The Width of a Post podcast: episode 16

The latest episode of the Width of a Post Podcast is now available to download/listen to online.

It’s proving to be another summer of uncertainty at Valley Parade, as the search for a new head coach goes on. Presenter Jason McKeown is joined by Tim Penfold, Gareth Walker and Nikhil Vekaria to debate the head coach vacancy, where it went wrong with Simon Grayson, the departures of Tony McMahon and Nicky Law, plus the mood of discontent amongst fans.

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  1. First class as ever. Taking the emotion out of what is looking like a bad situation within the club, nothing new there. The consequences for me could easily be a relegation season. We are in relegation form, no coach, the curse of Rahic the Terrible and questionable signings. Well done to all on the broadcast.

  2. It is difficult knowing how it is all going to play out with so much uncertainty, but very enjoyable podcast. Shame it was posted the day before we signed someone else! Often seems to be the way

  3. Great podcast and comments throughout.

    Retained list. Agree about Law – can spend wages elsewhere.
    McMahon – Glad he has gone, especially after he threw a throw-in for a dead-ball (which opponents took, broke up field and scored), complained that Bruenker didn’t go for the ball when he had no chance at all of getting it. Petulant and was a bad influence.
    I do hope Doyle signs, Dieng unsure with the players signed so far.
    Defence will be strong but difficult to choose who will play with all signing and those suggested.
    Midfield needs another one in there.
    Concerned about striking position especially with no back-up to Wyke. Think we should keep him cos he will be in the shop-window for the whole season for his next deal, hopefully with Bradford but he may score loads of goals.

    We are going to have a good season, especially with the new players. When new coach/manager is in place, things will settle down even more.

    Fans will get behind the club when we start winning games, which I expect us to do from the beginning as the new pitch and young players showing loads more effort than they did since New Year.

  4. I now wonder if Edin is deliberately delaying the coach decision/ appointment to get a lot of the squad sorted in advance- to make the point that its not a manager/ coach decision

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