Smells like Team Spirit?


By Ron Beaumont

It has to be said and as is always the case, Jason has said it so well, but the phrase I picked out straight away was “there is a growing stench that is becoming difficult to avoid”.

It seems a strong statement and, unless you walk to the ground by a particular part of Canal Road as I do, I assume it to be metaphorical but it does sum up the effect of recent home performances.

A lot has been said on this site about glasses that are half-full or half-empty and, as I headed for the game, my glass was definitely half-full.

A win or even a point would surely see us safe, and reports from the last away games suggested we would be able to get something from the game. The half-empty part of my glass was only concerned about the reported inability to convert at least one of our chances against Coventry, but we had created them so there was no real worry.

Glass half-full, glass half-empty. What I was not prepared for was glass broken!

Nothing to be taken from this game. Nothing to be taken from this team!

Yet the glass is broken. Players look broken. No cohesion, no plan to see, no positive intervention from the manager. This was not the City I have supported for so long.

I know we have important parts missing. I know we have parts that don’t fit. I know we have spare parts that are for whatever reason just spare parts! The spirit that has helped us achieve so much has vanished – from Valley Parade at least – and has been replaced by on-field arguments and blaming team mates. Passing the buck, not passing the ball!

And watching on amongst all the rest of us is the man who could do something to change it. A man who seems to have lost confidence in the very thing he got us to believe in.

I have never seen any real argument for getting rid of Phil Parkinson and I do not want this to happen, but I am prepared to criticise his decisions in recent home games because it seems, to me at least, justifiable criticism. Motivation in the dressing room is his domain.

Motivation on the pitch should be a “given” for all players regardless of contract, loan or financial status – and it is the manager’s job to make sure that it is there.

We should be safe from relegation but we are not safe yet and, until we are, it is the players on the pitch and on the bench last Saturday that will have to do it. For too long comments seem to be addressing next season’s plan, but we must focus on what has to be done to reach the end of this season in this division.

We will have to hold our breath. We should not have to hold our noses as well.

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  1. Always enjoy the WOAP articles, but we are 12th, one point above last years L2 champions.

    Saturday v Oldham was as bad as the previous Saturday was good.

    • Initially I too thought that, especially coming off the back of good performances against Orient and Coventry and given this is the first year back in League One, but it is hard to ignore what looks to be a lack of spirit at home, for whatever reason. Walsall and Oldham were as bad as they come and something isn’t right. We need to get over the 50 Pts line ASAP. I have faith in PP to do that but talk of next season is premature until our league status is confirmed!

    • Hi John you are spot on and consider this the last word on Oldham. The next article (Wednesday) very much moves the conversation on.

  2. Mid-Table finish is exactly what I’d have taken even before a ball was kicked this season.
    The loss of Wells (For Peanuts), Injuries to Reid,Meredith,Davies,etc hasn’t helped.
    Summer signings haven’t made the squad stronger, to many in’s & outs in January.
    This Summer player’s are out of contract & offers Phil Parkinson the chance to shape us up & prepare better for lge1 next season.
    I would imagine a smaller wage budget for next season & we are no longer the biggest club at this level. So will Phil Parkinson be able to entice the better free transfers to Valley Parade opposed to Sheffield Utd?
    I’m very disappointed in some comment’s I’ve seen on social media site’s.
    The Truth is these £200 season tkts will never allow this club to move forward financially or give this club financial support to Phil Parkinson to bring in that extra quality needed at this level. Unless either chairman or Supporter wins substantial millions on the Euro millions lottery or one very fanatical major business man from Bradford wants to invest! This is our lot! For year’s in my opinion.

  3. Wayne, those are my thoughts too. We knew Wells would go, it was just a case of how much and where. I think some people seem to forget that due to injury’s parky had to virtually rebuild the team in the January transfer window.
    If I have one criticism it is that we have relied too much on Hanson and subsequently the lack of Plan B, but that maybe due to needs must rather than what people think of as the managers lack of tactical ability.
    I also would not complain if the Season Ticket prices were raised. If as a club we want to attract the best players and move up the leagues then it can only be achieved with better quality players and for that we need money.

    • Rick we’re watching lge1 football cheaper than the season tkts Bradford Park Avenue charge ? & still we have moaners on all social media site’s complaining at performances & sitting in mid-table in lge1.
      Agree we’ve been very poor at times & very good at times. McLean wasn’t match fit so James Hanson has been our only focal point of attack. We have every chance next season to better this mid-table finish

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