Should Simon Grayson be Bradford City manager next season?

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With less than a fortnight to go until the end of the season, speculation over whether Simon Grayson will stay on as Bradford City manager is beginning to grow. Grayson is due to hold talks with Edin Rahic about his future, and whether he wants to sign a more permanent contract than the short-term deal he requested in February.

But what do we make of Grayson’s “trial” period at the club? Width of a Post writers Katie Whyatt, Tim Penfold, Ian Sheard, Nick Beanland, Jason McKeown, Nikhil Vekaria and Mahesh Johal share their personal views – and we want yours too – on this key question:

Should Simon Grayson be Bradford City manager next season?


Katie Whyatt

It might not be a comparison either club would particularly welcome, but presently Bradford City and Leeds United are more alike than either would care to admit. The numbers tell strikingly similar stories, any glimpses of momentum punctured the following week. Two wins in ten for Grayson and three in 14 for Paul Heckingbottom. Leeds have accrued 15 points since the turn of the year and City 13. Leeds lie 19th in the Championship form table and City 22nd in theirs.

The off-field backdrops are identical. There are ambiguities in player recruitment. Both sides started the season well but have since regressed brutally. Both clubs replaced their departing star players (the likes of Chris Wood and Kyle Bartley at Leeds, and Josh Cullen, James Meredith and Mark Marshall here) with a litany of poorer ones. And both now find themselves trying to judge managers who haven’t been able to halt the slides, stuck with assessing squads that, in all honesty, they probably wouldn’t have willingly assembled. No one could really argue Grayson would have picked these players himself. I mean, most weeks we can’t even agree on if they’re any good.

The difference is that Heckingbottom, notwithstanding Barnsley’s 9th-placed finish last season in a division defined by the gulf between the haves and the have nots, has never steered a team out of that league. Grayson does it with his eyes closed. Sunderland aside, his record is without blot. To suggest Grayson couldn’t have success here, if the conditions were right, goes against an awful lot of history.

Equally pressing is that, for both Leeds and City, a parting of ways in the summer wouldn’t look great. Radrizzani actually apologised for appointing Thomas Christiansen. He can hardly U-turn on Heckingbottom now. At City, that sentiment is felt more keenly still. After all, who is really holding all the cards here? In two years, the board have lost the club’s greatest manager this side of Paul Jewell and then fired a second one who, legend status aside, had nine months earlier taken them to within a breath of Championship football.

Relationships with McCall fractured so irrecoverably that Simon Parker tweeted: “Understand there is an effort from the #bcafc owners to stop Sky using Stuart McCall as studio guest tonight.” Parkinson was so perturbed that he willingly jumped ship to a Bolton team entrenched in off-field calamity, and who have navigated their first season back in the Championship beset with a transfer embargo and a side the Not The Top 20 Pod dubbed the worst squad in the division. They can hardly lose a third.

The consensus is still that the owners are well-intentioned but ill-advised – but can you really undersell how urgently they had to get Grayson back in February? Were he to slip through their fingers, the managerial graveyard would read: Parkinson, McCall, Grayson. As looks go, it would be… Well, bad. Really, really bad. Grayson, the events of the past three months aside, surely still carries a lot of credit and even more of the negotiating power. So stick. His record is worth banking on.


Tim Penfold

Played 10, won 2, drawn 3, lost 5. Scored 6, conceded 14.

It’s not a great record, is it?

And it’s not like the football is entertaining either. In several games the plan has been to sit on the edge of our own 18 yard box and aim to keep a clean sheet, but against Wigan and especially Blackburn it was poor opposition finishing, rather than good City defending that kept the scores relatively close. I can accept losing, but not even having a go grates.

His tactics are often strange. He has played Alex Gilliead up front, at wing back, at right back – almost everywhere except his natural position. Against Rochdale on Saturday we had Matty Lund stuck out on the left even after the likes of Nicky Law and Dominic Poleon, who are more comfortable there, were brought on. By the end of that game we had players all over the place, even though they would’ve all fit comfortably into a 4-3-3.

There has been one exception to this, which was the Portsmouth game. He got his tactics and subs right (particularly in the second half), the effort was there and the football was entertaining. But that’s just one game, and in too many others we have been abject.

There are caveats for this – the reasons for our collapse in form since January go far beyond the manager, with the quality of the squad and the board-level problems contributing far more. And I don’t normally like judging managers in the short-term – after all, Phil Parkinson started slowly. But it was Simon Grayson who has chosen the short-term deal, and as a result he gets judged by short-term objectives.

Can anyone honestly say he’s succeeded?


Ian Sheard

So far under Grayson, City have played eleven games from which they have gained ten points. Those are the facts. Not exactly promotion winning form, if anything it’s closer to relegation form. Grayson, who in February stated in the T&A that he “deserves to be in the Championship”, has not backed up his claim so far. However, he has inherited a squad whose confidence is at rock bottom, a Chairman who has lost touch with the fans, and supporters who feel as though the club is regressing. Not the easiest position!

Grayson was undoubtedly, and understandably, the majority of fans’ number one choice. He has an excellent reputation for getting teams out of this league, having had prior success with ‘them two down the road’ as well as Blackpool and Preston. He clearly has the knowledge about the league and its players, and how to push teams onto the next step.

However, this seems to be as far as he can take teams, for whatever reason. Here lies the problem with the offer of a long term deal. How will it be different with Bradford City if we get to the Championship?

He has signed a short-term deal, whether this is for him to show us what he can do or whether it’s for him to scope out the club. But what happens after? Are we back looking for another manager and the Rosler rumour mill starts to grind? The right things are coming from Grayson. He sounds as though he wants longer contract with certain provisions around the pitch, training and recruitment to be discussed. This sounds like he wants to be in it for the long haul. Performances seem to be picking up against recently with the victory against Portsmouth a highlight of my year so far – but can we keep this momentum going without referring to the long ball approach?

Personally I can’t see past Grayson for next season, but I just hope that his ideas about the pitch, players and training ground come into fruition – or we will be left in the same situation we are in now.


Nick Beanland

I haven’t felt this down about all matters BCAFC since an abject Peter Jackson led side slumped to defeat at home to Dagenham early in the 2011/12 season. The bulk of what Edin Rahic and Stefan Rupp have done since taking over has taken us backwards. Two very fine managers gone, all the playing staff, Tony McMahon excepted, gone. The majority of the off-field staff gone. Season ticket sales at their lowest level since the cheap season ticket deal was launched ten years ago.

Either the club was rotten when they bought it 22 months ago, and these changes needed to be made or, in less than two years, they have managed to unwind huge amounts of good work by so many people.

The squad the owners left Stuart with this season was short of the required quality and depth to last a full season at the top end of the table. I genuinely fear a return to League Two, and our best hope of that not happening is Simon Grayson. We are lucky to have a manager who is statistically the best League One boss we could wish to have.

I understand Stuart got very little of what he asked Rahic for and that, thus far, Grayson is experiencing the opposite. Our only chance of thriving next season is that the owners recognise they have to let the manager manage, control transfers and trust him to do the job he has done successfully at four other League One clubs.

If Rahic can stop interfering, stop releasing or selling our best and most experienced players, stop wasting money on players who are nowhere near the quality required and start trusting the manager to do his job we might yet have a chance of halting this slide.


Jason McKeown

The bigger question for me is: what’s the target for Bradford City next season?

Are we going to go all out for promotion to the Championship, with a playing budget to match such ambition? If so, it makes sense to keep Grayson on as manager, backing him with what he needs. He is by far the more qualified candidate available, with an unsurpassed track record of achieving promotions at this level. If it is a win-at-all-costs mentality we want to take in pursuit of second tier football, Grayson’s pragmatic style will be easier to accept. And with money to spend to bring in his own players, the football would probably improve too.

Yet if the resources available mean that next season is more realistically about consolidating, bringing through young players and building for the future, Grayson isn’t the man for me. Such a route is going to lead to inconsistent results and a mid-table placing, so we might as well enjoy the football we are witnessing.

There is nothing worse than dour, losing football, as Peter Taylor proved. I shudder at the idea of a season filled with games as dreary as the ones we’ve endured over recent weeks. When we go to Sunderland, for example, I’d want us to try to win, rather than play for a 0-0 draw like we did during the recent defeat to Blackburn. Grayson also doesn’t particularly have a notable record for bringing through youngsters.

I’ve personally found Grayson’s cautious style of football difficult to watch. We are chasing a play off place, yet have regularly prioritised not getting beaten. With the right resources, Grayson will surely improve this. But if next season is about budget cuts and focusing more on the development of your Devines, your Hudsons, your Robinsons and your Brunkers, I’d be happy for a younger manager to come in and implement a more attacking style of football.


Nikhil Vekaria

As someone who felt at the time that it was the correct decision to part company with Stuart McCall, it feels almost hypocritical of me to call for Grayson to stay on next season despite his poor record since coming into the club.

Whilst there has been a slight improvement in the last few weeks (particularly against Shrewsbury and Portsmouth), the Blackpool away result is up there with the worst we’ve had in years and general performances have hardly been inspiring.

However, I still believe that he’s the right man to take City up next season, if he’s given the tools to do so.

Simply put, Grayson has a record that is almost impossible to argue against, particularly at League One level. Promotions with four different sides shows his ability to motivate players and proves he isn’t just a one-trick pony but a serial promotion winner.

On top of this, after taking Preston up in his last promotion from the third tier, he comfortably kept them in the second tier and even competed for the play-offs, eventually falling short to sides with significantly bigger budgets.

His Sunderland stint is a blot on his superb recent record, but I think anyone who’s followed football over the last few years can accept that certainly wasn’t entirely his fault, as shown by the problems his successor Chris Coleman, a man who worked wonders with Wales, has experienced since.

The main reason I want Grayson in charge at Valley Parade next season is a simple one; we need to change our mindset.

Since the turn of the year City’s players have badly shown themselves up, raising serious questions about their mentality by turning what looked like a certain play off place into a scrap to finish in the top half.

Whilst McCall will always be a legend at the club, serious questions began to be asked about his ability to turn it round and get the best of the group again.

However, whilst there is still a long way to go, Grayson proved after the embarrassment at the hands of Blackpool that he was unafraid to call his players out and get them to take some responsibility. There are still obvious improvements to be made but at least it has looked like the effort and desire has come back to this group of players since.

This season will be one to forget for fans, who now just want to see the back of it. A major drop-off in season ticket sales is concerning and whilst there has been issues off the pitch, if City can go into next season with Grayson in charge, we can at least be confident on it.

The man is a serial promotion winner with a track record from taking teams up from this level which put frankly, cannot be matched by any other potential appointment.


Mahesh Johal

Umm, I’m still not sure…

After the sacking of Stuart McCall, he seemed the perfect candidate to rescue this season. However, the play off dream faded quickly and performances have been painful to watch.

But in a time of a great discontent between fans and the owners, the club needs a focal point to build around. James Mason does a tremendous job off the field, but us fans need someone on the playing staff to look to. With a squad that needs ripping apart and starting a fresh, we need a manager that the fans can buy into. Grayson has the credentials and potential to be that man.

But there is a sense of déjà vu. A manager that wants players to wear suits to games. A manager who excels in promotions. A manager with the pulling power to attract the league’s best players to Valley Parade.

Is history repeating itself or is Simon Grayson still the man to get this club out of League One next season? Umm, I’m still not sure..

What’s your view, valued reader?

Use the comment box below to tell us what you think of Grayson’s performance as Bradford City manager, and if you want him to stay on. Please start your reply with either Yes, No or Maybe, and then add your reasons why. Thanks!

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  1. Season tickets are not at the lowest level since 2007/2008 in 2010/2011 we sold less than 10,000 season tickets and average attendances were only 11,000.

  2. If Grayson doesn’t stay that is an indication the budget will be cut again next season. Also Edin will probably revert to his original plan of appointing a coach like Uwe Rosler. Appointing a coach wouldn’t be so bad if he also appointed a Director of Football instead of trying to do the job himself.

    I predict that if Grayson chooses to go after his meeting with Edin, Edin will spin it like he didn’t want Grayson anyway as his record so far isn’t good enough.

  3. I agree with Nikhil on this. Grayson is the best man for the job. It might not be next year but if he is allowed to build his team he’ll get us there. He has said himself he isn’t a firefighter, he’s a builder and surely this must have been put across to the owners when they apparently pulled out all the stops to get him after McCalls sacking. Not one of the comments acknowledge that Grayson hasn’t signed a single player, he’s working with a squad whose limitations have been laid bare by performances all season in my opinion. They’ve flattered to deceive all season. Unlike past players i’m not the only one who doesn’t feel any sort of connect with the players at all. Maybe we were spoiled by the spirit of PP’s teams and their willingness to fight for each other & the shirt. Apart from a couple, i don’t have the same feeling with this team. The owners always said it was a long term project and whilst i think they were carried along by the euphoria of Wembley last season, reality has hit home this season, it won’t be a stroll in the park. They have lost a lot of goodwill with fans although i agreed with the McCall decision, i felt he had taken us as far as he could to use the old GR comment, he was not treated in the way you should treat a club legend. I think the owners are perfectly right to run the club how they want and if they found a few ‘bad apples’ or ‘dodgy’ practices going on with the staff, it needed rooting out quickly, i commend them for that. But please, leave the football side to Grayson & his staff. Use his experience and expertise at this level and assist him, don’t dictate to him. Otherwise we might as well have Joe Bloggs as manager. I get the feeling Grayson won’t be pushed around and will want clear and precise working conditions. We would be foolish to throw his experience away. As regards the style of football, if the team is winning people will support them. PP wasn’t exactly known for being ‘Guardiolaesque’ but we enjoyed the ride, it can be the same under Grayson’s stewardship.

    • Spot on Ian. 100% agree with your comments. I enjoyed/didnt mind the football under PP (ok I’m not the football purist), as for me the result was ultimately the key. Saying that I enjoyed last year the most, with McCall’s flair layered on top of a team constructed by PP, grit, determination and leaders.

  4. Of course we must keep him it’s an absolute must. Yes the results have been poor and the performances mediocre, but be careful you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. He will bring his own players in the summer and replace most of these who went on strike long before McCall was sacked. Three of our most successful managers in modern times, Cherry, Jewell and Parkinson all had mediocre starts before bringing in their own players. Cherry appointed in November took till Feb the following year to get his first league win but then managed a great City side to the title 2 seasons later. Remember the 5 0 defeat at Crewe when Jewell sent the players out early for the 2nd half , he got us up to the Premier league year after. Parkinson’s first season was so poor that the social media warriors were soon calling him Plonkinson yet look what happened when he brought his players in the following Summer. We need a little patience and if Grayson does stay it will mean he has got some leeway in his recruitment plans despite poor season ticket sales.

  5. No

    Ive been quite public with my feelings on this matter and I have to say I agree with Tim and in part with Jason.

    Firstly in what has essentially been an extended interview process he has failed miserably, 9 points from 10 games is not the record of a team that were going to be pushing for the playoffs following his appointment. Also not really the record of someone we are ‘lucky’ to have.

    And this for me has been, as Tim referred to, caused by Graysons tactical experiments which have ultimately backfired and cost us our place in the playoffs. Granted its not his team of players and it has only been 10 games, however this is a team of players who were good enough to achieve and hold a place off spot for half of the season, and again as Tim pointed out, by wanting a short term contract Grayson himself has agreed to being judged in the short term.

    Going back to his tactical experiments, when he first came in he was quite vocal about how we were going to make a good go at getting into the playoffs, he then followed this up not by trying to win matches but by trying not to lose, which served us well under Parkinson because that was how the team had been built. It seemed to me that Grayson has been quite rigid in his style and hadn’t identified, until the Shrewsbury game, that the squad is built to attack, not to stifle. I also cannot understand his continued use of players out of position.

    Yes his record speaks volumes but it can only count for so much before we have to look at what he is doing in the here and now. If he is to stay then he needs to be given the budget to build a team suited to his style of play, however whilst this may get the results it is not something I look forward to, Peter Taylors’ reign and that final season under Parky were horrible to watch, even though the latter achieved the playoffs.

    All this without mentioning that appointing Simon Grayson would be seen as a huge step away from the principles that Edin and Stefan were lauded over when they first took over, to build a young team playing attacking football. Therefore I would much rather we cut our losses in the summer, accept that Grayson is not the right man for us and what the owners want to build, and as Jason said hire a hungry young manager and build a team that, hopefully with our new pitch, will play the free flowing attacking football Stuart had us playing with a team built around the promising youth prospects we have.

  6. It’s a no from me.
    When PP left fans said how exciting it would be to have entertaining football at VP again, how it would be better to enjoy the game than get three points etc etc. I remember the many heated discussions on twitter about hoofball tactics. If you still want exciting football then Grayson is not the man.

    I’m not sold on his pr-style either, we hear him talk a good game and spout the big I am but football is a team game and collective responsibility is important for all wins and defeats. I hate to hear managers turn on players and take no part of the blame, he does this a lot. Blame culture has appeared at VP in recent months and I’d like it quickly extinguished so for me Grayson is a no.

    Finally the players need the right motivator. Not everyone is out of contract and we won’t be buying anyone out of their contracts if we are skint. The players are capable and need shielding from upstairs to let them get back to basics and enjoying their football. We need someone who can sell the club to potential new players as we rebuild (yet again) and here we have a problem…dwindling crowds watching boring football, players out of position and a manager who publicly slates the team, hardly a good message for any would-be signing. I’m not convinced Grayson 100% wants to be here anyway as he has said he wants to manage a championship side.

    For all the above reasons I hope we have a different manager come August.

    • I agree about his ‘managerial style’, there have been numerous occasions where over the last 10 games we as fans have highlighted that Grayson has got something not quite right yet he never takes the blame himself. Far too quick to pass the buck around.

      Also very much dislike his PR style, his claims of being a Championship manager when he came in only added to the expectation that he would be able to arrest the slide and get us back to the playoffs. Quite simply all he has managed to do is shoot himself in the foot.

  7. Yes, I would like him to stay. If he doesn’t, it possibly means that English managers do not like working to the Rahic rules. Grayson has the record and the knowledge to be successful.
    One advantage of City for him is that I think he lives in Skipton, so it would presumably be good for his family if he stays at City.
    But he will only stay if he gets the deal and the arrangements he wants, so we must hope he gets them.
    I fear the contrary.

  8. My worry is that nothing has changed. When Gregg Abbot was diagnosed and took leave from the club he stated that he had left a list of players to consider for next season. This doesn’t give me much hope that Grayson will be allowed to do his own thing.

  9. Id say yes for finally getting the players out of the slump and start playing for the shirt again, but no for his style of play and playing players out of position.

    Its a difficult one but if you held a gun to my head I would have to say yes just for his experience and I’m interested in which players he will target

  10. Keith

    Yes – provided he gets what he wants from the Chairman. It is then up to him to do what he says and prove himself to us.

  11. If you’re saying no then I think that you should come up with a realistic alternative.
    I’d like him to stay for two reasons:
    1) Given his track record I think that if he has his own players then he gives us a good chance of promotion.
    2) If he stays it is a big indication that the budget is decent and that Edin is ready to wind his neck in. If he goes it could be a sign that Edin is still interfering and that we have a small budget both of which would in my opinion lead to a season of struggle next year.

    • Grayson’s record since McCall’s sacking and the Chairman’s apparent day to day absence allows Rahic to manage the loss of Grayson because he wasn’t good enough rather than a lack of budget. ‘Look what happens… I left him to manage a top 6 squad and he didn’t succeed.’
      ‘But don’t worry I’m back….. and we have a recruitment plan for the close season’

    • I agree totally with Nick Beanland.

      Jason’s comment about next season possibly being about the Devine’s, Bruenkers, Hudson’s and Robinson’s worries me greatly. If that’s the case then no matter who is in charge we will be starring at relegation.

  12. Yes
    But only if he is left to do the job he is going to be paid to do. He has a proven track record at this level of getting teams promoted. He came in to work a squad absolutely drained of all confidence, but slowly he has managed to get some of them performing, yes some of his tactics have been questionable, but show me a manager who has done things the way that every fan and professional critic has agreed with. Yes we need a clear out, yes we need fresh ideas and some fresh players, but we don’t need to be going into the start of summer without a manager and his backroom staff. If that is the case then he needs to go now so we have an extra 2 weeks to find someone. With a full summer of recruitment, training and being left to do his job, I think he will do the job we want him to. Maybe not in the dynamic exciting way that the owners originally had in mind, but maybe you can’t have both, and with his own players it won’t be as bad as it has been in the past couple of months, with players having to play out of position and low on confidence. Because one thing I am sure Grayson won’t tolerate is sulking

  13. All these people saying “no” yet not one of them can think of a realistic and better alternative.
    Whoever the manager is it is much more important that Edin stops interfering and also that we have a decent budget.
    At least if Grayson stays then we know that those two caveats are guaranteed.

    • Yes, Grayson does not score any style points with me but his L1 record is unsurpassed. If Grayson is not hired the near future of City looks very bleak.
      City fans will have to ask themselves, are they ready to put their promotion ambitions on hold in order for the owners to speculate on young, inexperienced and cheap young players, learning a trade. We already have Rahic learning a trade!

  14. Grayson is the man for Bradford City as long as he’s given the resources and freedom to use them as he sees fit. Let James Mason run the club on a day to day basis and I think we’ve got a decent chance.

  15. Yes
    I know the record this season is not the best. But it his not his players they are all Stuart McCalls players.
    Let’s give Simon the time to bring his own players in and judge him on that not on this season’s play.
    Things will come good next season Simon has a very good record at getting teams out if this league.

  16. YES.Still reeling from the shock of losing SM.But 100% behind SG’s appointment-his track record of getting teams promoted from second to none.Back the man-give him a decent budget-and leave him to chose his own players.This season cant end quickly enough for me-the last thing we need is to have to find a new manager (and where would we get one with a better C V than S G?)

  17. NO
    He seems to play player’s out of position for no reason when we have player’s on the bench who could fill the position. Away from home I always feel he sets up not to concede and uses the long bell upto Wyke with no support.
    The two televised games were dreadful and the football worst.
    No for me and dreading next season if he stays.

  18. Yes.He”s in the driving seat,has had chance to assess,has recovered morale since the Blackpool nadir,is giving the young inexperienced experience and getting results.Just what the chairman ordered.He has finally got the Stuart/Rahic factor out of the players minds.A spirit of togetherness on the surface appears.Winning (2 wins 2 draws) helps that.Bodies are still short but we see improvement.Stay out of recruitment and release decisions Mr Rahic and I think Mr Grayson will be inside their heads sussing the character,determining whether they are employable.Giving Mc Mahon the captaincy says something to me.Masterstroke.Rumoured to be the Rebel with the cause post Yeovil he seems back to concentrating on matters on the park.I see nobody any better available or likely to be.Without that person needing another period of assessment.He may have come in with a high opinion of himself but hey..we clearly have an owner similarly placed.Time for Mr Rupp (apparently Mr Nice Guy)to step up to the plate and open those war coffers. £100 million there we are told.The attractive possession football of last year is long gone history (that ultimately failed).Mr Rahic needs to learn the gambling game football is.Accountants do not easily.Marshall Meredith Darby should all have been made to sign contracts December 2016.Rory possibly too.Grayson would not pussyfoot and mollycoddle.No sign, no baby visits until, should have been the flag to Marshall.The clock was allowed to run down.We have seen post Stuart how petulantly players can sink.Finishing a point or two outside 6th will enrage me at the effort put in early Grayson reign.At last we are seeing it righted.I think he has sussed the fancy dan.Poleon tonight missed another sitter.Good poser.I sometimes wonder just how much of a say did Stuart have.He understands character.

  19. Well – I make that 17 yes’s and 5 no’s.

    If this was X-Factor he’d be going through to the next round….

    • And it’s a YES from me too!
      Grayson not only inherited a squad generally acknowledged as weaker than last season but also, and significantly, one which had basically ‘downed tools’. I imagine even the likes of Guardiola, Mourhino etc would have had great difficulty bringing about any improvement in performances and, given the mindset of most of the players I felt Grayson stood no chance. That he now seems at last to be bringing about some improvement makes me believe he should be given the opportunity to show what he can do – as he has several times before – with players he wants at the club who will be better suited to his style of play. It will unlikely be ‘total football’ but neither was Parky’s and I think most people would have him back!

  20. Yes. I think we should have a manager.

  21. NO!

    When I go to a football match, I want to be entertained and Grayson’s style of football is as boring as his monotonous tone. Stuart’s bubbly enthusiasm was evident in his interviews and reflected on the field of play.

    My view is closer to Jason’s than any of the other contributors. I’d go for a younger manager. Of course anyone coming in would have one major obstacle to overcome………

  22. Yes, I’d certainly like Grayson to stay. I think you are only going to be able to judge him properly next season anyway, but he inherited a team on a terrible run, where the players were not playing for each other. Give him a budget on a par with this season, then with his track record, I think there would be a good chance of him getting us in the play offs the next campaign.

    I just wonder though, how much Grayson’s philosophy of prioritising his teams are well organised and difficult to beat, which I don’t have a problem with, contradicts with the message the owners put out about wanting attacking football. Maybe someone like Paul Tisdale might fit in more with their philosophy, as he likes to get the ball down and play, has developed a number of young players, Ollie Watkins springs to mind, and possibly would want a new challenge away from Exeter, where I don’t believe he has yet signed a new contract.

  23. Agree with Jason’s view – totally depends on what the ambitions are for next season. Grayson is the right man with the right budget and backing, anything less than what he needs and he’ll follow Parky’s footsteps and walk away anyway.

    That will be ti signal for what to expect next season for me.

  24. Yes. 100%. My thoughts are similar to Nick’s above. The football wasn’t always pretty under Phil Parkinson, but look at what he achieved.
    I’m not judging Grayson on this season. I don’t even take his time at Sunderland into account.
    I judge him on what he achieved with Blackpool, Huddersfield, Preston and L**ds.
    Can he achieve the same with us?
    I believe so – BUT it all depends on whether the owners allow him to do his job to the full.

  25. Grayson was the stand out candidate and he remains head and shoulders above anyone else available.He took over a club in turmoil with players in open revolt, literally down tools and with divisions within the team. Confidence at rock bottom and fans turning on the owners. You have got to be realistic and accept that he was always going to deal with defensive frailties first. He may be pragmatic but so was PP and he gave us one hell of a ride. For those who say NO lets hear the alternatives. I am struggling to come up with any of anything approaching the same pedigree. Do we want a rookie manager and a rookie chairman? No thanks

  26. 100 % definitely YES ! A strong minded yorkshireman with a terrific historical record and self belief..and now 4 games unbeaten..winning 3 of the last 4 at home with 10 pts from 12…what’s not to support ? Give him the job for 2 years right now with anything he asks for. Back him and back the Bantams to not only potentially hit 70 points and seventh place this season..but second place automatically next season behind Charlton (as Shrewsbury likely to win the play offs).
    Simon Grayson’s Bradford Army !!

  27. To me the question isn’t about Grayson.
    Grayson is capable of allowed to get on with it.
    The question is about Rahic and his continued blunders around many aspects of the club.
    Give Grayson the tools and he can deliver.
    Interfere and nobody can.
    Today’s latest own goal around Twitter control being a case in point.
    Edin just does not appear to learn.
    Be humble. Back the manager. Leave Grayson to it. If that’s possible.

  28. Quite simply, Grayson needs a chance with his own players. You can’t make a good salad with rotten tomatoes.

  29. Yes. Quite simply SG is the best qualified to get us out of this league. I don’t think he can be judged purely on his time at VP this season. As has already been pointed out, he inherited a mess that would test any manager in any league in the world. The statements made when he first arrived at the club were probably made without fully realizing just what a mess he had walked into. The problems went way beyond just a drop off in form.
    As others have also pointed out, he is not only capable of taking teams out of this league, but getting them to punch above their weight in the Championship.Experience we’d need if we do go up, as we’ll be one of the ‘have nots’ in a league where spending surpasses many of the top divisions around Europe.
    He has the experience to leverage concessions from the owners that a hungry young manager (read: inexperienced) manager would not get. An inexperienced manager, no matter how eager, will be expected to tow the Rahic line in terms of recruitment and bringing through youth. That could well be a recipe for disaster; a young manager with little or no experience managing a team of inexperienced players.
    The last couple of weeks have seen a shift both in results and the attitude of the players. No more comments in the T&A from players about the disappointing lack of form, now it’s about how the spirit in the camp is coming back and a togetherness that has been missing since Christmas.This could all be thrown up in air again this summer if we have to go looking for another manager.

  30. I’ve been unimpressed with Grayson’s tactics, subs, formations, interviews thus far, but I’ve also seen things in the last few games that make me think he’ll be successful given the opportunity, so for me he can stay…however, he needs to commit soon or leave

  31. I sincerely hope that Grayson stays. Partly because if he leaves, and god forbid it’s not to another team in our league. Then the hunt for another manager combined with Greg Abbott’s enforced absence would probably mean another slow start to the transfer window and further disillusionment from the fanbase. If not open hostility and the relationship between Rahic and the supporters breaking down completely.

    If he stays, then the turnaround in fortunes may not become apparent straight away come next season. I think Grayson knows (from what he’s witnessed thus far) that to challenge then quite a few of the current first team are simply not up to the standard required for promotion and a major squad rebuild takes time. It may take him 12/18 months to get City looking like a team again, but I think we’d be a far better squad come this time next year under his leadership. Unfortunately too many ‘prospects’ signed for this season were a gamble and simply not good enough for a team that was looking to challenge for a top six berth. The current squad is neither deep enough or strong enough, it’s lacking both quantity and quality. Performances even prior to Christmas weren’t particularly convincing and some away results were pretty much papering over the cracks.

    If Grayson goes, then that probably means the current philosophy regarding the recruitment and development of younger, less expensive players remains the priority. And similarly to Parkinson, Simon doesn’t believe that such a philosophy and budget equates to the creation of a team capable of a top six, third tier squad. This would be very worrying, as I don’t believe many experienced, previously successful managers would fancy taking the helm under the conditions set out by Rahic. Under such a scenario next term, I genuinely fear that BCFC will struggle to remain a League One side. We know that when a team struggles to get results, the manager is invariably the one who pays with his job. So I fear even more managerial upheaval next season unless he stays and is given a respectable, top six, budget. Such a scenario is redolent of a club in a death spiral down the leagues.

    I hate saying it, but we could be rapidly turning into a replica of the club from the other side of Pudsey. Knowing what I know now. I’d have preferred Lawn and Rhodes to still be in the boardroom, even if Parkinson had left for pastures new. Progress may have been relatively slow, but they were moving forward and the club was pretty much safe and stable under their stewardship. Rahic’s inexperience has been palpable this season and I’m unsure if he can (or will) be flexible and/or humble enough to learn from and rectify his mistakes. His lack of communication over the last 3 months has only added to the speculation and rumours among the fans. It’s looked pretty much like the behaviour of wayward owners witnessed at other clubs in turmoil I’m afraid. It’s all deeply worrying.

  32. I would like him to stay but it’s pointless wishing this because he won’t . We just don’t have the money to meet his demands

  33. I’ve been going for donkeys years many of them with Nick beanland one of your writers.I had a sea son ticket last season and I barely went. Parky put together a team that although cost next to nothing always gave their best.The new owners came along ripped the team apart and seem to upset everybody they came in contact with and then replaced a decent side with a load of rubbish. Not renewing season ticket i dont think. The answer to the question, I think Grayson would do a good job if left alone and given funds
    To n beanland. Bring back the doc.john

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