this league?

    I believe in the chairman and their vision and even though selling Hanson was a shock I’m excited about the future with these 2 chairman on board

  7. I’m not sure why people are sensing tension between McCall and the board/Abbott. I’ve seen people tweet about his interviews suggesting as much then listened myself and heard nothing of the sort. People are looking for a problem that I really don’t think is there. The reason Stuart sounds pissed off in interviews lately is he’s constantly being asked about transfers in or out when everyone must surely know he can’t comment, so is just trying to deflect the question, thinking “FFS not this again”. No manager would say “yes we want to sign player X and the chairman is going to submit a bid” or “we don’t need player Y anymore”. Asking a football manager to comment on transfer speculation is absolutely pointless.

    I note a few are making a big deal about us losing 5 players, but how much did McNulty, Vuckic, Clarke (N), and Rabiega contribute to the first half of the season? Only Hanson was a regular starter so I’d argue only he will be missed in any way..

    I fully agree that this is a big week, and we’ll see how big Rahic and Rupp’s resources are, but would any City fan want them to pay over the odds for a player or gamble on the wrong guy in desperation and therefore set us back further than (potentially) waiting till the summer to really splash the cash (if they ever even said that)?

    As it stands they’ve still got my trust, whether or not they go big in this window.

    PS I second the above comments about the runs Jordy and to an extent McNulty and now Jones try to make, it does baffle me that our midfield and defence don’t try to play them in, as they all have the ability to make a good pass. Hiwula in particular spends half his energy on peeling off and trying to get in behind the defence without reward.

  8. Perhaps the new owners business plan after shelling out several million on buying the club are looking for a percentage of a return at the end of this season. The would mean the loss of senior members of the playing staff on larger contracts after the initial player budget cut last summer. Contracts will be offered however they’ll be cut from their current ones, ala JH.
    Expect JM and SD to go this window or definitely in the summer.
    With thier replacements being young lads (or Loans) hoping for them to develop.
    Football doesn’t work like that, if it was so cut and dry all League clubs would have this strategy thus many fail ( oh hang on)
    Playing the percentages chances are this plan probably won’t work
    Oh, and Stu is far from happy, It is blindingly obvious, don’t need any whispers from the club to see that.
    Feed us tit-bits to appease us
    Cant you see the pattern, Summer we weren’t ready, will be in January, January players aren’t available, wait until summer 2017……

    We’re sat in the top six with four defeats all season. We’re surrounded by clubs like Rochdale that have had 10 defeats this season.
    The draws are killing us,our defence and midfield warrants a top two spot !
    If the board are serious then buy a God damn striker !!

    • So they’ve paid millions for the club but are going to get a return by reducing the wage bill by a few grand a week? Really?
      We paid a fee for both Vincelot and Jones, something that the previous owners weren’t able to do. Its obvious we need a goalscorer and more goals from midfield but I see no evidence whatsoever that SM is unhappy with the board. He signed on knowing the set up, and has one of his best mates as director of football. Why not reserve judgment till the end of the window/end of the season as the article suggests?

      • They are businessmen, their investment is part of their business plan to make money from this club. They already slashed the playing budget last summer. They are not a BCFC social service.
        They will invest in players, they have to in order to progress the club for the returns they have planned (hoped) for.
        It remains to be seen if they bring in to the club this window, however it’s obvious they’re sticking to a very tight budget and saw fit to let JH go in order to make room.
        Money will not be thrown around, however it’s as plain as day as to what is needed here immediately. This season is a fantastic opportunity for promotion, next season will be much more difficult.
        It is paramount we’re not fed lip-service and the striker is brought in
        SM words were he was bitterly disappointment at losing JH, stating he’s lost 5players and had brought in two, enough evidence for me to suggest he’s not very happy.
        I’m not making any pre-mature judgement, I’m just saying it as it currently is

  9. I think that this article is absolutely spot on and says pretty much what I’m been thinking at the moment.

    Some people seem willing to blindly back these new owners when in reality all that they’ve done so far is make promises.

    It has become clear that Hanson wasn’t offered a new contract to stay. Are Mezza and Marshall etc in the same position?
    I would struggle to get behind a plan to let all of our experienced
    players go. They need to be replaced more than adequately if we are going to improve.

    The actions taken by the owners over the remainder of January and then into the summer are going to speak volumes. Until then, the jury is out.

  10. I totally understand all the frustration and fear following James Hanson’s departure. In the last few years we’ve only ever seen that when good players have been sold (e.g. Wells) they have been replaced by dross.

    We may have different owners and a different set up but the point is we’ve seen it happen so often it’s natural to think here we go again. The owners’ comments have only added to that, particularly those about “if we are in a good position” and “money is available”. So far we are in a far weaker position squad-wise than we were when the window opened. It’s going to take a hell of a lot of good business in the next few days to change that.

    I’m for giving them a chance and seeing what happens, I think they deserve that but as time goes on and we get nearer to the window closing it’s getting increasingly difficult.

    With what we have now we will not make the play-offs. If we’d kept what we had and added a couple of quality signings – which it was easy to believe that’s what the owners meant by their comments – I would have backed us for automatic. These next few days will give us a better idea of what to expect for the rest of the season and where in between those two we will end up.

    I know there is a 3 year or 5 year plan depending on which story you read but we have a fantastic chance of going up this year, we may not have that next season or the season after, we won’t have Josh Cullen for a start.

  11. Calm down, Dont get on the owners backs, James has only been officially gone for less than a day. There will be moves going on in the background, chill.
    I agree that we are sometimes over playing in the final 3rd, As you say both Hiwula and Jones make some intelligent runs only to be frustrated by the side to side movement. I think Hiwula would be a good signing, if we could get him, and its too early to start passing judgement on Jones as he has only just unpacked his bags. These two boys will score goals with Clarke behind them.
    We do need a couple of additions but im sure by next week it will be sorted out.
    Keep the faith.

  12. The new Emperors have no clothing? Perhaps (probably?).

    However, like Jason says, let’s pass judgement after the window closes and see if we’re a stronger team or not. I really hope so as otherwise the cracks in the Bantams family will become fissures.

  13. If I have counted correctly we only have 8 players on contracts past the end of this season! That’s one less than Parkinson left us with! That is not long term planning!

    Including Devine and the loans I make it a squad of just 18!? That is a dangerously small number of players; and let’s remind ourselves that not only do we have just 3 strikers (1 just back from injury and 1 who’s “just unpacked his bags)’, but we have almost no left sided threat without Meredith, and the cover for him is Kilgallon, who is also the cover for centre back! Midfield isn’t brimming over either!

    Even if we sign 2 players we will still be low on numbers, and anyone we do sign has to fit in straight away or we are likely to struggle!

    So let’s see what happens; only if nothings happens before noon on Friday we will be playing Oldham without any new players.

    • bradwan: I think you’re spot on. The cupboard is bare. 2 new players (if we even get that) won’t give us the depth we need for our promotion push. Letting James go has left a huge hole not just up front but at the Club as well.

      Now we will find out the measure of our new owners. Talk is very cheap. It’s their actions I’m interested in.

      However, let’s see what happens over the next week and hopefully we’re all smiles when the window closes.

      p.s. It will be interesting to see the line up against Oldham if we don’t get anyone new in before then.

  14. About time for the chairmen to put there money where there mouths are!!!
    Why not offer contracts to our best players???
    We are becoming a selling club.
    Where’s the ambition???
    No wonder Parkinson left.
    Complete and utter shambles!!!

  15. How can McCall be responsible and accountable for the team’s results if he does not have a say in who comes in and who goes out. This policy put Newcastle in the championship. Talk of a German third division player coming really does not inspire confidence. Abbott needs to respond to the challenge and at least ensure we are not a weaker side than when we went into January.

    • Doesn’t work badly at Spurs… Would Pochettino have identified Alli and gone for him. Think generally a lot of PL clubs are the same now. A manager simply doesn’t have enough time and McCall will still have more than enough input.

  16. Spot on article.
    We must wait and see how this window pans out.

    If we don’t invest and have a stronger team at the end of it, we will have gone backwards.

    If we don’t at least make the playoffs that would also be seen as a backward step by many fans.
    Do we really want to be sat at the end of the season watching sky’s coverage of the playoffs and not be involved?

    I was full of optimism after reading the chairmans comments, let’s hope they can do the business!

  17. As always, Jason, I like your writing, but for once I rather disagree with you. I have supported City for nearly 70 years, and truly believe that the Club has never been in a better situation than it is now. The new owners took over only 7 months or so ago, and many fans–not you–are already questioning their ability and their motives. Just as they did with Mark Lawn when his car was damaged at Accrington.
    When they took over, the manager decamped, took a player with him and tried to take another. So they had a thin squad and no manager.
    Now, 7 months later, we are 5th in the league, still in the comedy trophy, with a new manager and staff.
    For reasons of business and Hanson’s desire to protect his future, we have lost a popular player. That’s all.
    It is said we have lost 4 others–they were Clarke, McNulty, Vuckic and Rabiega—surely their performances say all that is needed to be said.
    The owners said they were in it as a long-term proposition. Now I know that long-term in English football means about 3 weeks, but possibly these chaps actually mean what they say.
    We fans hoped last July for a decent season. Now we are complaining because that is what we have got.
    Please, City fans, be fair, be patient, and be reasonably happy with what we have got.Look at others–Notts County, Orient, Coventry, Blackpool.
    I may be wrong about the future, but please give the owners a chance.

    • Hi John

      To be clear I am not bashing the owners. I am personally fully prepared to give them time. If they said tomorrow “we are ahead of plan, we didn’t expect to go up this season. We are happy to be in League 1 next season” I would personally have no issue with that. I like their long-term thinking.

      The issue is what they have said themselves, in public, about the January window intentions. They have upped the ante, and selling Hanson adds to that. If they don’t deliver on what they themselves choose to say, shouldn’t we question that?

      But for what it’s worth I think they will sort it. And in a week’s time we will be praising them for backing up their words with actions.

    • Well said John. I’m amazed at the comments of some. Wow! The honeymoon period is really over for the owners!
      As John has pointed out, we’ve got rid of a couple of under performing players, one was recalled by his club (at very short notice) and we’ve sold a player who, yes has given great service to this club over the past 8 years, but has been injured on and off this seaon and scored just 4 goals. If it was anyone else but JH, most fans would be saying what a great deal we’ve got at over £200k.
      How anyone can say our new owners haven’t already put their money where their mouths are, is simply baffling. We’ve bought two players already this season for what I understand is a six figure sum for each. When was the last time we did that?
      As for new contracts, maybe they’re waiting to see which league we’ll be in come May? Some of our players may actually benefit from a better deal if we’re in the Championship than signing now?
      I believe the owners are trying to be ambitious whilst running the club on a sound financial basis. I’ll take that over reckless spending on players who give no guarantee of a return. The last time we did that it took this club to the brink of extinction.

      • There’s no doubt that pretty much every City fan needs to calm down a bit, and criticisms over the owners need to be balanced against their already growing list of achievements, but that doesn’t mean they are above questioning.

        The Hanson debate is what it is, but what happens if someone bids £500k for Mark Marshall this weekend, or £750k for James Meredith? Two players in the exact same contract situation as Hanson, who are impressing other clubs? Would that be acceptable to sell them because the offer is so good? And if so, wouldn’t you expect us to replace them?

        That is ultimately what the debate comes down to. We’ve sold Hanson – some agree with this decision, some don’t. It can’t be undone, so we move on. But surely we want to replace him?

        The fact there wasn’t a replacement lined up is worrying but that’s football. However we don’t want to wake up on February 1 thinking the squad is weaker than it was on January 1. I’m sure the owners will get it right and that’s why most of us are reserving judgement, but this is still a moment where they need to show their mettle.

  18. This is not the time to judge the owners. That time is midnight on 1st February.

    • As do the owners seems it is pretty clear we are in for Wyke! Just because the interview is with McCall – I’m sure he wouldn’t be saying that if the owners weren’t on the same page.

  19. Reports this evening that a £250k bid for Charlie Wyke has been made.

    He would definitely fit into what I argued: of one of the strikers needing to be a statement of intent.

  20. He’s in for medical now , I’ve seen Wyke… lets hope all goes to plan … big well built lad .
    I don’t know if Wykes club have to give permission for the medical if the fee 250k is met ?.
    I’d guess personal terms were already in place if the medical is happening .
    looks like his family are with him .

  21. Interested to see how the owners’ long term strategy unfolds. I assume one reason for buying players like Alex Jones (2.5 year contract), selling Hanson (30 this year) and pursuing younger strikers is in part to invest in/ develop young players who could be sold on at a later date for a large profit. Have they made much change to the youth academy side, or improved development opportunities for the young guys on the fringe of the senior squad?

    Unsure what they’ve developed off pitch…maybe a lot behind the scenes commercially, but things like ticketing and website still basic/ poor,not seen anything in terms of facility upgrade other than crowd funded changes already planned?

    • Andy, I think you’ve got to give them time to do the infastructure changes you’ve highlighted.
      If you look back to when they arrived either the owners or Mason said that they needed to improve things like the ticketing system and I’m sure the youth set up is also something they’re keen to develop.
      But it all costs money and this has to come directly from the owners pockets, otherwise why would we have had to resort to crowd funding under Lawn/Rhodes tenure? Simple answer is the club doesn’t generate enough surplus income.
      Since the start of Rupp/Rahic regime they”ve invested in the first team squad as this is where the money needed to be spent. To use an analogy; you fix the leaking roof before you put in a new kitchen.
      I’m sure over time more improvements will be done, but patience is the key word. Keep the faith.

      • Thanks. To be clear, like Jason, I’m not suggesting none of this is happening, I’m just asking the questions. I’m agnostic on whether they are great owners or not, and agree that some of the early signs are positive. In releasing Parkinson and Hanson from contracts, they are clearly unafraid to make changes to what many would see as pillars of the current club.
        I agree on the transfer business that we need to wait to Feb 1st to judge, but troubled that all the talk of lengthy preparation for this window didn’t include extending contracts for some of those that expire in June and knocking out release clauses at least for this window. I’m sure that wasn’t an accidental over sight, but a policy decision by the owners- lets hope that was a wise choice!

    • If you look at most EFL clubs all the websites are run off essentially the same platform and just reskinned for the club. Again they’ve only been in charge just over half a year…

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