David Baldwin to leave Bradford City

By Jason McKeown

The Bradford City community woke up to shock news this morning that Head of Operations David Baldwin is to leave Bradford City and join Premier League Burnley, with the Bantams compensated to the tune of a five-figure sum.

Baldwin is highly rated within the game and has previously turned down offers from Championship clubs; but with his own personal circumstances changing – namely his wife expecting – he has decided the time is right to depart Valley Parade. He joined seven years ago after Mark Lawn – who had just invested into the club – sought out his expertise. Initially working for free on a six-week basis, Baldwin was kept on and asked to look at further aspects of the club’s off-the-field operations. Eventually in 2010/11 he was paid a salary and he has continued to play a bigger and bigger role at the club; over the last two years even assisting Phil Parkinson with making signings.

Indeed the club – off-the-field especially – is transformed since Baldwin came on board. Previously operating with skeleton staff due to the ongoing struggles post-2004 administration, which meant the club was badly falling short of its potential away from the first team, Baldwin has been instrumental in upping the club’s revenue streams and implementing all manner of initiatives. He has also ensured the continuation of the cheap season ticket offer, brought the training facilities into the 21st century and more recently introduced the Bradford City Supporters Board. Since 2012, he has become the public face of the club off the pitch.

You will struggle to find anyone associated with the club who has a negative word about Baldwin. He has been very helpful to Width of a Post over the years, kindly participating in several interviews. We are hoping that he will have the time to partake in one more interview with us, before his notice period ends with the Doncaster Rovers home game on November 1. Either way, we will have more to say on his time at Valley Parade.

David Baldwin’s ability, expertise, contacts and personality is a huge loss to Bradford City, and will be sorely missed.

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11 replies

  1. To lose someone of David Baldwin’s ability & expertise is nothing short of Stupidity! !.
    He’s been fantastic for Bradford City he knows the club inside out.
    Since his arrival he’s been one massive cog in the wheel of transforming our club onto the financial footing we find ourselves today.
    Fantastic with supporter’s & always wanted to hear you’re views on changes.
    Burnley have got themselves a real diamond.
    You don’t simply replace Mr Baldwin you have to look at other options.
    With sadness I wish Mr Baldwin all the very best moving forward.
    He deserves this opportunity to go to a club with more resources & financial infrastructure.
    I do find it strange he’s working his notice for free but yet the club received 5 figure sum in compensation? .
    I’d have thought all those long hour’s he did without payment year’s ago would have been compensated?

  2. He did me a favour last season. I don’t wish to detail it, but it showed the nice side of the club. I wish him well, and hope City replace him well.

  3. Wayne, it details that Baldwin chose to go, not that the club ‘let’ him go..??
    I’m gutted myself too, the bloke has been absolutely monumental in the club moving forward and we can only wish him the best…..

  4. He will be a very difficult person to replace but replace him we must. He must have taken some real pressure off of our Chairmen with the work he took on. I do know of one sponsor who are only there after he chased them to follow up on previous sponsorship activity. I too have received help from him and I have also seen him deal with muppets in ticket queues, iron fist in velvet glove springs to mind.

  5. Don’t know if it would be possible to arrange a collection somehow to buy something to show our thanks for all the work he has done for the club. The least is he needs to be brought onto the pitch at the Donny game so we can show our appreciation. Unfortunately I will be in Oz for the game so I will be sending him a letter of thanks as I too have been helped by him in the past. Top Geezer. Bloody Dingles are getting a bargain.

  6. I think he has been great for the club and was always around to support staff when people were queueing for tickets etc e.g. Wembley or other events. always chatty, always willing to help. Wish him the best of luck in his new job, he will be missed, Couldn’t he be on the interview panel for his successor? if we ever get one!

  7. Articulate, enthusiastic, committed, loyal, honest and creative are all personal attributes that Dave Baldwin has shown during his time at Valley Parade. He has greatly improved communications between club, fans and the media and will be a difficult act to follow, but it’s onwards and upwards for all concerned. He leaves with best wishes for the futures long as it does NOT include James Hanson!
    Good luck

  8. Like others I am both gutted that David is leaving us, but pleased that he is making a career move that is in his and his family’s best interests. He owes City and us absolutely nothing and I wish him every success. He has also helped me in the past too. I would not be at all surprised if it transpired that the ” 6 figure sum” is in fact David’s own doing, and a stipulated part of his move and the package he has negotiated; as I doubt that there is a requirement for any compensation at all for the departure of an employee who moves freely to a new employer (he is not under contract in the same way as a player).
    Intelligent, hard working, with excellent business nous, communication and customer service skills, and passionate about the job and the club and able to work with few resources and be paid little for the task – these are key selection criteria for a successor, and there will not be many suitable candidates….

    • Hi Ken, in many industries it’s normal to have a “non-competition” clause in a contract of employment that prevents you from working in the industry for a certain amount of time after leaving the employer. Burnley will have paid for Bradford to waive this clause.

    • It’s not a six figure sum. It’s a five figure sum.

      Important when the trolls start moaning about where the money goes.

  9. It sounds like he’s been offered very good money to go to Burnley and who can blame the man afterall he has done for our club.

    He goes with my best wishes and if he decides to leave burnley sometime in the future I would love to see him back here one day

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