Cup Final: Special magazine charts City and Swans stories


By Mahesh Johal

I am a Bradford City memorabilia hoarder. A fan since 1996, I have kept nearly all my match tickets. I own a back catalogue of replica shirts, badges, match programmes and City Gents. However, my biggest vice is newspaper cuttings. I was one of those kids who used to collect the ‘cut out and keep’ match reports in the Telegraph and Argus. Every Monday evening after my family had read the paper, I would meticulously cut out the report. One day I intend to file them into some sort of order, but for the time being they are piled in a box in my wardrobe.

With our date at Wembley fast approaching I have been in overdrive with my collection of Bradford City memorabilia. An item that will be purchased is the Twenty 13 League Cup Final souvenir edition magazine. Produced by Media73, the publishers make ‘retro’ football magazines. Editor in Chief, Mal Robinson described the magazine as a “retro inspired fanzine” that looks back at a club’s history. They have created pieces for Glasgow Rangers, Sunderland and are in the process of making an England edition.

The amazing story of both Cup Final clubs was a major reason for Robinson creating the special Wembley edition. The Bantams astonishing run has overshadowed Swansea’s journey to the final.  Yet it should not be forgotten that they have dispatched both Liverpool and Chelsea away from home en route to Wembley. The Swans’ meteoric rise up the footballing pyramid, combined with their wonderful brand of football, adds to the intrigue of Sunday. It is this element of uniqueness and the unknown that made this final appealing to Robinson and his team. Robinson described how he wanted to create something different for the fans to remember this historic event by.

Robinson told me about the unique concept of his magazine when compared to other football publications. Firstly it caters for both sets of supporters. Spilt in half, the magazine has two front covers. Secondly, each side has a guest editor. For City, Jamie Lawrence takes the reins.  Lawrence had an active role writing both the introduction and an article on his Bradford XI. Robinson spoke of his fondness towards Lawrence and how much fun it had been to work with him.

The history of our club is steeped in triumph and tragedy. One man who is intertwined with it all is Stuart McCall. Captain at Wolves in 1999, and present on the fateful day in 1985, McCall talks about his career and best moments at the club.  Further to this, Bobby Campbell’s gives an insight to the Bradford City changing room with his edition of ‘teammates’.

Mike Harrison features as the club’s famous fan. Better known as the editor of the City Gent, Harrison shares his views on the cup run and his personal experiences about the club.  I would advise everyone to buy the Wembley Edition of the City Gent. Width of a Post editor Jason McKeown has also written two articles for the magazine.

If this magazine does anything, it demonstrates the bond between the clubs former players and fans. We are not a glamour club like; Glasgow Rangers, Everton and Leicester. This is why it is so amazing to hear our former players speak so highly of the club. Bill Shankly once talked about the holy trinity – the players, the managers and the fans. This magazine touches on that amazing trinity at Bradford City and reminds us that, on Sunday, City fans, players, managers both past and present will be cheering on the men in claret and amber hoops.

*Twenty13 is available online at , WH Smiths, the club shop and at Wembley. The City Gent is available online at , the club shop and around Valley Parade from Mike and his team.

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