Wembley song number four: Wembley Way

By Jason McKeown

Bradford City Cup Final song number four comes from the outfit Peculiar Disco Moves, who have recorded the very catchy “Wembley Way”.

Songwriter Shep explained to Width of a Post how his excellent piece came about:

“As a musician and City fan, I decided that an opportunity to write a Cup Final song would not again arise until 2115, at least judging on the gap to our last major showpiece outing.

“The song was written with the run to the final in mind, taking in references to the Notts County, Watford, Burton Albion, Wigan, Arsenal and Aston Villa games. The song was recorded by myself (piano, all vocals, percussion) and my Peculiar Disco Moves bandmate Proud, who also played bass, guitar and percussion on the track.

“We recorded and mixed the whole thing in about 4-5 hours, and as our drummer couldn’t make it as he wrote his car off on the morning of the recording, we were forced into using pots and pans to add to the one tambourine we had for the recording. Even more ironic was the pans we used were made by a company called ‘Swan’!

“The video was planned in about 10 minutes but took a day to shoot. We used our mobile phones as none of us thought to borrow a video camera. Consequently, we like to think its roughness and DIY feel matches well with the mood of the tune.”

Wembley songs:

1. There’s no one as Wembley as Bradford City by Corrigan Brothers

2. The Spirit of Bradford City by Simon Crabtree

3. Cap One Story by Mark Heslop

Have you produced a Wembley song? Email widthofapost@gmail.com

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4 replies

  1. Could you add the song by Dom and Tom (bantamsbanter) to the list? Not listened to them all, but it’s a certainly catchy.

  2. Jason, i’m interested in downloading all our new songs, along with the ‘Claret and Amber’ which the players now walk out to. Can you find out whether this is possible and, if so, where we can download them from?

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