By Ron Beaumont

Help – I need somebody

Help – Not just anybody

Help – You know I need someone


Hello and thank you for calling the Bradford City Supporters Helpline.

Your call is important to us so please listen carefully to the following options so that we can direct your call to the most appropriate service.

For Finance issues please press 1.

Please note that this service is currently overstretched and it may be some time before you can access this option. However in the unlikely event that you should you wish to make a donation please select this option then text LAWN for a direct connection.

For Transfer issues please press 2.

Please note that this service is currently unavailable but if you would like to leave your name and number we will get back to you in January.

For Tactical issues please press 3.

This service has a number of sub-options accessible via your key pad. For the basic service press 442. For an enhanced service press 424. For our latest service please press 2684 – the diamond on your keypad. This current service is experiencing some technical difficulties and may be inoperable at times. For the long ball please press 0. Please be aware that these calls may be monitored for training purposes.

For Loans please press 4.

Please note that calls to this service have limited availability and are subject to variable charges and outcomes. Note also that your team spirit could be at risk if you select this option too frequently.

For Support issues please press 5.

This is our latest and most popular service giving direct access to players, manager and most other staff. Known affectionately as the “all singing all dancing option”, this is a shared network with open access but is usually only available on match days. Those wishing to access the alternative 800 (or BOO) option may experience some difficulties in making themselves heard unless they use the direct link to the officials.

Those who wish to stop worrying but do not need to speak to anyone should press Hash!

Please note calls to this service are monitored and could result in unexpected charges.

For all other services please hold … until Saturday.

Goodbye and thank you for calling the Bradford City Supporters Helpline.


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