The Width of a Post podcast #39: “So what you’re saying is that we need to be better at shooting and defending”

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It has proved an eventful month for Bradford City, with mixed results on the field, changes to recruitment and Derek Adams’ stamp on the club growing ever stronger. Jason McKeown, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott analyse the Bantams’ recent form and prospects for the season.

Also on this episode:

  • Derek Adams has been in charge of the club for over four months – what are our early impressions of the job he is doing so far?
  • Which players are impressing, which ones are struggling and whose form hasn’t quite hit the heights of last season?
  • Will changes to recruitment strategy put the club in a stronger position for January, or have we spent up?

We also pay tribute to the late Jack Tordoff OBE, and the huge impact he has had on the club’s modern history. At WOAP, our thoughts are with Jack’s family during this difficult time.

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