Why the fight to keep Bradford City in League One must now take priority

Written by Jason McKeown, with the full support and input of Tim Penfold, Mike Harrison, Dominic Newton-Collinge, Tom Fletcher, John Dewhirst and Mark Neale

It’s been another week of soul-searching at Bradford City. After Saturday’s sixth straight league defeat to Portsmouth opened up a daunting seven-point gap to safety, very strong speculation grew that Edin Rahic was about to leave as chairman. Instead there was the shock news of Julian Rhodes’ return to help out the club. Crucially working alongside, rather than instead of, Rahic.

Against this backdrop, it’s understandable the announcement was greeted with dismay amongst many fans. The idea of a swift conclusion to this toxic situation clearly held large appeal, and yet that now looks further away than ever. There has to be an acceptance, however impalpable, that Rahic will be here until at least the end of the season. I know that isn’t an easy thing to read. But that’s the reality. Those negative feelings most of us hold towards Rahic’s dismal leadership will not shift, but if there’s any consolation it is that he is no longer steering the ship.

Over the last few days Rhodes has held multiple conversations with WOAP, The City Gent, Bantams Banter and other well-known supporters. Based on what Rhodes has said to us, we’re confident and reassured that it is he, not Rahic, calling the shots. This week’s announcements over free travel to Peterborough and £1 tickets for the Oxford game are absolutely from the Rhodes playbook. They are ideas we’ve seen several times under the Rhodes/Mark Lawn ownership – think of the famous Stockport County game in February 2011. WOAP also understands David Hopkin had previously expressed a strong desire for a CEO-type figure to be appointed to support him. Rhodes can work closely with the City head coach on January transfers, just as Rhodes worked very closely with Phil Parkinson during the club’s modern day resurgence.

But it is bringing back fans that Rhodes has identified is the key priority. The darkening atmosphere around the club means this is a considerable challenge, and there is talk of organised protests for the Oxford game. However, it’s not impossible. Unlike Rahic and his misguided comments through the Supporters Trust blaming supporters, Rhodes was nothing short of complimentary about City fans. He gets the frustration and the anger.

And rightly so. Whilst Valley Parade has hardly been the cauldron of noise we’ve seen in the recent past, fans have actually been largely supportive of the team during matches. The problem lies not with supporters, and Rhodes is keen to harness the positive energy that we can all provide.

We’d like to think the recent Stephen Darby appreciation night can act as a small catalyst. The decision of the current players to attend the evening, even paying the entry fee, afforded them the chance to take inspiration from heroes of the past. Perhaps most significantly, they were witness to the astonishing reception Gary Jones received as he made his way to the stage. Proof, to the current crop, that if you give everything in a Bradford City shirt, we supporters will get behind you. It was this very point Jones made on stage during a direct address to the present squad. Other guests too offered genuine advice and encouragement to the class of 2018/19.

The Portsmouth game might have ended in the all-to-familiar pain of defeat, but the performance of the players was significantly improved. They showed greater ownership, desire and character, and were ultimately unfortunate not to take a point against the best team in the league. Of course, it’s easy to take plaudits for running the league leaders close, and another matter to actually repeat it and win games against lesser sides. But if those players can take heart and encouragement from their performance, there’s every chance they can stop the rot. And if they do, fans will respond.

There can be no question City’s league position looks desperate. Time is still on our side, but it will take a major transformation in form to rescue the situation. Yet surely the team cannot give up now. And neither should we supporters.

With the ownership situation still a mess, but not going to be fixed overnight, we think we’ve reached a point where we should focus on the team, and trying to support them in avoiding relegation. Because make no mistake, falling back into League Two could be a major blow for the club. It would involve a financial hit, an inevitable drop off in attendances – and, as our last relegation to League One, in 2007, showed – it can take several years to come back. Relegation would undo all the amazing work of 2012-2017. And with the gap between the Championship and League One widening further and further each year, due to the distortions of Football League TV distribution money and Premier League parachute payments – it could consign us to being a third/fourth tier club for eternity.

It’s a huge, huge ask to avoid relegation already. But it’s not impossible. If the team can build on the spirit shown against Portsmouth and somehow keep in touch with the other strugglers between now and the end of 2018, there’s an opportunity in January to bring in reinforcements that can give the club a fighting chance. And if we fans can make the Valley Parade atmosphere intimidating to opposition players again, we can do our part to keep City in League One.

Of course, surviving relegation doesn’t change our distrust and our dismay at Edin Rahic. It doesn’t make him more popular, or less accountable for his mistakes. We are all dismayed at his continued involvement at the club, the way he fulfilled his duties as chairman, and his overall behaviour. Disturbing stories about his conduct only add to that opinion.

We don’t see a way back for Rahic, and we don’t like the idea that his misguided approach is considered in anyway a success. Staying up doesn’t validate anything he has done, but going down just adds to the damage that we all face. On the opening day of the season, Rahic said we were targeting the play offs – so this season has been a failure whatever happens. But going down to League Two? That could damage the club for decades to come.

So collectively we want to forget about Rahic for now. To ignore him as much as is possible. We trust in Rhodes to lead the club, and are confident that Rahic has at least realised he must let Rhodes do just that. We want to do our bit to help Bradford City remain a League One club next season and will work with Rhodes. And once our outcome is known either way, the inquest will fully re-open and Rahic will not be spared.

Right now, Bradford City are in the fight of their lives. We don’t like one bit about why we have come to be in such a dismal position, and the character stripping of the values this club stands for. But let’s see if it’s possible to limit the damage – so we can rebuild Bradford City into the football club that it can, should and must be.

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  1. A great article Jason. I feel truly torn. As a long time supporter, 40+ years – I felt that I needed to show my disgust at the Rahic leadership. I had planned on staying away and had told the other season ticket holders that I sit next to with my 14 year old son that the Portsmouth game was to be the last until Rahic leaves. However, having just read your latest article I feel I must return to support the team – even though I feel some players don’t deserve to make it into our first team.
    I hope that we can save this season, but in truth I really do feel that we will succumb to relegation. We did have some great times in League 2 so not all is lost although it will / could be a long road back.
    Obviously, its not over until the fat lady sings – but just perhaps us supporters can do our bit to try and stop the inevitable.
    I will see my fellow supporters on 24th November and shall keep my fingers crossed that a miracle occurs at Peterborough.
    Up The Bantams but #RAHICOUT

    • Agreed time to stop this moaning about Rahic.

      I gaurantee Rahic won’t be at our club as chairman next season.

      We’ve relegation battle to concentrate on and maybe just maybe if we can get behind the team it could give those out on the pitch an extra 20% I’m performance

  2. Nice sentiments, I get what you’re saying. However my season ticket is paid for so Im still going. Next season if that parasite is near my club I’ll not be going even for a pound a game. Then when the arrogant man has done one, i’ll return to my club no matter what league we find ourselves in. I detest him for what he’s done. I was disappointed at JR comments the other day siding with him almost against the criticism he received. Im still very cynical even with JR’s return. Investment is what is desperatley needed and i dont believe the parasites will change course and boost that budget to where it was when we were on the cusp of the Championship.

    • I think it’s reasonable that JR backed Rahic publicly. He is his employer after all and the last thing he wants to do is get sacked and not be in a position to have a positive effect on the club.

      Privately I imagine he’s as distraught as the average fan at what Rahic has done to the club.

      • I don’t think it’s reasonable at all, no comment on him would have been the prudent thing to do. the parasite would not ‘sack’ him.
        This latest twist is a very clever move by the Tic, he has now given all the dissenting voices no real viable option other than to basically support the challenges we face ahead this season.without any mud slinging towards them.
        Forget the promotion vision that was spoken off each transfer window, he couldn’t give a FF what division we’re in. When his lips move he’s lying
        All he wants is a fan-base to buy the club for him, and the long term vision is we’re a feeder/selling club to others.

        When we’re back in a League one play-off final again, with a decent budget for attracting players, then Mr Rahic will have both my respect and backing

  3. Sorry but it’s just too late. £1 a game, etc, gimmicks.
    Fans have had enough BS to last a lifetime.
    The club have lost the fans, and won’t get them back until Rahic is gone for good!

  4. Your article provides some kind of relief to supporters that perhaps all is not lost. However, until he is completely gone we will not be able rest easy.

  5. Well said. I like the names of the endorsers of this piece. I shall now consider whether to return for the next home match. I do not know which way to jump. But this article restores just a bit of faith. Yet Rahic is still there, and remains a threat.

  6. Thank you for the update Jason, it is slightly heartening to hear that Julian is back at the helm and that talks are being held with supporter groups so as to spread the message. I read with dismay that Rahic had previously held talks with yourself and Mike Harrison, the only purpose of which was to criticise the both of you for not writing what he wanted to hear! Talk about a free press! Width of a post and the City Gent have always in my opinion been loyal to the club and it’s owners, but this is not possible under the present tutelage, and it is only right that you and Mike have the freedom to express your views. I too gave up on the previous article for the same reason that others gave, I have supported my home town club for more than fifty years, and you do not stop going for anything. Shock horror, fans not happy with its clubs owners or its present league position! Anything goes on Fans forums, but I do not expect to read about being lined up and shot for still attending games by a Width of a post contributor. Just because I still turn up does not mean I am happy with the present regime, I am seething if truth be known, but I can not kick a lifetimes habit because I don’t like our present owners. In my fifty years supporting City the club has changed hands many times, players and managers come and go, and so do owners to a lesser extent, it is only the fans who remain a constant. Our present owner might not like what is being being written about him, but it is up to him to put things right,and he will not achieve that by gagging those such as yourself and Mike Harrison. Continue with the good work. C T I D

  7. I echo your sentiments however, the fact remains that we still have a complete imbecile running the Club however we choose to view his position. Whilst I intend to return to VP for any Stephen Darby testimonial I’m afraid that until such time that Rahic has physically left the Club and has no financial interest or otherwise in it then I’ll continue to boycott the games.

    Yes, I agree that the team needs vocal support but a) they will only earn that by performing week in, week out and showing a commitment to wear the shirt and b) they must realise that every pound through the turnstiles is another pound keeping Rahic in place. Rahic is only interested in Rahic, he’s our ” Trump ” and, personally, I wouldn’t believe a word he says, you only have to look at his history.

    No, sorry Jason, as it stands this changes nothing. The only way, I feel, fans would consider coming back to VP this season is if there was a categorical statement issued on the BCFC website confirming that it had been agreed that Rahic is stepping down with immediate effect, passing control of the day to day running of operations to JR, including responsibility for transfers from hereon in and would be leaving the Club at the end of the season, latest, to be replaced by a trusted and competent third party. Without this action I can only see further reductions in ST sales and a still larger drop off of ” at the gate ” attendances.

    Personally, I would also like to see a written public apology from this joke of a Chairman for the systematic dismantling of a successful Club and the complete destruction of all that had been achieved in the JR, ML and PP era – he owes this to these three at least before we even talk about the fans. Too much to ask though as narcissists are never wrong.

    It’s their call.

    • Hi Dave

      Whilst I complete understand your sentiments and anger, I would argue we need to take a long-term view of the damage that could be done to the club.

      Rahic will leave the club at some stage. But if he does with the club financially starved and the fanbase significantly down, not to mention relegated to League Two, then it is going to be one huge job picking up the pieces. Whatever we think of Rahic, we surely want the team to stay in League One this season? if we somehow survive relegation, it in no way lets Rahic off the hook or changes the need to get him to leave the club, but it means we are in a stronger position for the post-Rahic era. We surely don’t want to kill our club just to get Rahic out, do we?

      • Jason, to be very frank, League One survival and Rahic leaving in the off season is wishful thinking on your part. The Owners have not indicated that they have any intentions of selling the Club. Honestly, why should fans believe anything they say?
        After the Rahic written apology in early September we were asked to give them another chance. Now you are asking for us to ignore him, but he is still here. Why is he still here? Surely, Covenants would have been broken in their Partnership Agreement. The fact that Rahic is still here indicates full support from Rupp.
        This smells and looks like another PR Ploy and therefore it must be.

      • “Jason, to be very frank, League One survival and Rahic leaving in the off season is wishful thinking on your part. The Owners have not indicated that they have any intentions of selling the Club. Honestly, why should fans believe anything they say?”

        Of course it’s wishful thinking about surviving in League One this season. As for Rahic leaving end of the season, there are things that cannot be in the public domain right now but which suggest there he would probably leave, if he hasn’t before then.

        “After the Rahic written apology in early September we were asked to give them another chance. Now you are asking for us to ignore him, but he is still here.”

        These two things are not linked to me so please don’t make them to be. I did not say Rahic deserved another chance after his September apology. I was as underwhelmed as everyone else by that apology. I think the point about ignoring him is because the club is now being run by Rhodes and as long as that remains the case, Rahic is less relevant. It comes back to focusing on staying in League One.

        “This smells and looks like another PR Ploy and therefore it must be.”

        Judge, jury and executioner here aren’t we? 🙂 I’m not part of any PR ploy. I just happen to believe our situation is serious and relegation could be a massive set back. So whilst I’m dismayed by the ownership of this club, I think we should get behind Rhodes.

    • Whilst I respect the authors of this article and their motives, I’m broadly in agreement with MB. Whilst ER remains at the club either playing an active or non-active role its operation, his toxic management will still poison everything JR (and Herr Rupp) will try to do to turn things around.
      Jason et al – from your conversations with JR does Rahic still plan to have some involvement with the club long term? The article states there’s no way back for him, but does he acknowledge that himself or does he believe he can take the reigns again if we achieve Lg1 survival?
      Until we know for definite what his plans are, I’m firmly backing any anti-Rahic protests. I caveat that by clarifying I’m not anti-Rupp. I believe he’s as much a victim as the rest of us. My impression is he’s been suckered in by Rahic’s ‘I know football’ rhetoric and is probably very worried about where his 78% of this club is going. I suspect he gave ER the ultimatum to get on the phone to Julian and ask for help.
      I totally back JR and his efforts 100%, but the wicked witch isn’t dead and until he’s gone fans will remain distrustful of the actions of the club, no matter who is making them.

    • Have I got this right? You write:

      “Yes, I agree that the team needs vocal support but a) they will only earn that by performing week in, week out and showing a commitment to wear the shirt and b) they must realise that every pound through the turnstiles is another pound keeping Rahic in place. ”

      So the logical conclusion is that you think the players shouldn’t make an effort because that might bring more supporters in and put money in Rahic’s pocket and keep him in place. Then we can keep on criticising them until they have played so badly Rahic leaves.

      That sounds like a cunning plan then.

  8. Very clever tactic used by Julian Rhodes… Free Travel and £1 Tkt.. that should stop any protests at the Oxford fixture.

    I believe in Juilan Rhodes… I believe under his watch we can get back to a team that gets us off our seats with attitude and shear will to win.

    Forget Rahic now he’s admitted to himself he’s not got whats needed to be chairman of our great club and passed the baton over to man with integrity and claret and amber running through his body.

    We need the fans back at VP in there thousands singing and dancing like we have in the past.

    Make no mistake this is going to be one tough battle to avoid relegation…

  9. A well-written “call to arms” from a respected group of BCFC writers quite rightly suggesting we forget “what’s his name” for now and concentrate on survival. Come on City.

  10. We are where we are and a boycott of the club can only do long standing damage – I fear relegation is almost guaranteed this season but fear we could drop further or spend years watching dire football. I want Rahic out of our club as much as anyone else but for him to lose face by having to go cap in hand to Rhodes must have taken guts and a huge blow to his immense ego. I feel an olive branch has been offered and reluctantly we should tentatively grasp it – it’s our club and when Rahic has gone we’ll still be here to pick up whatever pieces are left. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end and Rahic will do the decent thing and fade into the background and Rhodes will become more dominant.

  11. Going into the January transfer window I would love to see City still in touch with safety. It would be interesting to observe how Rahic and Rupp fulfill their promises of investing cash back into the Club and supporting Hopkin.
    Hiring Rhodes, is it just another of many PR Ploys they have used? Based on past track record, most likely, but time will tell.
    Nobody has an answer for why Rahic is still here and ignoring him is a big ASK of the fans. I appreciate the sentiments expressed in this article but how many chances are we expected to give these characters? We are humans after all and dealing with a very emotional situation. I hope the hiring of Rhodes is the start of something good but I truly doubt it.
    I hope I’m proved wrong.

    • Tbh I think Julian Rhodes would never be involved in any PR stunts.

      • In retrospect, I wonder if Simon Grayson would consider his hiring to be a PR Ploy?
        The hiring of Rhodes is a very similar scenario.
        The Owners have quite a track record for using PR Ploys why should this situation be any different???

  12. On the basis that Edin won’t be at VP next season, I can’t see any reason why he/Rupp would invest money during the January transfer window.
    The other issue come January, is how do we attract any worthwhile players whilst facing a relegation battle to league two.
    The only way I can see any light at the end of the tunnel is if Rupp/Rahic sell to a trusted consortium (i.e. headed by JR). Now might be the best time to buy City, the owners must surely be keen to abandon ship.
    I’ve supported City for 40 years and travel from Manchester every game. Salford City look like a good bet to get promoted to league 2 this season – if they go up and City go down I will be going to Salford City next season. Its a very sad state of affairs but the bottom line is there is no longer any enjoyment at all being a City fan. I don’t look forward to the games and I feel totally disconnected from the team/club. Don’t get me wrong, a relegation battle can be exciting (remember the Kamara years) but this team show no spirit, fight, determination, desire, guts or anything else that you feel will get us out of it.
    The “all in it together” vibe of the fans has also vanished.
    I’m sorry to be so negative but that’s just how I feel.

  13. This Rahic has to go but I suppose we can just pretend he is not there and support our club by getting behind the team. Any new announcements coming out of VP will be taken with a very large pinch of salt until verified that it is a Julian Rhodes statement. We, fans, staff, players and Julian Rhodes have to act as if Rahic had left (and perhaps he will). I do not think we can send him to Coventry. After all they have had enough problems of their own in recent seasons. Pull together. Show the fool that this club was here well before he started his meddling and we will be here after he has made his Brexit.

  14. Amongst Rahic’s other dismal traits, he’s also a “ducker and diver”, hence the PR ploy to invite Julian back. It’s not to save City, more likely to save Rahic.

    If Rhodes had come back with Rahic exiting the scene completely, I’d be back like a shot. However, this latest scenario is rather like treating cancer with cod liver oil capsules. As long as he remains, the club will continue to rot. The root cause of the demolition of Bradford City needs to be removed from the club.

    As long as the current owners remain, wild horses wouldn’t drag me back ( the Stephen Darby testimonial excepted).

  15. Exactly the right approach from WOAP as one would expect and a no brainer. As kitchener might have said YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU…someone photoshop (or whatever the correct phrase is) him with a City scarf and use it as a call to arms

  16. Another good and well balanced article. I have the greatest respect for Julian Rhodes and David Rhodes for the immense inputs they have made to the club. It is good to see some early initiatives, after months of nothing. Like many others I think we need to understand more about the actual and relative roles of Julian and Edin Rahic.

    Once again, as with the Rahic / Rupp “Believe” approach this seems to be putting the onus on the supporters. As Jason quite rightly points out the supporters have got behind the team despite some abysmal performances. We really need some new players and quickly to replace some of the current hapless and inept bunch. It would be good to hear what is happening about signing free agents – this seems to have stuttered and disappeared? January is going to be too late? Similarly what is happening about the coaching staff – surely we need replacements for Abbott and Drury?

  17. Hi Jason, a few weeks ago I was assured from “someone in the know” that Rahic would definitely not be returning from his supposed sojourn in Germany. I accept that you are aware of events going on behind the scenes and you hint that there are things that can’t be aired in the public domain that suggest Edin will be gone at the season’e end, if not before.

    We live in hope, but he has proved to be a stubborn individual who has shrugged off constant criticism, and I can’t see him giving up his comfortable lifestyle easily. My fear is that the appointment of Julian is a diversionary tactic and, if fortunes improve on the pitch, a dormant Rahic will merely resurface with a “second coming”. My message to all City fans is to keep the pressure on. Forget the effect on the team. Such is the damage that’s been done, relegation looks inevitable anyway and the depths to which we’ve plummeted suggests we even go into Saturday’s cup tie against non league Aldershot as underdogs.

  18. I’m sure Rhodes is as dismayed as the rest of us to see a lot of his hard work go to waste, but because of his affinity to the club, he is hardly going to turn down the offer to help, when he knows all the expertise and experience he can bring.

    There has been a lot of cynicism about the appointment, but it is an insult to his intelligence to say he is part of a PR ploy, and if there is any interference in any way, then I’m sure he would walk, so I see his return as a positive move.

    I also fail to understand this viewpoint that every penny you put into the club is somehow a vindication of Rahic, as when I purchase say a season ticket, I am investing in the club, not him. Not renewing a season ticket will make it more difficult for the club to meet its running costs, and will have a detrimental effect on the player budget. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if those that are saying they won’t renew next season, are the same as those that have been criticising the quality of the current squad.

    You also have to look at the two high profile examples of Coventry and Blackpool, where fans stopped going in protest at the owners, to see this method hasn’t worked, as they are still there. Rahic could be here for a few years yet, do you continue to not go to games until he leaves, meaning the club will struggle to meet its running costs, and the playing budget will continue to decrease, putting us in an even worse position? I really don’t think that is the way forward, and surely a walk out halfway through a match, or an organised boycott of a one off game, has to be a more effective method of protest, and will not harm the club anywhere near as much.

    I agree with most, if not all of the supporters, when I believe that Rahic appears to be mostly to blame for our current predicament, and I wish he would sell up, but to continually go on about it, I think only adds to the doom and gloom around the club.

    We therefore need to concentrate with matters on the pitch, and get behind the lads to give us the best chance of survival. We have heard on numerous occasions from past players how the support given particularly in recent years, has inspired them to push that bit harder, and if you don’t go then you won’t be able to do this.

    I think something will have to give anyway regards the Rahic come the end of the season. If we go down, then I certainly wouldn’t be surprised that he sells up, but if we do stay up, it will have shown that he has learned to take a back seat, and started to leave matters in the hands of the experts.

  19. Another fine article Jason as always by the WOAP but I can’t forgive Rahic for what he’s done and even though I’m a season ticket holder I will not be returning to VP while he is still there. I will go to Darbs testimonial and that will be the only game and the only time to put Rahic to one side it is a sad state of affairs.

  20. Edin Rahic remains as shareholder and chairman at BCAFC and from a legal, formal perspective he is in control. In practice the substance is likely to be much different and in all likelihood Julian will have the control, input and veto of key decisions. The proof will be in the pudding but certainly if he can demonstrate that his Oxford initiative is successful it will give more power to his elbow. Thus far he has actually achieved quite a lot.

    No-one is going to forgive Rahic for what has happened at Valley Parade and he will be remembered as the worst chairman in the club’s history for the mismanagement. However in the space of a few days there have already been big changes at VP and Rahic will ultimately be marginalised and invisible.

    The signatories of the published article are not apologists for Edin Rahic. Rather we recognise that the best way of getting rid of the man and doing the best to safeguard the future of Bradford City is by supporting Julian Rhodes.

    It is admittedly a dilemma but in the circumstances we really have no other option than to support Julian’s efforts to rescue the club. For those who are not satisfied with this approach, pray tell us a better alternative. Whilst Edin Rahic remains a legal co-owner of Bradford City AFC what else can be done?

  21. Rahic, unfortunately doesn’t seem like he’ll disappear into thin air for the foreseeable future. One positive is having Julian back on board. Our energies now need to be supportive of him and his immediate ideas of realising a resurgence on and off the pitch.
    Julian will not alienate Rahic at this stage. He needs him onboard to stabilise the club from top to bottom.
    As Jason mentioned in his report, the task to escape relegation looks improbable at this time, but not impossible.
    We’re all hurting. At the beginning of the season I was optimistic of a play-off place or better, I would now take 5th bottom as a successful season!
    Fingers crossed #bantamsfamily

  22. I love Bradford City, I don’t love the owners. I don’t actually care about them at all in the grand scheme of my life. I won’t let them dictate whether or not I go to VP based on their actions. I was there in the good times, I’ll be there in the bad. Whoever is holding the purse strings, they don’t own me. I am a city fan, and I am Bradfordian…

  23. Exactly so. There is no point in giving up now or else we will certainly be relegated. The crunch time is from now till the end of Dec. If we can’t reduce the current 7 point gap between ourselves and Bristol Rovers in this period, then we will lose all chance of recruiting in Jan the type of player who might make a difference and who will not want to join a club certainly bound for League 2. In a sense what we think of Rahic is a side issue especially if someone else really is in day to day controlp

  24. Hi Jason

    I am not a lifelong City fan but as you know I have a vested interest in ongoing events at VP.

    As an ‘outsider’ looking in I am a lot less emotionally-driven in my views on Rahic. That is in no way meant to demean the strong feelings of loyal fans towards him. However I have to speak as I see it. I know the sacking of Mccall was unpopular with many but almost as many called for it to happen. In hindsight that was probably the beginning of all this anti-Edin movement. I am certainly NOT a fan of Edin nor do I have any strong feelings either way about his continued presence at the club.
    My point is that for all the blame being aimed at him there has to be a little balance the other way. He tried to get an experienced manager in Grayson. Was it Edin’s fault that Grayson only managed 1 win in 14 games?? He relaid the VP pitch which is now an excellent playing surface.
    Whatever fans think of the current squad of players now, when they were all signed in the summer Edin was hailed as putting his money behind the team.
    Yes he got it wrong with Micky Collins but he reacted quickly and appointed another proven coach in Hopkin. Ultimately who is responsible for the fact we are now bottom & facing relegation?? All any owner can do surely is put a decent coach in place and allow him to get on with it? It has to be now down to the coach & players to get the results to keep the club alive in this division. I don’t understand the continued focus on absent Rahic whilst the team are in a crisis. Regardless of how much the fans legitimately hate Rahic the time has come for everyone to get fully behind the team. The coach & the players have to take the responsibility now for results ON the pitch. Can’t fans put feelings about Rahic to one side & support the team? If the players fail to respond to that then they & the coach need to shoulder the blame not the absent owner. That is my objective opinion

  25. One sentence you included says a lot, ‘All any owner can do surely is put a decent coach in place and allow him to get on with it’.
    My understanding of the situation in respect of Grayson not accepting the permanent position, centered around the playing budget, which he apparently felt was not sufficient to sustain a promotion push. He inherited a team, when he took over on 11th February 2018 after the transfer window had closed.
    Hopkin’s appointment is similar in that he took over after the transfer window was shut. The recruitment had been completed initially by the Head of Football (Rahic) and Abbott who was recovering from treatment. Collins surprise appointment in mid June, for a post he apparently never applied for, may not have left him in the best place to determine which players would make an effective team. He is how ever accountable with Rahic and Abbott for the signings from his appointment.
    As the CO, Owner and Head of Football, Rahic is in a virtually omnipotent position. The major shareholder Rupp is more interested in racing cars and shows little interest in football or Bradford City, other than it is an investment.
    So for sure the coach and the players have to take some responsibility, but the ‘tone’ of the club, has been set by the owners and percolates down.
    I agree it is now time to get behind the team. In all fairness the fans have made few critical comments towards the players and none as far as I am aware towards Hopkin.
    However the underlying, perhaps dormant factor in creating this situation, remains at the club. Perhaps the solution is for them to adopt a similar position to owners of other clubs (the two from Manchester never see there owners, never mind them meddling in team affairs), and distance themselves from the day to day functioning of the football side of the club.

  26. Andy Gibson. Your contribution can be summed up in your first sentence. “As an outsider looking in”. I realise your link to the club is your son, but prior to him playing for City you understandably had no interest. Although I hope your son turns out to be a world beater and THE best player we ever had, the likelihood is that he will move on. At that point you wont be interested in City, again understandably. So leave the comments to those of us who have history with the club, and will continue to support them come what may.
    By the way the pitch has been `sorted` or `fixed` several times by previous owners. The most recent was 2016 and before that 2014. It looked good until the bad weather came. The chances are that it has not been sorted this time. There are some concrete walls submerged under the pitch (foundations of an old stand) which cause the water to back up. Its a problem that goes back years. Just look at 1985 pictures of the pitch., So leave the comments to those who know please.

  27. If we somehow stayed up do you really think that Edin will leave?

    I very much doubt it. It would be “we’ve learnt some lessons but fully feel that we are now ready to get back to competing at the top end of the league etc etc”…..

    He has to go. If he’s still around next seasons then in nigh on 40 years of watching i won’t until he has gone.

    I am not an hypocrite…i will continue to support the team this season has he has my money but he won’t be getting a penny more…..

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